Must EAT Canadian Food in Vancouver! Jam Cafe, Best Breakfast & Brunch Spot! 温哥华必吃的早餐店 烟熏三文鱼蛋一定要试试!

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Hey guys, I’m Jenny and that’s (Jason) Welcome back to Goose nuggets Today We are going to Jam Cafe It’s an iconic Vancouver brunch spot. There’s usually a lineup. So let’s get going So we got chicken waffles salmon with avocado eggs benedict with a huge serving of hash browns farmers skillets and And a Charlie’s Bowl. Who’s Charlie I don’t know but it looks delicious Actually It is chicken breast But it’s not too dry I think the gravy matches pretty well, the gravy did make the crust a little bit soggy But I think the gravy has great taste, it’s like authentic good gravy The chicken with the gravy and the yolk is so good! I would suggest to come a bit earlier. There’s always a lineup and on weekends it’s even harsher of a lineup It’s only ten steps away from the stadium Chinatown station. It’s super close So if there’s a lineup here you can always go to Chambar It’s right next door and they take reservations and it’s equally as good Salmon avocado eggs benedict we added the avocado. It didn’t come with avocados. Whoa Gooey This is a good eggs benedict already I can tell by cutting it Because the the muffin on the bottom is like nicely toasted Yeah, the layers the colors the deliciousness The farmer is skillet got hash browns on the bottom The bottom is layered with hash browns and then topped with chorizo bacon, mushroom and then lots of cheese It’s really hearty and decadent. What do you think Jason? Okay, yeah because of the toppings, right Not my topic right now, but I’m gonna try that Bowl later and we’ll see Do you like this? Nah (Roxanna) Too much for brunch like too oily and too heavy Is that blueberry? Is it good with bread? Oh this is really good mmm This is really good jam Actually I have a question. Do you guys make the jam yourself? Okay. Nice! The Jam is so good The Charlie bowl Two fried egg on top Oh It’s that gravy again the gravy I love. the biscuit, hash brown and then ham Baon and corn All right, I killed it. Grab a bite of everything Yeah, that’s a gravy gravy I’m trying to find something that’s comparable to this, but I’m having a hard time But you’ll get really full on this I can tell Yeah, because of the yeah the biscuit and the hashbrowns and an egg and an avocado Bacon, the bacon is actually pretty good. How would you describe this to somebody never eaten this? It’s similar to Chinese but western (cuisine) Can you say that? Why because of the bowl Oh ok 🤣 Yeah, I guess the soggyness is kind of like congee? all in all it’s a really wet really soggy texture Some people might not like this texture though. Some people really hate soggy stuff. Yeah But flavor-wise is so good like the bowl itself I think would be like 85/100 then the gravy on top made it like 95/100 yes, that would be the first and then the smoked salmon eggs benedict would be the second This is your third (Charlie’s Bowl) For me number one is the salmon eggs benedict It’s so good and also because smoked salmon is like a specialty food here in Canada we’re famous for it So that’s extra good And like you said, I think because of the sauce has that Philadelphia cream cheese, it tastes a little bit different but in a good way. Holy smokes Look at this this is a huge pancake bigger than your face… or my face haha (Roxanna) Your face haha Dessert blueberry lemon pancake Where’s my candle? Look at the layers You can really taste the lemon in there Not for me it’s not that sweet Feels like the blueberry jam they didn’t put a lot of sugar in it It’s like naturally sweetened by the blueberry and then you get the hit of citrusy lemon sauce on it So it’s like sweet and there’s sour and they kind of balances out It’s more towards this sweet side, for the blueberries But their blueberry jam and their gravy. Oh my god And the pancake itself, it’s actually really good It’s kind of like what your mom would make at home on a Sunday with real fresh ingredients It doesn’t taste very floury or anything And then it has kind of like a bounce when you bite into it. It’s soft, but it doesn’t break apart right away That was a decent iconic very Canadian brunch. I quite enjoyed it. Did you like it Jason? They make everything in house except for the bread the jam and the gravy was so good. You can really taste the freshness after the split among the four of us including tips it was $29 The price is quite decent Considering the food cost in Vancouver is quite high. So that was good I think we could have ordered a bit less and like spend like maybe Twenty to twenty-five dollars each and we would have still been really full We didn’t finish all the food, we had like four boxes of takeout So if you’re visiting or have a layover I highly suggest this place. It’s very convenient You can come here by Sky train and its an iconic Vancouver food. It’s very good So we’re very excited and very thankful that we have reached 200 (*220 now) subscribers Thank you guys so much We really appreciate you watching all the videos. We love to hear all kinds of comments It’s always great to talk to you guys interact with you guys online we’re gonna keep making interesting contents and take you around and Vancouver Hopefully maybe we’ll travel in the near future and show you guys some other types of food as well We both love trying new things So if you have any good restaurant suggestions that we should try we’d love to hear from you as well Once again, thank you guys so much for watching And if you enjoyed this video, please comment, like and share if you have not subscribed, please subscribe. Happy eating, byeeeeee What do man, chocolate and coffee have in common😆? My answer will be You have to taste it really really slow for a period of time Then you will know how good it is (Roxanna) My answer is they’re only good if they’re rich 😇 …..why? You dont get it? So you are saying like man has to be #[email protected]#!#%$^$ She just ruined my pun. Oh my god😅


  1. lined up before 0800 and was the last one in for the first seating. Just made it in and had a good brunch.

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