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hello squadies you guess it I’m gonna
show you how to make my mom’s
world-famous lean turkey meatloaf
muffins hey mom the meatloaf we want it
moist easy
full of protein and so tasty but first
things first you’re probably wondering
why are we using turkey well that is
because it is nutrient dense and it is a
great lean protein to help us build all
that lean toned strong muscle that we all
get excited about. first things first
we’re gonna get chopping. Half a onion!
Half a chopped, peeled onion
one, whole deseeded
red pepper and one jalapeno seeds in
because we’re keeping this spicy to fire
up the metabolism. get your food
processor take a step back.
time to do the lean remix, food processor lid on let’s mix
it up
take a whiff of that that is gonna light
the metabolism on fire as well as the
taste buds pop it off next things next
spicy. garlic. we want to make this spicy so we’re
getting some Paprika on there! oragano.
I call this the lean salsa
we want more protein in this party, eggys
whoo crack them in, uno, another
eggy, olive oil, sprinkle it around
there make those sounds – this is where
it really gets fun lean ground turkey
meat then go back to the food processor
lean remix 2.0 so much healthy good lean
protein get really excited
on there, lock it in
alright, here we go, lean remix
look at that
serious question if that does not get you
excited you want to check that heartbeat
because this is as lean as it gets moist
turkey muffins coming our way
here we go spray it up spray it up
non-stick pan olive oil combo grab that
lean mix we are making my mom’s famous
turkey meatloaf muffins
spicy and nice and just pop them in grab
a handful just like that
I’m so excited about these honestly this is one of the
best meal preps you can have
packed full of protein so tasty packed
full of flavors a lot of people think oh
to get lean you gotta make boring meals
that’s not the way it works more
exciting the meal the leaner and longer
your journey is going to last. woop six
lean turkey meatloaf muffins one two
three four five six whole bunch of
leanness in the oven 30 minutes 375 375
leanness in the oven turkey meatloaf
lean muffins coming to your belly 30
It’s the final count down
the leanness is coming here it is
mama made the turkey meatloaf muffins and they look leanmazing
Turkey, leanified
meatloaf muffins packed full of protein nutrient
dense get these in your belly and you
have it leaned prep so you just pop these
in the fridge boom pop them out when you
want some protein when you want to feel
right there these can be all yours
all you got to do is make the recipe
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because I’ve got some
leanmazing recipes coming your way oh that’s
so good so good!


  1. I love meatloaf, so I'm trying these muffins!! Thanks for the video and I appreciate typing out the recipe too!

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