My Healthy Food List To Stock Up Your Vegan Kitchen

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Hey guys! This is Heather from
So today what I have for you is my healthy
food list. It’s a list of all the foods
that I buy and eat on a regular basis. It’s
basically a list of everything that it’s
in my kitchen.
I put them all together as I wanted to stock
your kitchen with healthy foods. It can make
a huge difference when you’re trying to
either start out on or get back on to a healthy
eating track if you stock your kitchen properly.
Just think if you have a cupboard full of
junk your probably gonna eat it whereas if
you clear all that stuff out and stock your
kitchen with healthy foods, you are going
to be one step closer to and your gonna make
it so much easier on yourself to eat a healthy
Now, I follow a vegan diet so my list does
not include any meat, dairy, eggs or honey.
You don’t need to follow my list exactly
and you obviously don’t need to buy everything
on the list every single week become something
will last longer than others.
For example, apple cider vinegar will last
maybe a month whereas a bunch of fresh parsley
will last me about a week. You don’t need
to buy all the varieties of each individual
vegetable fruit, grain, bean, whatever, every
But if you have a variety on hand or if you
get a variety from week to week then you will
be in a really good place. And what I’ve
done for the list is I broken it into categories
that I think about when I go to the store.
So for vegetables, I have broken it down into
leafy green, starchy vegetables, the onions,
the non starchy or green vegetables, and fresh
herbs. So what I’ll do is when I’m walking
in the store I’ll think of ok so leafy green
I’m gonna get a couple of things so I’m
gonna get a bunch of lettuce and maybe another
green like kale or chard or cabbage.
And then I’m gonna move on to the onions
and I’ll get maybe a sweet onion and some
green onions. Others might be leeks or chives
or something like that. And then for starchy
vegetables, I’ll pick a squash, a couple
of sweet potatoes, a few beets, some carrots.
So you can see that if you think about the
groups of vegetables and just getting a few
from each one you can make it a lot easier
on yourself when you go shopping.
And then you have a variety of different things
in your fridge so that you can always come
up with a healthy meal. Even if you don’t
have specifically what a recipe calls for
you can usually get way by substituting for
another thing in the recipe.
And then moving on from produce, when I look
at the grains, the beans, the nut seed and
such, I just keep a variety on hand on my
kitchen so I’ll have both short and long
grain brown rice, some millet, some quinoa,
some rolled oats, some still cut oats and
when I ran out of one of those I just go and
refill it.
Beans same thing, I’ll keep probably four
types of beans on hand and when I ran out
I’ll get maybe a different kind, maybe the
same kind but if you keep getting a variety
you will keep learning new things about new
Then the bottom half of my list are things
that I don’t get as often. Things like oils,
vinegars, salt, stuff like that. So, take
a look at the list. It’s posted on the site
at I’ve also
put together a principal PDF version of the
list so that you can print it off. Put it
on your fridge or take it with you to the
store so you can keep it straight in your
head and make sure that your kitchen is stock
up with all the healthy goodness.
So, I wanna hear from you guys, what is on
your healthy food list? If it is something
that I may have miss or is there something
that is more to your taste, let me know. Leave
me a comment below and I will see you guys
next time.

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