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If you are unable to adhere strictly to a diet plan, this video is for you. We are going to do a 1 week challenge. With this small change, we are going to start our weight loss journey. Hello friends, you are watching the Thamizh Penn channel, which is your no.1 favorite channel for weight loss, health coaching and nutrition. If you are new to this channel and wondering why you should follow me, here is a quick intro about me. 7 years ago, I was at a body weight of 95 kgs. Even though I looked normal from the outside, I was not feeling great in the inside. I was depressed, sad, had low energy, was also in confidence and self-esteem. This was how I looked. It was clearly not working for me. Since I had a bachelor’s in degree nutrition/biochemistry and master’s degree in biochemistry, I created my own diet plan. I followed it and got to 72 Kgs of body weight after which I hit a plateau. No matter, how hard I tried, I was unable to lose weight. I was finally able to break the plateau and now I am at a stable weight of 63-64 kgs. In this channel, I share my obstacles, diet plans, information on keto diet, intermittent fasting, how hormones help in weight loss, which diet worked for me, how to overcome nutritional deficiencies and food intolerance, and much more. If you have not subscribed yet, consider subscribing and hit the bell icon to get instance updates. Weight loss challenge season 2 ends today. Only 1 participant has been posting her updates on a daily basis. She was so motivated and was posting in a daily basis and was also asking if she was going in the right track. I consider her as the winner of this season’s challenge. Her name is Hairun Elyas. She had stated that in the initial 10 days she lost 4 kgs and went down by 1 inch. I have asked her about how much she has lost in this entire 30 day challenge. As soon as she shares her details, I will let you know. I was very impressed with her dedication. In both season 2 and season 1, we had a lot of participation in the first few days. It then went down so much. I think it is difficult for us to make a lot of changes in one shot. If we have been used to eating whatever we like and for a 30 day period, if we are restricting our diet, it is difficult to adapt to so many changes all at one time. Hence, we are unable to to sustain for 1 full month. So, season 3 is just for 1 week and we are only going to change 1 thing at a time. Each of these small changes will add up and give us results in the long run. Season 3 – 1 week challenge starts Nov 18 and continues till Nov 25th. I think you know what needs to be done to participate in the challenge. Comment the following: Your name, age, current weight and target weight. We are going to make only 1 change in this challenge. We are going to avoid certain white foods. Avoid white rice; eat brown rice, quinoa or millets instead. Instead of all purpose flour or maida, we are going to use 100% whole grain flour. Instead of white sugar, we are going to use stevia or erythritol, which is what I recommend. However, if that is not possible for you, use jaggery or honey. Remember that any of these types of sugars will still cause your insulin to spike. In the other substitutes, we have fiber, so it is not going to be bad. When it comes to sugar, be careful with your choice. Choice is yours at the end of the day. No white sugar though for sure. Replace white salt with Himalayan pink salt or any other sea salt. So, this is a very simple and a small change. We are going to follow this for 1 week . In week 2, we will add one more small change to this change that we have newly been adapted to. We will slowly make healthier choices throughout our life. Week 2 can be avoiding oily foods. I have prepared a chart for this challenge. For Monday to Sunday, check off all these white foods that we just discussed. As you keep checking them off, you will feel motivated to keep going. White rice, white flour, potato (white starch), white sugar and white salt. I have also added 30 mins a day for doing your favorite workout. By doing this small change itself, you can start losing weight if you have a lot to lose. You can lose 1-3 Kgs. This is not a big change if you are already doing this. By avoiding certain white foods, we are taking a first step towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Baby steps can help us achieve big results. I have created a soft copy of this chart that you can download for free by clicking the link in the description box. You can also create a hand written version by yourself. Checkoff each day’s items as you get through the day and comment in this video after you have done that. By sharing, you can motivate others. We have 2 more days to start this challenge. That would give you some to buy quinoa, or brown rice or millets in case you do not have them. Do not forget to leave a comment if you want to join. Enter your name, age, current weight and target weight. A good target weight is 1-3 kgs. Please do not target to lose 5 kgs or 10 kgs in 1 week. Subscribe and share this video to anyone who might benefit from it. I am excited and I hope you are excited too. Let’s start our journey towards a healthy lifestyle and healthier eating habits. See you soon in my next video. Until then, take care bye.

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