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People of the worldwide internet hello it
is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen,
today we are attempting another mini food,
if you have missed any of the other mini foods
to date there is a link to a playlist up here
and down below we have done quite a few so
maybe if you have not seen them all check
this one out and then watch the others, we
are doing the heavily requested English style
cooked breakfast which is going to be tricky,
we are going to try to do the beans, toast,
the egg, the sausage, bacon and tomatoes,
so how hard can it be lets find out I have
this mic on because it is going to be all
close up you will not see much of the face
which is probably a good thing lets get on
and see how it goes, ok.
So you guys know the rules by now there is
my mini chopping board that was kindly sent
in and also the winnie the pooh plate which
it must fit on by the end, so that will go
there, we have our apparatus there, lets get
So here is the ingredients we have got this
is some leftover baked beans where the girls
had some left last night, half a tomato I
think mrs barry had a salad and left one of
the tomatoes there, we thawed out some pigs
in blankets these are popular for Christmas
which has just passed, we had some leftover
so will have them for tea or something, basically
a small sausage wrapped in bacon so we get
bacon and sausage out of that.
This is an egg that I have separated, with
the yolk and the white, that is the most tricky
thing I think out of all of this and just
a scrap of bread so that will hopefully make
a piece of toast.
Right we start with the bacon first of all
it is actually easy if I rip it really for
now, and it will shrivel up a bit, that is
quite a cool looking rasher actually, hmmm
I think I will try and halve it again but
that may work, lets just go down there like
Ah that will do but I do not think that is
Um, no.
actually it is much easier if I just pull
it off like that there we go that is a much
better rasher of bacon I am just going to
do that, yeah that will do, so for the sausage
meat I am just going to squeeze some sausage
meat out, oh yeah check that out, way too
much there, alright that can be enough for
one, lets get rid of that, I am just trying
to make ah there we go little sausage shape
there, roll it in my hands, roll it out a
bit cylinder shape, ok so that is the sausages
and bacon done.
Just washing my hands and the tools.
Tomato next and we are not even going to need
that much just small specks, unfortunately
I will not be able to grill them, I will just
pan fry them, but hey it is still tomato,
yeah little pieces like that will be great,
ok, there is my tomato.
For the toast it is quite easy really I can
just slice a square for the bread, may just
give it a squish down to make it quicker to
cook, there we go, piece of bread.
For the beans I do not even know what that
tool is but I am just picking out a bean,
like so and just going to slice that, there
we go, oh that is cutting up really easy,
look at that.
So if I use the baked bean with a little sauce
from the tin that will be perfect.
So we have our sausages, bacon, beans, tomato,
toast, so the egg we just have to freestyle
by putting it in the pan, so lets cook that
first to see if it works.
So this is where I am unsure if it will work,
I have separated my egg, as you saw, we have
our mini pan there do not worry it is not
on the flame yet, but the egg whites, I am
going to use and eighth of a teaspoon measuring
tool like so, pour that into the pan to create
the egg white base, and then this is the egg
Now when the kids used to get ill when they
were younger we would not give them medicine
by spoon we would give them calpol which I
loved as a kid calpol was amazing, the strawberry
one particularly, this is a syringe with a
tiny nozzle, so I am going to suck up, lets
do it now, suck up some egg yolk in there,
oh yes.
Shake it off, shake it off, no?
There you go, thanks we got there in the end,
the egg yolk is in there and we are just going
to inject the egg yolk into the egg white
and hopefully we will make a tiny fried egg.
Now because that is such a delicate step I
am going to do that on its own first put that
on a low flame, lets get some egg white, we
will do that very carefully, right in the
middle like so, alright bit bigger, bit bigger,
ok cool.
And then just a very teeny squirt of egg yolk,
oh my gosh it is working and nearly cooked
already what look at the size of that already,
I have not put any oil in because by the time
it cooked it would have splattered everything
by now but folks, I think, what has that been
like ten seconds, yeah the egg yolk is bubbling,
the white is definitely cooked, I need to,
oh I did not think this is going to work,
lets see if this oh come on, yes, haha right
I am getting this off the pan a minute.
This is the normal winnie the pooh plate and
this is its little brother so just putting
the fried egg on there, that is amazing, ok
lets cook the rest of the stuff up, so back
on that low flame we sit that bread on first
of all, oh that is still warm, it will probably
take the longest, then the tomatoes, sausages,
haha what am I doing, bacon, it is cooking,
can you hear that, it is cooking alright yeah,
oh my gosh look at it folks the sausages all
browned, the bacon browned too, the tomatoes
are charred like a grilled effect, and the
toast is browned also so I am going to get
this off to cool for one minute, then we just
finish off with the beans, as the sauce with
the beans on will caramelise super quick.
This is the blue pan version of the red pan,
just putting it in there for the moment, lets
do our beans, in go the beans, and the sauce
on top lets break them up a bit there we go,
there is baked beans folks, ooh that is hot,
Now I did say that was not going to take very
long lets get that off the heat ok folks lets
serve that up, we have got our mini winnie
the pooh plate our baked beans, toast, sausages,
tomatoes, loving the charred tomato, still
one on my finger, bacon, and of course our
fried egg which I am going to tuck in there,
amazing, I think it is a bit of a controversy
thing in the uk whether you are a red or brown
sauce person so I am going for brown actually
using another syringe there we go just a splodge,
And of course for scale a ten pence piece
coin roughly the size of an American quarter,
mini cooked breakfast, all done, lets see
what it tastes like.
Just went to pick it up to eat it, I love
how the queen is going oh I really want to
eat you, but folks it is my job.
I do not really want to eat it, it is so beautiful,
but down the hatch.
Amazing, just like always it tastes just like
the real thing it is all about portion control
especially this month with the fat boy slimming
month, so that is it then folks any more mini
food suggestions do let me know below remember
to check out the playlist, subscribe for regular
recipe videos and food fun, follow me on social
media for behind the scenes bits and bobs
and I will see you next time.
Awesome I loved that one.


