Must Try Sichuan Food | Chinese Firewood Chicken

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– So check this out, Trevor James. Today I’m with some local friends and we’re going to eat
their recommendation which is Chaihuoji, it’s
like firewood chicken. I’ve never had it before,
but we’re really hungry. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay lets check it out. Let’s wait, I’m so hungry! Okay let’s wait. I can’t help but notice, so we’ve got a whole pot
here full of Chaihuoji And then we’ve got these
pastries, these cakes cooking along the outside of the wok and this super fragrant broth
full of chilies and potatoes, bamboo shoots, there’s green
peppers, dried chilies, fresh chilies, there’s
everything and it’s just, Wow my mouth is watering from this. Okay. Get it in the juice, oh
my mouth is watering. Is it good? Let’s go in and try it, dip it in the juice, sink it. Oh, the outside is crispy
but the inside is soft, almost gooey and the
sauce that it’s soaked in is spicy and fragrant. Wow. Look at that chunk of chicken? Oh my god I got a piece
of chicken, no bones that’s like heaven in China. Oh it’s hot, it’s really hot. Perfect, yeah! It’s a little creamy almost,
it’s almost a little creamy. Okay let’s go ahead, oh yeah. It’s so heavenly. Actually this is one of my top favorite foods here in Sichuan. Sichuan, one of the top five. I don’t know how to say that in Chinese but it’s fucking awesome. Now this is probably one of the best meals I’ve had in Sichuan province. The meaning of life right here. I’ll eat the chicken foot, why not! It’s really hot, I can’t eat it yet. I’m gonna wait a few minutes
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