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Welcome, this is Buddy, my son by the way and before he was born and I was still living at home with mum, I’d come home with a couple of friends, had a few drinks down the pub, wanted to kind of creep in the house quietly not make too much washing up so I make a whole full English breakfast in a pan Midnight Pan Cooked Breakfast from this book Return of the Naked Chef Still proud the recipes in here man, there still legit still tested to the hilt So we’ve got lovely smoked bacon here, one nice fat rasher per person. Also when I came home from the pub and wanted to make this dish when it was created, speed was of the essence so I would half cut a sausage in half and then i can open it out, now what does that give me? That gives me more surface area, what does surface area mean Buddy? More space? No, more space actually that’s true. Very good, but it means more crispiness, so were going to put the sausage in the pan, we’ve got the bacon in the pan you don’t really need to add oil, you can add just a little drizzle if you want, just to kind of help it along and as the fat starts rendering from the bacon and sausage then we can start thinking about putting our tomatoes and our mushrooms in what’s really important about this stage is that we just get really wonderful colour and caramalisation, I can smell the smokiness already I’m going to go in with mushroom, tomatoes, we want to get colour, the mushrooms are coming along quite nicely see how beautiful they look guys Bacon’s looking nice, look at that Yummy It takes about 7 minutes maybe a little bit longer in the wind Let’s turn it all over, the sausage’s are looking gorgeous. I’m just going to pop the bacon to one side and here’s the exciting bit Were going to crack these eggs in and around it and they’re all going to join up to make one giant egg which then in turn makes a giant fried breakfast frisbee And what is that? You know what a Frisbee is! So if we move the pan around, the eggs kind of run a little bit Normally I’d only do two eggs per person here guys I’m putting an extra one in here just because they’re so good and fresh that they’re not moving anywhere if I just get the tongs in here you can just break the eggs and move the white along to fill up the gaps. There we go I’m just going to season it with some black pepper I am going to season the eggs with a little salt, oh and the tomatoes Look at that, I mean it is a thing of beauty It does smell nice It does smell very nice I’m going to pop this in the oven to lightly cook it Now I can sit down for some bacon But I haven’t made this for your dinner This is not like serving Lord Buddy Come on then, Hello Sir let me give you your very own feast The nice thing about this meal, this will be enough for serving, I’d put that in the middle of 4 people, the kids only take a little bit, adults a bit more greedy It’s a really really, lovely lovely way to cook This is what we want to achieve, I still want softness in our eggs but I want them just over easy the great thing is you can just serve it as your giant Frisbee here, I quite like this with brown sauce, ketchup, a rack of toast knife and fork dude Tuck in big boy. If you want to check out a bloody Mary recipe to go with this, click up on the information box or the I button up there, also if you want to check out the recipe or any other recipes from this book there will be a link down below That is Midnight Pan Cooked Breakfast make it your own, have fun with it Yummy yummy, in your tummy. It’s been nice working with you today Buddy Been a pleasure, thanks for coming on the show

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