MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST » 3 easy recipes

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  1. You are amazing 😊🤘 thanks so much!
    I’ve been doing this whole weight loss living healthier thing now for over a year I’ve lost so much weight from diet and daily exercise and I’ve been looking for fun ways to tweak my diet and enjoy my yummy healthy foods even more!

  2. Sadia you are really awesome … You r so beautiful n your recipes are no less …
    Could u please please make Vegan diet plan series for weightloss

  3. PUL, this granola recipe was out of this world. I made it today and it’s so delicious! My picky 14 y/o loves it as well.

    Thank you! I’m off to try some of your recipes!!.

  4. Thanks so much for this. One of my goals for 2019 was/is to eat more whole food meals. Your channel has helped me along my journey. Thanks you.

  5. I made the yogurt bars last week. I added some chia seeds to the plant based yogurt for more fiber and I am enjoying one right now with some coffee.Delicious! Thank you for the recipes. 🙂

  6. I came back to get the frozen yogurt recipe it looks sooo delicious 🤤 thank you so much for an amaaaa omg content and your efforts 👍🏼💞🌈🌈

  7. Bull shit. If you’re reading this you’re probably obese-morbidly obese. Don’t put a cup of nut butter or 2 cups of nuts into your recipes. Eat chicken and rice. Lose weight.
    That fiber from the oatmeal and heart health cinnamon isn’t doing anything for you at 300 lbs.

  8. i dont understand how people dislike such positive videos that help human beings thrive in good health. makes no sense. this video was wholesome and amazing.

  9. I just love her for how she makes easy explaining more and what we can do when there’s no food process. You are amazing keep making videos and share with us. Thank you love!

  10. They all look so delicious. I am new to your channel but so delighted I found you! Please would you be able to add the calories on your blog. Best wishes!

  11. My kids love having cereal in the morning but i hate how much sugar it has so the granola recipe hopes to provide a healthier breakfast for them ❤

  12. Could I use bananas instead of dattes for the frozen yogurt bars ? I really don’t like dattes but have no ideas what can replace them 😂

  13. Hi there, was curious as to where your pots/pans and dish ware/bowls come from. Their extremely gorgeous, and accompany your wonderful recipes so well.

  14. Hi, I loved the yogurt bars. I have a question about the rolled oats. Since I am actually intolerant to oats, is there a substitute for it?

  15. We are fairly new to vegan life and loving it and we are loving your site even more! We would like your thoughts on coconut oil please. We understand coconut oil is one of the highest oils in saturated fat. Since you use it in many of your recipes, we wonder where you sit on it. Thanks

  16. I NEED to try that granola! I'm all about tahini right now, so this really spoke to me! And the breakfast bark – looked really delicious – I HAVE to try that as well! Yuuuum!

  17. Dear Sadia,
    I've really wanted to try the yogurt bars for a while now, but almond butter is crazy expensive in Norway. Also, someone in the family has a severe peanut allergy so it would be ideal to avoid nut butters all together. What would be your suggestion for a good replacement ingredient?
    Best wishes! Tessa

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