  1. One of the trickiest to date! Thanks to everyone that requested this one 🙂 If you've missed any of the other mini foods, here is a link to the mini food playlist

  2. You should really consider buying a plastic cutting knife for cutting, just search " plastic cutting knife " on google. Believe me, it works wonders for these kind of stuff. You can also buy the full set which include those grabby things ( twisers ? Sorry, never knew how spell those things), a plastic cutting knife ( very sharp ), a file ( i don't know what will you need to do with these ). Just search Gunpla kit on google.

  3. Could you do a modernized ploughman's lunch with a Barry twist? i'd love too see how you would improve something that's been a staple of society for awhile 🙂

  4. Well for your next mini foods the only way I know to get a small baking pan is if you get an easy bake oven but I don't know if they still sell then in stores but maybe online. I love your videos though it inspires me to cook more for my family.

  5. It's less controversial about what sauce you use and more about the fact that you called it RED SAUCE instead of ketchup

  6. I used to like watching videos of people who made surprisingly realistic looking minature food from fimo clay and that was pretty cool. But this is the taking it to the next level, in the sense that you can actually eat it. My new favourite thing xD

  7. Yo where's the black pudding and fried mushrooms fam? In all seriousness I really enjoy your videos, especially the gadget reviews. But mate.. where's the black pudding and shrooms? 😢

  8. Just a tip for those having a tiny food barrython.. watch the video at the bottom first and work your way up so for example if there are 33 vids in a playlist start at 33 and finish on 1. 🙂

  9. Bakit ang tinapay ay nginatngat ng daga bakit ang langgonisa ay utong ng ate inday bakit sa sahig ka nag gagayat ng kamatis bobo
    Di masarap lasang ngima ni shishel

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