Meatball recipe, the family will love In the Instant Pot

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tasty meatballs in this here instant pot
coming up right now let’s get started
so I’ve let the ground beef stay out of
the refrigerator for a little bit so I
can you know come up to room temperature
so we have I’m gonna be using saltine
crackers two eggs beaten got my parsley
mm-hmm and we can’t forget oh here it is
the Parmesan cheese that’s right
Parmesan cheese so I’m gonna go ahead
and let this heat up put some oil at the
it’s good to put this on saute so I can
start eating up now I’m also gonna be
using seltzer water so let’s get to
mixing this stuff all right
ground beef I’m gonna ask them saltine
crackers 1/2 cup full cup really not
sure how much it just depends on how
much ground beef you mix it up buddies
meet the balls
mm-hmm yes yes just get in there mix it
almost there
at my egg mm-hmm
nice and oh yeah just get nice and mixed
up in there add some more these
I’m gonna add rest of about that cuz I
can but you can use bit but should give
you bread crumbs with he’s like all
right that’s nice and mixed in throw
some cheese up in here
you can see I like shredded cheese nice
and cheesy parsley if you want you can
save some for garnishing just what I did
it there water if I can get that nice
light taste to it so I’m using lemon
lime seltzer water you can use plain or
if you use whatever you want as far as
like milk coconut milk any of that’ll
work mm-hmm and you can obviously add
more stuff if you like so I’m gonna add
some pepper Rica and my salt and pepper
all there this stuff should have done
that before got my hands all nice and
dirty let me wash them up real quick the
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all right
actually I think I want to put a little
bit more seltzer water in there
oh yes oh right oh yeah as you can see I
like garlic to sweet onion sea salt
blender this is gonna mix this nice and
well again and we’ll start rolling them
out and what I want to do is I’m gonna
put a little bit all on my hands so we
can roll these balls without too much
so idea is to make these meatballs about
golf ball-sized throw them in your hand
like so I try not to make them too small
because I don’t want them to dry out now
that I already have some rolled I’m
gonna go ahead and put them in the insta
pot so I can sear them stare them up
we don’t want it to crowd so you should
be able to fit about eight in there one
two three four five six seven eight
there’s actually room for one more
so now we’re starting to cross right
there that’s exactly what she welcomed
seared meatballs so you can put tomato
sauce in the in Sopot I’ll just use
diced tomatoes and I’ll season my sauce
depending so the position we’re gonna
add our meatballs back to here’s the pot
that’s how it looks inside of the insta
pot so now we’re gonna take out any spot
we’re going to set it to manual 15
minutes so I’m gonna put our top on
we’re gonna let it work its magic if
you’re looking for another recipe I’ve
got another one for you ribs did you
check that out it’s pretty good it’s
done so I have allowed this to the
natural release for a little bit I’m
never going to let unless you scream out
take the lid off
oh look at that that is pretty let’s put
a little bit of lemon zest on that
factor lime zest
you know sprays a little bit of the
juice on it do that there how nice that
is now juicy that is
now put a taste test
drum roll please that’s a good meatball
so I put the ingredients in the
you know the recipe and I like this
stuff please stick around and watch one
of my other videos


  1. Good morning! 🌞It’s 5 in the morning here in Louisiana. Now I’m hungry for meatballs! Yum
    “ Now that’s a good meatball.”
    Thank you Rod, I’m trying these tonight.

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