Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Do The Master Cleanse Diet

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My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental
Medicine, Physical Medicine and Human Performance
Specialist. There’s several different versions
of the master cleanse. The one that I like
in particular involves taking the juice of
the lemon, about a cup of warm water, a teaspoon
of cayenne and a little bit of brown sugar
or honey to taste. What you’re going to do
with this is once it’s prepared into that
cup of essentially tea in the morning, you’re
going to drink it. You can drink it just in
the morning, before breakfast on an empty
stomach or you can drink it up to two or three
times a day. And that’s pretty much it. You’re
going to continue on that for at least ten
days all the way up to thirty days. Now, what
exactly is this trying to do inside your body?
With the lemon, there’s certain properties
to it, they’re also going to increase vitamin
c and make your system work better overall
specially the connective tissue system. But
one of the main things that you’re trying
to get into your body with the lemon, with
the honey or the brown sugar is the cayenne.
Now cayenne is kind of an interesting one
because to taste, it seems like cayenne is
very hot and almost aggrevating to the system,
but it does something completely opposite
when it gets into the digestive tract. Cayenne,
essentially from an Eastern perspective, cools
inside. So believe it or not, it’s good for
things like ulcer, it’s good for any type
of gastro-intestinal problems where there’s
aggrevation or irritation or even in the lining
of the stomach in the large intestines. Soothing,
healing and also nourishing to the system
as well, it can help to even regenerate some
of the tissue that’s been damaged by this
ulcerations. The master cleanse diet is one
that’s relatively easy to follow and once
you get passed your first or second dose,
it becomes even easier as time goes on. My
name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine,
Physical Medicine and Human Performance Specialist
wishing you a happy, healthy and balanced

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