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Hey, it’s Dan from Smokey Goodness.
And hearing the noises neighborhood and known
universe [?] we watch the Cooking Everything
Outdoors channel with Gary House right here
on YouTube.
And you should too.
Come to think of it you are already here,
so that’s cool.
Shut up, dog.
Okay, everybody, today we’re taking that
Dutch oven Mountain Man breakfast you like
so much and we’re kicking it up a notch
on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
Gary House with the outdoor cook Cooking Everything
Outdoors show, I hope you try this at home.
Today, because it’s fall and it’s getting
later in the year, what I’m going to be
doing is taking that Mountain Man Breakfast
that I made, gosh, what was it, like 3 years
ago, and we’re going to kick it up just
a notch.
What I mean by that is, is that normally when
I make a Mountain Man Breakfast I’ll make
it in one Dutch oven because we’re cooking
in Dutch ovens again.
And then I will take another Dutch oven and
I will make my biscuits.
But what we’re going to do is we’re going
to put them both together today and we’re
going to bake it all in one uno dish.
Okay, so let’s go over the ingredients real
Now, first off, I’m using a 12 inch Camp
Chef Dutch oven.
What I have here is about 8 small crimini
mushrooms that I have just basically sliced
1 medium yellow onion that I have chopped
About 5 stocks of green onion that I have
just diced up.
8 ounces of sharp cheddar cheese.
I like sharp.
A good Colby mix would be absolutely awesome
I have a dozen eggs.
Some Jimmy Dean regular sausage.
If you want to kick it up get some heat on
it and get their hot style.
And, Jimmy Dean, make sure you sent me a check
for this plug.
We’re going to be using biscuits out of
a container.
I know cheddar biscuits, but that’s where
we’re going to roll today.
This is just a pack of 8 big biscuits.
I have a full 1 pound of shredded hash browns.
Salt and fresh ground black pepper.
Okay, so let’s get our Dutch oven heated
up and we’ll start cooking our sausage and
So what I want to do, of course, is use gloves
because it’s going to be hot.
Now, typically when we’re baking we’re
going to want, on a 12 inch Dutch oven, only
9 coals in the bottom, but I’m going to
be sauteing right now.
So I want to kick it up and I’m probably
going to be putting into at least 20 on there
though, I’m not going to really count.
And then I want to get my Dutch oven on top
of that.
Just like that.
And you’ll notice that all I have is a 32
gallon garbage can lid in my Weber kettle.
Alright, now you can put a little bit of oil
on the bottom of your Dutch oven if you need
I’m just going to put my sausage in there.
We’re going to use the grease from the sausage
as our oil, if you will, I guess that’s
the word I’m looking for, and break this
up real quick.
Even though it’s going to bake for at least
35 to 40 minutes after we put everything together
I still want to be safe and get my sausage
cooked through.
And we’ll take our yellow onion that I’ve
diced up here, chopped up.
I’m going to add that.
And then all I want you to do at this point
is just saute this until the sausage is cooked
and onions are translucent.
Our sausage is done sauteing.
I’ve actually taken it off the heat so I
can do the next process.
And we’ll just let it sit aside right there.
That Dutch oven is pretty hot in the bottom
and it’s actually going to start preheating
that lid a little bit, so that’s a big win.
Have my dozen eggs in a pretty decent sized
bowl and actually, I want to get some pepper
in there.
Just a pinch of salt, not a lot because there’s
definitely some salt in the sausage.
Okay, so we’ve got this nicely mixed up.
And now what I want to do is I’m going to
add my biscuits to this.
And that sounds kind of crazy but that’s
what we’re going to do here.
I just want you to drop it in the egg mixture
right there.
We’re going to go for 6.
Alright, so let’s let those soak for about
5 minutes and we’ll get our potatoes and
the mushrooms and onion and get that all mixed
up next.
Okay, so let’s start mixing all of these
This is our hash brown mix and we’re going
to add our mushroom.
Our green onions.
I’m going to add a little bit more salt,
little bit more pepper.
And then what I want to do is I want to pour
my egg into this.
Now, there’s no real great easy way to do
this other than just pour it out, just try
to keep the biscuits.
And then just get in there and stir all this
Sausage and onion is done where I want it.
The mountain man hash browns are ready.
The biscuits are ready.
So we need to put this together, but I still
got too many coals down on the bottom here.
So I want to knock some of these off.
Let’s get our Dutch oven back on there.
We’re going to add our hash brown mixture.
And I want to get that and the sausage mixed
up really good.
So we’re going to get that leveled off.
I’m going to get in here with my biscuits
and I just want to lay those.
I will start with the center one.
And lay my biscuits around.
They’ve soaked up all that egg mixture.
Let’s get the lid on there.
Make sure it’s not too hot to handle.
And on the top of this I’m going to want
about 15 coals.
So let’s take a look here and see what we
Now it’s going to look pretty good.
These are small.
There’s definitely more than 15 there, but
that’s why I want a ring of coals around
my perimeter.
So I just want them just 30-35 minutes somewhere
around there and we’ll take a peek.
Okay, so we’ve been cooking for about 35
minutes now and we’ll get this thing here
and take a quick peek.
Oh wow, look at that.
Okay, so our biscuits are browned up really
We’ve got some good rise but the egg mixtures
still needed to cook.
So what I want to do now is I want to take
my coals off of the top so I don’t burn
my biscuits.
And we’ll let this continue to bake.
So I’m going to do that.
And we’ll be back in probably another 10-15
I think we’re ready.
So let’s take a look.
Oh yeah.
That’s what I’m talking about.
Now I need to add some cheese.
Alright, let’s finish melting that cheese
and then we will serve it up.
Flies won’t let us.
We’re going to take a sample of our delicious
Mountain Man Breakfast.
And look at that, cheese melted on there.
Oh my Gosh.
Do not count calories.
Get one of these out of here.
Man, will you look at that?
Oh my God.
You’ve got to try this.
Hey, I’m out of here.
Mountain Man Breakfast upgrade, not bad.
Hey, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the
Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
But without my sponsors none of this would
be possible, Camp Chef and
and Island Grillstone at
Two great companies with really fantastic
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Go say hi and go buy something.
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where I’m always coming up with something
crazy and new.
This is Gary House.
And I will see you when I see you.

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