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Hi Guys!
We are hearing a lot about Ketogenic Diet
or Keto Diet for weight loss.
And Mehfuz Malik is asking whether this approach
is right for weight loss or no?
So, let us understand what is keto diet.
Keto diet means high protein, high fat and
low carbohydrate diet, which is given to control
seizures or fits in people suffering from
But today it has become a trend to follow
keto diet for weight loss.
And I would say a complete NO to this approach.
There are several reasons for it.
First reason being, high protein becomes load
to your kidneys.
Secondly, high proteins means high purine
levels and that leads to high uric acid levels
in the blood.
Thirdly, high protein leads to disturbance
in blood pH levels that makes it more acidic
which leads to leaching of Calcium from the
bones making your bones weak in a long run.
And how long can you do without your rotis,
rice, your breads?
So, once you reintroduce your carbs back, you
regain all your weight back.
So, rather than focusing on temporary weight
loss, I would suggest you to switch on to healthier
lifestyle and eat balanced diet which will
help you lose or maintain your weight.
Also, given below in the description box is
a link to my article which gives you healthy
life solutions to lose weight or to maintain
healthier lifestyle that is to stay fit.
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  1. Thank you Niharika for answering my question. The video was very helpful for me and also for others who i shared your video with.

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