Natalie Portman’s Favorite Home Cooked Dinner

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  1. She's definitely not a cook (there's barely any flavor development in this dish), but I can imagine how these ingredients could be turned into a tasty dish.

  2. All the people talking about her bad cooking technique. Do you really think she cooks or eats? She probably weighs 96 pounds. Oh, wow, tomatoes and chickpeas over white rice. I am sure that she and her director husband have nannies for the kids, cooks for the family, etc.

  3. Hunger is the best spice. When you are always starving like Natalie, anything tastes great even chickpeas over white rice.

  4. Probably one of the most unimaginative and plain things one could cook.
    My guess is that she hardly every cooks.
    There is a huge amount of salt and no creativity with the use of herbs or spices.
    That garlic needs sweating in the pan as do the courgettes(zucchini).
    It's the sort of thing a student would cook.
    The volume of salt in that would have probably made it rather disgusting.

  5. wonder how vegan people would be if they where starving ? human beings are omnivorous !! We eat meat and veggies so why go against nature . Hey how about they killing on those beautiful plants just because the don't talk doesn't mean they are not alive !

  6. First time i saw it, i sort of thought that the ingredients are kinda strange combination.. But second thought, i wanna try to cook one 😂

  7. There is no way she doesn't have a chef at home! This is way too beginner!! Like it was the first time she has ever cooked and tried to wing it on camera…. i don't think she even liked it after she took that bite at the end… I'm even know questioning her acting skills… like an "oh my god soooo good" could have maybe sold it a bit at the end there??

  8. This looks so baaadddddd I'm sorry! Nothing is browned, nothing is seasoned…for a dish rooted in the philosophy of living things, there's certainly no LIFE in this dish. I feel this is what happens when philosophy and dogma overshadow a true connection to food. It's more about the absence of meat than the presence of plants. She's saying all the right words, technically, but…the end result speaks for itself. Please don't invite me for dinner Natalie!

  9. All she did was throw canned vegetables in a pot and stir it a little while talking about a documentary she narrated for 😴😴😴

  10. Love how she's using her platform to promote what she believes and stands for. Not all artists will do that. She influence people in a different positive way.

  11. "factory farming is the worst thing humans do for the environment" I'm not going to disagree because I assume she is including the means of feeding factory animals which means spraying over 30% of the united states land mass with herbicides.

  12. Seems hella bland.
    It doesn’t look like she’s ever cooked before, no offense.
    But if she had a cooking show, sharpened her skills, I would probably watch it. Her voice is pretty soothing.

  13. *** TEMPEH? *** Ugh!
    *** do your research … it's in EVERYTHING!

    "In recent years the food industry has wasted no time in extolling soya's alleged health benefits, claiming it can lower cholesterol, help with menopausal systems, ward off osteoporosis and even reduce the risks of some cancers. However, aside from research linking soya to reduced male fertility, studies now link the phyto-oestrogens found in the plant to an increased risk of other types of cancer. It has also been claimed that it damages brain function in men and causes hidden developmental abnormalities in infants. Some even attribute the early onset of puberty in western women to the spread of soya in diets."

  14. infants who are fed soya formula exclusively receive an amount of oestrogen equivalent to five birth control pills every day

  15. Eating animals, what about the avocados you eat and the cartels in Mexico profiting from the farmers. Or the families in Chili that can’t get water cause it’s used for avocado farming. Freakin hypocrites.

  16. Just today 10/13/19 violence in michoacan. The green gold to these cartels. Wonder if Portman will stop eating avocados or advocate against the violence to their people in Mexico. Sounds like a bigger cause to me than freakin animals.

  17. Farming isn’t the problem it’s America and them being greedy. You can still eat meat and care. Support local farmers.

  18. I would cook better than this .. when I'm tired through out the day and had dinner outside and just have to make dinner at home for other people. And I don't wanna cook for them.. and that's her personal favourite .. well she can be satisfied easily I guess

  19. ÿou coulnt convince me that looks good. it unironically looks like peas with tomatosauce.
    probably tastes good otherwise it woulnt be posted, but i think a meat stew would beat that dish any day 🙂

  20. I would guess steady energy is likely because of less sugar in the diet. Maybe because there are many products with both sugar and dairy in. I'm veggy and noticed this but when I tried to cut out sugar rather than dairy.

  21. Woow… There are literally thousands of amazing vegetarian and vegan indian dishes… You know ,the biggest vegetarian country in the world… And then people still make this boring shit… I mean c'mon woman…

  22. "Factory farming is the most destructive thing we do"
    Unless you count slash and burn farming that they do in the rainforest.

  23. White people smh…
    Chick Pea stew?
    It has like literally 0 protein, and 0 taste.
    And no seasoning, don't need to mention that.

  24. Made this by adding onions (caramelized)and cubed eggplant for the meatier texture along with cayenne and paprika. It was really good!

  25. I made this a few times and I love it 🙂 I started with caramelized onions then added the garlic and rest of the ingredients. At the end I also added some cilantro :p Delicious easy to make and healthy

  26. YouTube…so here I am 01-01-20: hey NP!…ya, I got the veg thing and the do no harm thing and the …why is NP on my YouTube thing….they know (too much) ..or I'm Okay with that(?)

  27. Why in gods name would you eat that. You're lovely Nathalie but jesus learn how to impart flavours of you want to convert anyone to vegetarian not to mind veganism

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