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hi guys it’s Keila I am back with
another video today I have brought to
you a mini grocery haul it’s not too too
much because I did do kind of like a
half grocery shop a couple days ago but
I did want to show you some of the
things that I got so let’s go and get
into it first I got some frog I don’t
know if I said that right
frog 2% yogurt I’m going to be trying to
do like smoothies this one was the
lowest in carbs that I could find for
one cup it’s 9 grams of carbs but for my
smoothies I’d probably only use a half a
cup so it would be four and a half no
hurt for half my handing and talk right
now or do math apparently it would be
four and a half carbs per half a cup
itself next I picked up some butter I
picked up some butter this actually is
the unsalted I’m not sure why I didn’t
pick up the salted I probably just
didn’t see it there since I’m getting
closer to my goal weight I decided to
try and up my carbs not too too much
because I still feel like I’m kind of
hiring carbs in most but I wanted to try
to add some fruit into my diet
and grapefruit is actually a lower carb
fruit for a whole one I lived up it’s
about 11 carbs so I would probably eat
half of it with something else for
I just really miss grapefruit so I’m
excited to try this hopefully it doesn’t
you know affect my weight loss but since
I am working out a lot more I think I
can add a little bit of fruit cards back
into my diet
you can’t go to the store without some
eggs these were actually on sale a lot
of people ask me where I get these I
found mine at Ralph’s they usually
always have it I think it’s called
Smith’s at some places and then Kroger
at other places these eggs are the best
eggs ever I promise you the yolks alone
are so yellow I can’t go back I can’t go
back to any other eggs I picked up a
chuck roast this is great for slow
cookers because it’s a tougher grade of
meat and it’s generally cheaper but if
you cook it in the slow cooker and just
like melt in your mouth I’m actually
gonna try it in a pressure cooker I
actually haven’t tried a pressure picker
where I recently got one so I want to
see how this kind of meat will do in the
pressure Gerson’s it like 1/4 of the
time cooking wise
I picked up a couple bags of veggies
this is the broccoli cauliflower blend I
love this I make my cauliflower mac and
cheese but usually I make it with this
because they don’t have cauliflower in
the frozen section these are super cheap
it’s only a buck for one of them I was
gonna get like a fresh bag of college
they were like it was like five bucks so
and then I’m fine about it I’m super
excited to try this this is the real
good pizza I could only find a couple of
them this was like the last cheese one
they cleared out my grocery store they
just recently had that sale I actually
missed the sale but it was still like
half the price I’m still I think three
ninety-nine and it’s originally $6.99 so
if you guys are interested in trying
these check your local grocery store
Ralph’s Smiths croaker I’m not sure what
other branches they’re called but they
have a really good sale going on and I
haven’t tried these yet just because
they are so expensive so I’m excited to
give this a try actually didn’t make
dinner last night so I’m probably gonna
have this for lunch today I picked up a
spring mix this is gonna be perfect for
like BLT wraps I also use this you know
obviously for salad it’s always good to
have some greens on deck I try to get
some greens in my systems sometimes it’s
hard sometimes I forget it’s not like I
forget I just don’t want to eat them you
know anything so I’m kind of forced
myself to eat salad a day
tomatoes or tomatoes and an avocado I
still have I think to our products left
in the fridge so I picked up one vegan
I almost didn’t get bacon but this was
on sale originally like $7.99 I think I
got it for $4.99 which is a pretty good
deal especially this is thick cut bacon
and this is a really good brand I always
go with this brand I picked up some
I don’t think I’ve actually tried this
before I’ve seen a lot of people love
and rave about this I figured I would
eat this with my Trader Joe’s flat
crisps and some cheese and mustard and
stuff and it’d be like a nice little
lunchable snack I picked up radishes of
rephrasing potatoes lately and I would
try radishes once before love them I’m
gonna add this into with the chuck roast
and then also try to bake some in the
oven so it kind of be like crispy
potatoes hopefully if that works if so
then I will let you guys know at the
future of course a different type of
cheese always exhibitions by cheese’s
this is the garlic herb Jack Monterey
Jack with mixed in garlic and herb
flavoring I’m excited to eat this I
think this combo would be fire which is
partly why I picked up this one but
obviously I put cheese and my BLT wraps
honestly anywhere that I can fit it and
I know it’s bad I try to limit my
consumption and cheese so I try to only
have like one side dish that has cheese
in it like it a week if that makes sense
but yeah I’m just rambling this was a
really quick easy breakfast aw I didn’t
have to
too much I have some stuff in the
freezer if you guys watched my wedding a
day I think I did kind of like a mini
shop so I have some good stuff I’m
excited to try some of this out and yeah
thank you guys so much for watching this
video as always if you like these type
of grocery balls don’t forget to give
this thumbs up before you leave
hit that Bell button to make sure that
you see all the videos that I’m posting
I try to post three times a week for you
guys and I will see you guys in the next
one right


  1. You mentioned you are doing "higher" carb compared to most. What number do you try to stay around if you have one? Curious because I broke out in a keto rash so ive upped my carbs to get rid of it, but still want to be "low carb"

  2. That yellow is stunning on you. I predict this year be so good to you and your growth girl. You're killing it and now I have some great ideas about what to get from trader Joe's! Love your channel and thanks for this video! I want to try keto but it honestly makes me so nervous. It seems so restrictive but you seem to be thriving. Would love to see a video about what you wish you had known before going keto/tips and whatnot. I just made a grocery haul video but it is definitely not keto. But now you have me seriously considering trying it!!!

  3. I want to try those pizzas so bad. Grocery stores in my area are not carrying them yet but I imagine they will soon.

  4. My medicine says not to mix it with grapefruit. Pressure Cooker is Awesome,my Mom has the old school one. I noticed they have different ones,than my Mom’s. Looks easy than hers. Which hers wasn’t hard to use though. It cooks food fast and you can control what’s added,to your food. Love squash cooked in eat. It takes a minute to cook it. πŸ‘πŸΎ

  5. I just bought some radishes this week also. Can't wait to roast them in the oven. Never tried them cooked before

  6. Keto Chaos has the same yogurt everyday, and I think she said that with that β€œkind” of yogurt you can half the carbs because of the live active cultures. I think she did a video on it if you want more knowledge on in.

  7. I wish I had the motivation to work out. You are really shedding the weight. Your confidence is great plus you're glowing!

  8. Are you at the point where the weight is just coming off more easy? You can tell that the Keto diet is assisting in that. Love ya in yellow!!

  9. You look gorgeous girl.. I never ever heard of cooked radishes wow.. let us know what thast tastes like.. 😍😍😍

  10. Hi Keila, new to channel love it! OMG I just saw a video of you July 2017 and this video today you LOOK AMAZING. CONGRATS! I don't know you, but yet I'm so Proud yr such an inspiration. Thank you. I'm just starting out with keto and I hope to succeed at least half of what you did. I will definitely be watching old and all new videos. God bless you and Thank you.

  11. What's the name of the flat crisps that you eat sometimes with peanut butter, I believe you said you bought it from Trader Joe's? I would like to try them too. Thanks Keila

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