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Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions
and proud owner of
Very very excited today! I’m in Guildford, near London, England
I’m at Woodbridge Cafe, taking on their Mega Breakfast Challenge!
Now this is good looking! The thing about these breakfast challenges I’ve been doing all
over the United Kingdom is that they’re all different!
This one we’ve got a 10 egg omelet, loaded with baked beans and cheese.
Topped with more beans, cheese
then a certain special English food, which I’ll explain in a minute.
We’ve also got four hashbrowns, four bacon, we’ve got a whole load of these fried potatoes
We’ve also got the four sausage, and fried bread!
I’ve got 30 minutes to finish this food challenge!
Over 300 people have tried this food challenge!
Only seven people have finished, with a record being about 15 minutes!
We’re going to try to beat that today but most important is the win!
If I win I’ll get the 15 quid meal for free and I will
get a shirt and my picture up on their Wall of Fame!
So lets get this challenge started!
Alright! Lets get this challenge started!
One, two, three!
Meats gone! Time for the hashbrowns!
I haven’t had brown sauce in a long time so I’ll have some of that with these hashbrowns!
Little over five minutes in, omelet is going down really good thanks to the baked beans
About to try something new that I’ve never had before!
It’s called bubble and squeak!
It’s fried and supposedly has a bunch of cabbage, onions, some other stuff.
Very, very excited to try it!
Yum! Potatoes, onions, and cabbage! Very good!
I’m going to eat it with the omelet!
A lot of beans on this, but lets finish off this bubble & squeak!
12:49 is the official new record! Very good challenge!
Thank you to Woodbridge Cafe! I got here a bit late
but they let me stay and finish this food challenge!
12:49! Awesome food challenge!
I enjoyed the potatoes at the end, great omelet and those beans really helped along with the cheese
to help everything go down. Hashbrowns were good with the brown sauce.
Everything else was delicious! I’m going to get the
15 quid meal for free, a free shirt, and I’ll be the 8th person on their Wall of Fame with the new record!
Thank you to Woodbridge Cafe for the food challenge and thank you guys for watching!


  1. I really don't know why you flex or call yourself "Atlas". Do you even know the mythology behind who Atlas the Titan was supposed to be? You're not even buff. Furious Pete is way bigger and can eat faster and more then you. Not to mention he doesn't show boat or flex. So I'd stop flexing in everyone of your dumb videos it's tacky and stupid. Show some class Randall.

  2. I love how people usually say they're better at something, but when it comes to food they turn to furious pete, or matt stonie.

  3. hey Atlas you should present your show idea to major networks history channel discovery channel etcetc like man vs food guy…your way better at the challenges them he is and you have a awesome story on how I became the food monster you are.haha hope to see you on a major network someday!!!

  4. Man you definitely could pull off a tv show. You got a personality like Adams but could crush a bunch of challenges where he fails. That whole crashing at stranger's places to save money is smart but I would be paranoid. I bet you got a couple stories. My son follows ya too.

  5. OK, Bubble and Squeak. Normally a Monday Dinner thing, Made up from Cooked Cabbage,  Mashed Potatoes and Onions. Left over or purposely cooked more than needed (Like a whole Cabbage) with Sunday Roast. If you were lucky Bacon was fried in a big frying Pan (There was 6 of us) this was added with Salt and Pepper to rest then it all got mixed up. Then put into the frying pan to Re-heat and get fried outer layer. Lovely. The name comes from the noise it makes wen you fry it

  6. Awesome videos Randy! Have you ever been to Tanzania located in East Africa? You should explore the food there too since you love travelling too…

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