Low Carb Vegetables On Keto (AND WHICH ONES TO AVOID)

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Hey everybody, it’s Denise,
back with Keto With Denise,
and today we’re gonna talk
about keto and vegetables.
What vegetables are good
on your keto journey?
I get asked this question.
Why can’t I eat this
veggie versus that veggie?
So we’re going to take a
look at some of the commonly
consumed vegetables, those that
people really like to enjoy,
and see whether or not they’re good
for your keto journey or not.
In other videos you’ve heard me talk about
how important it is,
we’re doing healthy keto,
which is going to put us at seven
to 10 cups of vegetables a day.
Because your body needs the nutrients
the vitamins, the minerals
that vegetables contain.
You really should be
consuming enough vegetables
on your keto journey.
So we’re going to talk about that,
and we’re starting first
with the sweet potato.
Lot of people love the sweet potato,
yam, whatever version
of it you wanna go with.
But let’s take a look at it.
When we look at the
calories, fat, carbs, sugar,
as well as fiber and protein in it,
you’ll start to see it take shape.
This is one medium sized sweet potato.
Some people say, “Well, I
only eat half a sweet potato.”
Well, just do the math and divide by half,
and see where we’re going here.
So calories are 103,
less than a gram of fat.
You won’t see a lot of fat
in vegetables by the way,
but you’re gonna get a
lot of the nutrients.
24 carbs, remember in other videos,
one quick way for you to
know how many teaspoons
of sugar that is, is do the math.
Divide it by four and that’s
one teaspoon of sugar.
So that’s six teaspoons of sugar.
Although you’ve got the
sugar breakdown of 10 grams
4 fiber and 2 proteins.
So in essence, net carbs here,
which is carbs minus fiber,
would be about 20 grams of carbs.
That’s really high, why is it so high?
Because our carb focus
is 20 grams to 50 grams
a day in carbs.
When you’re trying to lose weight,
you’re trying to get
the excess weight off,
you wanna lower your carbs.
So you would be closer to the
20 grams of carbs per day.
Well, you got that in that one
medium sweet potato, right?
So you’re not gonna eat one sweet potato
and that’s it for the day.
You’re gonna be eating more food.
So this would be a no
on your keto journey.
So we’re going to say
no to the sweet potato.
Let’s look at the white potato.
White potatoes as in mashed potatoes,
as in french fries,
as in all of those things we
have used the white potato for.
149 grams, this is in
one medium sized potato,
which is a good serving
for anybody, right?
.2, less than one gram of fat.
33, a whopping 33 grams of carbs
in that one white potato.
2 grams of sugar, fiber, protein,
fiber’s high on 5,
so if you deduct your fiber in your carbs,
you’re gonna get about 28.
This is still high,
I would say no.
I would say no to the white
potato on my keto journeys.
But in fact I do say no.
So I would not consume that white potato.
Not worth the insulin spike that your body
is gonna receive from it.
And certainly not worth you
exceeding your carb totals
for the day with that one item, okay?
Let’s look at corn.
This is a cup of corn,
this is not the corn in the can,
which these numbers would be
much higher, the sweet corn,
sweet for a reason, there’s sugar in it.
This is your frozen corn.
One cup of frozen corn,
it’s a 162 calories.
Again, minimal fat content,
but 39 grams of carbs.
6 of it is sugar, 5 fiber, and 5 protein.
So when you do the math,
34 net carbs.
Doesn’t matter, it’s way
over my daily allowance,
’cause I’m gonna keep
my carbs at 20 or less
if I’m trying to lose weight, okay?
So we’re gonna say no to corn,
and that’s why.
Now that you’ve seen this,
it’s high in carbs.
Sweet peas.
People like sweet peas.
I was never a fan of sweet peas,
but I sure had to eat ’em if
my mom put ’em on my plate.
So sweet peas 134 calories,
less than one gram of fat.
25 grams of carbs.
So let’s take it a little further.
See I’m already just one
cup of peas for the day,
I’m up there.
10 grams of sugar in it,
9 grams of fiber, which is really good,
it’s got a lot of great fiber,
and it’s got a lot of great protein.
You’ve heard of pea protein,
well, that’s where it comes from, right?
So in essence we’re gonna
say no to sweet peas too.
All right, so let’s go further,
and let’s look at kale.
Kale has only 36 grams of fat,
I mean I’m sorry 36 calories.
Less than 1 gram of fat.
7 crabs in kale.
2 grams of sugar, 2 of which is sugar,
and 3 fiber, so kale would get a yes,
and even some good protein in kale.
Notice that this would
be a yes to consume.
This is one cup of kale by the way.
One cup of spinach, not a lot
of calories as you’ll see,
not a lot of fat either.
7 carbs in one cup of spinach.
Less than one gram of sugar,
and yet 4 grams of fiber.
So my net carbs are really low.
I am going to definitely
take in the spinach.
And really good protein in spinach,
believe it or not,
spinach gets a yes for me.
And then I had to squeeze in the carrots,
because this comes up a lot.
I mean it’s you know,
six in one half dozen,
and another mixed opinions
about carrots out there,
in terms of what they do,
but let’s take a look at
one cup of carrots, right?
And I’ve been on the
fence about this myself,
so I wanted to bring it up.
So carrots, not a lot of calories,
only 55 calories in carrots,
less than a gram of fat,
which we continuously seen
in all of our vegetables
selections there’s barely any fat in it.
And then on our carbs
there’s 13 grams of carbs.
I would not want a cup of carrots
having 13 grams of carbs in it,
but it’s also got 5 grams of sugar,
and 5 fiber, so it’s really a little lower
than your total carbs, ’cause net carbs
is only eight, but for me it’s a no.
For some people it’s a yes,
so this one I will say in moderation.
I’m gonna give it a yes, a
thumbs up but in moderation.
So it’s not going to,
I just wouldn’t consume
a lot of ’em, okay?
So yes you can have them,
but you’re not gonna go and
make carrot juice, right?
And end up consuming a whole lot of sugar
in that particular setting.
So I’m gonna leave it on the list,
and I’m gonna say yes in
moderation and go from there.
So hopefully this has been helpful,
thank you for watching,
we’ll see you on the next video.
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  1. SUPER HELPFUL & easy to see why I would or would not choose to eat these veggies & what I am consuming when I do. Thank you! 😊

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