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You did such a good job at school you deserve a treat! yum I want the oreo! Uhm, no, not for you. But I got better grades than Sarah.. Sweetheart we talked about this, look at
yourself, you need to lose weight. You’re at a donut shop when you see a
mom with her two daughters. She’s rewarding one of them with a donut
but the other one she’s on a strict diet. Will customer side with our mom, who
desperately wants her daughter to lose weight, or with a young girl who simply
wants to enjoy a treat with her sister? What would you do? One donut isn’t going
to affect my diet! That’s just the attitude that got us
into this mess! What are your favorite flavors? We’re rolling one last
time and our mom thinks she’s found a friend in a man behind her in line. But I did tell my one daughter no donuts for her. Why? that’s not right. Look at her she needs to lose some weight! No she don’t! I think, she’s got her own special donut right around yeahhhh. Now we noticed this man behind him
listening in. Did you hear what he said? You know what she’s getting? That’s what she gets. Life this isn’t
fair right. Now that man in the back, steps
forward. Yes. What do you mean… body shaming? I’m the mother here
maybe you should mind your own business. I’m trying to help her. Hi gentlemen how are you. Time to introduce
ourselves. It’s the TV show called What Would You Do. Sometimes people hesitate in telling
other parents how to raise their kids, right? That’s not
fair to have a daughter but I can’t tell her how to raise her kid. You don’t
want to do it but you had no fault. What does that do to a little girl? My assumption would be that it’s
going to break down self-confidence and hurt her in the long run. I don’t think anybody should be treated
that way.


  1. Mom- no donuts for you
    Nicole- but why
    Mom-because look at you

  2. Fat is serious problem but that good that mom does not let her eat but but. This is not the right time to stop her eating thing whr she is a baby thats thd time to control her limit but guess what u did not care for her health that time and here the situation

  3. Such bull shit. We are so worried about the feelings of our children that we can not tell them the truth? They are going to get the truth when they go to school. Time for people to toughen up.

  4. This time I will side with the bully.
    People who are fat REALLY need a big incentive to lose weight.
    Being bullied is a good one, once it gets into your nerve you will think twice before eating that cake, and then you will choose to eat a fruit.

  5. I hate when people shade from the truth yes she’s fat someone has to tell her someone has to step in and help her if she won’t help herself it’s unhealthy but (I know this is acting) it’s her mother who let her get like that in the first place and now she’s just changed..ok sure

  6. Growing up,my mom does this all the time. Literally talk to the shop employee how fat I am that she have hard time to choose the clothes for me, or even in public places etc etc. So by personal experience I know how that'll fck up the child mentality in the future. I thankfully grow up to be quite a cheerful and confident girl still, function well in society, lots of friends, but I hate my body to the core. I only see the mirror to check if I have smtg strange like food stuck between my teeth or quick apply of make up. Can't look into the mirror for a long time especially full bodied mirror or else it'll give me anxiety attack. So for the future parents, or are parents, please don't do it to your children ever. people's opinion, they can forget,but parents words stuck till the end.

  7. Don’t do this to your kids. It’s one thing to help your kids eat healthy foods but do not compare them to their siblings or friend’s and do no deprive them of treats once in a while!! I was the fat kid and things like this really damaged my self esteem and didn’t help me lose weight.

  8. So, no one is going to talk about the fact that one of the actors is named Nicole and the other is named Nicolette?

  9. Fact: Nicolette has been arrested last week because she was abusing and slapping Nicole

    Here’s the link: https//

  10. That broke my heart when she said she couldn't have a treat i would gave her a treat even if she didn't get a good garde because that really hurt me


  12. First thing that i do is……..
    Say This

  13. Uh if I’m over weight, I would love for my parents to make me stop eating so much. It’s not abuse geesh

  14. While I agree the daughter needs to lose a bit of weight she still deserves a donut because she got better grades than her sister and she deserves a reward

  15. My dad always fat shamed me. Now I lost all confidence in myself I feel disgusted by exercising because to me it feels like I don't belong in a gym because I'm fat.

  16. if i was a mother

    my daughter: mom can i get an oreo donut?


    also me: excuse me can i have a 2 oreo donut for my daughter, thank you

  17. Sry but she takes care of her daughters body so ?
    Otherwise if a fat child plays outside everyone thinks, why would a mum don't take care of her food diet

  18. I think there a different ways to go about this but if the parent is genuinely concerned about her daughter weight or health that’s a good parent to me

  19. If it is an reward for good grades you shouldn't give 1 child and not the other. Especially if she has even better grades then the 1 you are giving a donut to. If she is eating healthy all week 1 donut wont make a damn of difference. Good grades and behavior should be rewarded with children not ignored or punished. It will have an negative effect on that child and her grades might go down.
    She can go back to eating healty after the damn donut. 1 donut wont matter in a week.
    But thats just my opinion.

  20. I guess my opinion will be the most unpopular but allowing your child (especially daughter) to be overweight should be punishable by law. As a parent you control what and how much your child eats and should encourage self control. Also children develop habits when they are young that stick forever so there’s a high chance they will always be fat. You are giving your child an avoidable disposition in life that they will resent you for. Also open the door for bullying.
    I mean her delivery is harsh sure & the child shouldn’t be publicly berated but she’s coming from the right place.

  21. My dad and mom always used to shame me in public comparing me to my sis because she was more successful at school. I moved out for collage and never returned home to india. Now they are pleading me to return home as even my sis moved out of home.

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