MSG’d. A story of Chinese Food Delivery

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(Asian gong sound)
Does anyone want to get some food or something?
Why? Could you eat?
Wannt eat some food?
Let’s order pizza.
Darren is gluten free. (crying sounds)
Why don’t you just cream of wheat on his face?
(more crying sounds) Dummy.
Oh, that is so good.
Oh, oh, this is it.
oh yeah
Ahh, oh, mhmmm, ymmmmy.
I don’t like mine.
(sniffing the food sound) Yuck!
Oh. Oh, that smells like rat afterbirth.
What is that?
It’s jellyfish.
If you’re not gonna eat that, could you at least put the cover back on?
yeah, oh.
Can I have some of your guys?
nn, no.
but you’re sharing with eachother.
Yeah, you wouldn’t be bringing anything to the equation.
Yeah, you have nothing to share.
Yeah, it wouldn’t be fare.
(indicernible talking)
he said could you get the forks.
just take it with you when you leave.
are you MSGing right now?
I’m, I’m G ing real hard.
aw ho
(gentle Asian flute sounds)
OH, come on!
(gong sound, followed by repetitive gongs and tapping)
(Asian gong sounds and tapping)
Can I have some of your baby?
Could I just have little bites of this baby?

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