McDonald’s Only-in-Japan Breakfast Items REVIEW

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good morning everybody welcome back to tabiets today we are introducing a sound only in Japan itay was a from McDonald [Music] welcome back guys so a few weeks ago we did a McDonald’s only in Japan item review and you guys seem to like it and you guys asked us to do one for breakfast so here we are there’s not a whole lot that was different but there are a few that are unique to Japan so let’s get started now the first thing we got is something called the deluxe BBQ muffin this is a limited edition item I believe and this one goes for 330 m now who knew you could eat barbecue in the morning so check this burger out guys this is an English muffin sandwich supposed to be a breakfast sandwich there are sausage patty there is an egg there’s bacon and there is also something that looks like lettuce or cabbage is that I think it’s lettuce you think it’s lettuce okay well it’s kind of wilted and kind of soggy looking and there’s a lot of barbecue sauce on this once again this is a limited edition and it looks like lunch I did this thing BBQ tasted for breakfast I guess so I guess so maybe people would like it alright so let’s give it a go don’t know us actually that barbecue sauce is really nice little bit smoky smoky this does have that distinct American barbecue sauce that we all love the breakfast patty is pork so it’s kind of like pork ribs barbecue it’s actually not bad it’s more like lunch or dinner for me rather than breakfast just because it’s barbecue hmm but it’s good I like it mix along its a chicken egg muffin this is a 290 yen okay that’s not bad 290 for a breakfast sandwich much cheaper than eggslut I tell you big piece of chicken yeah and you know on the breakfast menu they did have a chicken crisp muffin which is about half the price but since it’s breakfast I thought I gave the deluxe one which includes the egg and guys you know this is essentially fried chicken for breakfast fried chicken for breakfast can you believe it so this sandwich has a fried chicken patty with some cheese and egg and there is ketchup on the top and there is some kind of yellow sauce on the bottom master maybe it’ll kind of like mustard mayo because it’s kind of like a no mustard and this comes all sandwiched between a toasted English muffin okay look at the cross-section you see the egg you see the yolk and the white part it separated the chicken kind of looks processed it looks like it doesn’t look like a solid piece of chicken does it right yeah it’s like a chicken chicken ham baaga stick right or like a Chicken McNugget like a gigantic Chicken McNugget this one is taste too subtle come here little more for me yeah cuz the first one the barbecue sauce was pretty intense do you taste the chicken I do I do taste the chicken this is come like um chicken mcnuggets a reminds me of a Chicken McNugget turn in Makati form and I think the mustard and mayo sauce goes really well I think this needs that sauce without the sauce it’s gonna be kind of bland for me my study my name is sausage the strongest you know the last thing we did that McDonald’s food review um you you say the same thing about the chicken sandwich now you get it really taste of chicken and I think it’s because um you know it’s not the kind of chicken that you’re used to eating it’s not like karahi chicken different stage yeah definitely definitely so I think it’s good for breakfast I think so too in fact I think this one works a little bit better than the first one just because it feels like you’re eating breakfast in a way you know the next breakfast sandwich we have is called the make muffin this is 330 yen so it is the priciest breakfast sandwich on the menu mega mega yeah here in Japan’s McDonald’s at least we have a lot of these mega burgers make up muffins that’s been popular you know past two years I’ve never really had these make up burgers or making muffins for McDonald’s because I don’t really go to McDonald’s is this mega well it doesn’t look like a make up call it mega because it’s basically two patties of sausage I see to the party is up sources right all right yeah a mega it’s makeup and they also have a size cheese they have the egg they also have a slice of bacon the Japanese type of bacon and they have ketchup and that’s about it and this comes all sandwiched between an English muffin now this is what the cross-section looks like you can clearly see that there are two patties of sausage in this one so this one is for you guys that are really hungry I can’t remember the last time I had a McMuffin for breakfast forever really yeah when was the last time you had one three years ago three years ago why don’t I know that died come on Oh mmm this one is definitely thicker because you have to really open your mouth for me the taste is really similar to that breakfast I ate in America