My First Day at Culinary School in China

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  1. Its ok it take a bit to understand how to cook with a wok. Its all about speed and confidence. I didnt cook with a wok until much later! I started with a frying pan xD

  2. lol its funny to see that no matter where you go, cooks are the same smart asses that will poke fun at you as a way of bonding.

  3. Why specifically you opted to learn Chinese cooking for two year program , I want to know what motivates you to take this course.

  4. I think you are a genuine and kind person, your passion and humble acceptance of other culture were awesome! The success of The Food Ranger has been driven by your personality! We enjoy watching your videos and keep it up!

  5. were can i see more videos of you learning at the school? The Culinary School is a great choice because you can stay at home, have a huge family, and teach others to cook the foods in some of you videos. Don't forget to have the wedding live on youtube.

  6. you are an unusual character. Most people try and get to the west ,to live an easier life. You do the opposite, leaving your middle class western life in exchange for living /travelling in 3rd world environments. Don't have any interest in food but find your travels through the East interesting
    Good work

  7. Seems interesting and hard work too. I really hope to meet you in Chengdu one day. Meanwhile greetings from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Come open a yummy Szechuan restaurant here. It is really not crowded and there are rooms for you.

  8. It looks like they're kind of rough in the kitchens in China just like they are everywhere lol. Don't be frustrated and take it all in stride and with a grin. The main point is learning technique. Don't worry about "recipes", just learn the technique and watch people as they're cooking on the street and how they do what they do. You're living my dream lil bruh…keep up the good work man!

  9. It's great to follow your passion but commitment is the most important thing. Finish your degree, then pursue this. Keep your options open.

  10. Hi James~ I am Bryan Chung from South Korea and interested in China culinary school.
    I think you are learning Chinese cooking at culinary school in Sichuan.
    Could you inform me the lesson fee per semester and period for example 1 year program or half-year program?
    If you let me know the website of the culinary school in Sichuan, it would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you, James.

  11. Dude congrat but you gotta admit your Pinying 5 tones is laughable.
    yī yí (v) yì yi👈😃👌
    Very simple just pay attention to your 5 basic tones & you'll be alright ex: you say "mà?" Instead of "mā?" Horizontal tone!

  12. The hardest thing to learn something new is finding someone really knows the stuff and sincerely teaching it.

  13. westerner getting in the way, Chinese take their food and cooking very seriously, it is an art to them, they could see that road ranger was never going to make a cook and was generally a waste of their time

  14. This was published Oct, 2016… 1.5 yrs ago. Updates? Hopefully you're about ready to graduate!
    Or did they kick you out for your funny accent… 😉

  15. Does every chinese school have the same type of sound to indicate time's funny hearing it cause it's the same at my school

  16. Oily and salty….great 😂😂 basic tip of chinese cooking highest flame and continuous stirring at the beginning and later reduce the flame dont stir too much at the end. 👍🏻👍🏻 hope this helps

  17. El hombre es muy inútil para la cocina. De que país será? La cocina se la lleva en la sangre y no es un juego.

  18. I know this was from a year ago, hopefully you're still sticking with it. I'm a chef in SF & have gone through crazy schooling and been working in professional kitchen for 15+years & I still wouldn't feel comfortable enough to take on culinary school in Szechuan!!

  19. Trevor – I'm absolutely dying to know what brand of Chinese chef knife they supply to the students and if they can be purchased in the United States? Also, could you personally recommend any particular brands of Chinese chef knife? Thanks!

  20. Trevor, you’re such a good sport, that kind of learning environment isn’t a good one, but it’s still a LEARNING environment, nonetheless. Much respect, and extra extra high fives all around to your, now fiancée, Ting, for being supportive.

  21. Copy 別人不標準的説話,還有嘲笑的嘴臉,真是一個土驢女人,沒有見過世面的鄉巴佬!

  22. Keep practicing! It's like learning a new language 😀 The more you practice to cook chinese food, the best you will be 😉 Good luck! Keeping eating and travelling!

  23. Good luck with all that, Trevor. Been there, done that. Try to watch how the others use the wok and fire. You'll get the hang of it. It was how I learned.

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  25. This video got pushed up to me two years later, and I realized Trevor didn’t have another video on this. Did you quit, my friend?

  26. Can you tell me about how an international undergraduate student get admit this cooking school with scholarship. please provide me all guidelines.

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