really in the diner this puppy is a really breakfast menu in America and Anya sausage is sausage maker sausages I want to mention that there are other items on the breakfast menu at McDonald’s you have your normal Egg McMuffins you have your Mik griddles but they’re practically the same thing they can find in the States interestingly you can also get Philly little fish here and you used to be able to get hot dogs but I don’t see the hot dog on the menu anymore the next one is con cream soup the price is 290 m concrete soup is one of the most typical western style soup you can find here in Japan it’s my mother’s favorite I think you love it as well don’t you mmm I used to let’s check it out this corn cream shoot comes in a bowl like this one so many condos kernels of corn yeah and it’s very thick and um it looks good it almost looks like gravy to me like right like like I almost want like a piece of meat so I can pour this over it thank you mom hmm actually this is not bad at all mmm I actually like this the kernels are really nice and fresh the color is really nice but the soup is not too thick for me this almost reminds me of like the texture of chowder like clam chowder that’s how thick it is I like it I like how fresh the corn kernels are they are not using canned corn that’s for sure so communism oh yeah I love it in America you almost never have soup for breakfast so it might be a little weird for you guys in Japan we always drink soup miso soup when I first came to Japan and I had a western breakfast I was surprised to be eating salad and soup for breakfast that was really weird for me now I’ve gotten used to it it’s not so bad now the next one is called Butchie pancake a bingo and the cream ooh that’s in Japanese basically it translates to mini pancakes with apple and cream sauce and this one goes for 200 yen cream sauce cream apple and cream brown cream right and green what cream I have no idea let’s open up and see what it looks like mmm mini pancake is having mini pancakes these remind me of those dollar sized Alex like some cake yeah then I used to eat when I was a kid I used to love those things all right and this comes with a packet of that apple and cream sauce let’s pour this on it’s cooks and cream cheese it sure does okay check that out guys that is the cream and the applesauce almost looks like honey and that actually looks delicious here we go I love that beer are bite-sized smells like apples Oh application application really nice mm-hmm that’s pretty good is this cream you know I’m trying to figure that out it tastes like cheese cake icing or cheesecake frosting so it’s it’s really really like roasting dessert yeah dessert it was thing taste Oh I mean who can complain about having dessert for breakfast that’s like a dream come true for me and it’s not too sweet I do wish they gave us one more pack of this some cream this cheesecake frosting and Apple syrup because it’s not enough for seven pieces of pancake you know if they sewed the sauce separately for maybe 20 30 yen I probably buy another one that last one it’s cinnamon melts the price is at 190 m I have been looking forward to trying this oh now this one is also a limited edition item and it looks good it reminds me of Cinnabon it really does check it out guys let’s open this up and they are like these um like bite sized pieces of cinnamon bread smothered in cinnamon and that probably cream cheese frosting look at how good that looks and it smells like cinnamon smell it dude if you guys didn’t know already so she is not a huge fan of cinnamon mmm oh that’s good mmm very sugary mm-hmm and cinnamony it’s a really bread it is bread yeah it’s like bite-sized pieces of cinnamon bread compared to Cinnabon it’s not as sweet so I think it works perfectly as a breakfast item if I was looking for like an afternoon snack and I need my sugar kick I probably choose Cinnabon this is actually pretty good so if you’re craving like a cinnamon roll in the morning I think this works perfectly with a cup of coffee you’re all set to go in addition to these items you can also get minestrone soup you can also get a side salad a side corn so what was your favorite in today’s selection in the south I’ll show you make a Muffy Omega muffin that was a fast decision I like that a breakfast or sausage taste my favorite if you haven’t guessed already are the cinnamon melts for 290 yen I mean I love cinnamon roll like there is no tomorrow and yeah this has my name on it cinnamon melts I love you thanks so much for watching guys we hope you find this video entertaining as well as informative let us know which one was your favorites in the comments down below if you’ve missed our previous mcdonalds video check it out by clicking right over there and if you haven’t already done so don’t forget to subscribe until next time take care bye bye [Music]

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