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Hey guys, Welcome to Nyonya Cooking
Today, I am going to fulfil a recipe request from Calvin
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So, Calvin requested for the recipe ‘Loh Mai Kai’
‘Loh Mai Farn’ in Chinese or Cantonese means glutinous rice
The word ‘kai’ in ‘Loh Mai Kai’ means chicken
It literally means glutinous rice cooked with chicken
This is a favourite ‘dim sum’ dish, I would say
You would normally find it in chinese restaurants
In different Asian countries, it is wrapped in lotus leaf
In Malaysia, we have it differently
I love this version
It’s moist with sauce and cooked with mushrooms
It’s really very delicious
So, if you want to have this in the comfort of your home,
take a look at the recipe
and prepare it yourself
There is a whole list of ingredients
which are mainly sauces used to marinate the ingredients
So, let’s go through them
First of all, we need some glutinous rice
Remember to soak it beforehand
then, some chicken pieces, mushrooms
I used shiitake mushrooms here
Here are the sauces to marinate the chicken
There is dark soy sauce, shaoxing wine, sesame oil,
bit of sugar, ginger and also oyster sauce
To cook the rice, we need some
oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce,
and sesame oil
We have some crushed garlic, slices of shallots
and 1 chinese sausage
We will first marinate the chicken and mushrooms
These mushrooms are actually dried
I’ve hydrated them by soaking them in water overnight
I have the chicken pieces here
I’m going to mix the sauces with the chicken
So, oyster sauce, crushed ginger, sesame oil,
chinese wine, a bit of dark soy sauce
This is the caramelized dark soy sauce
It’s mainly just to add some colour
If you don’t have it, omit it
I got this from Malaysia
I know you can’t find it in many Asian stores
although you can get the premium dark soy sauce
I believe that would also work
Just that the consistency is not as thick
compared to the one I have
Then, add a bit of raw sugar
You may use white sugar
It’s just to add some sweetness
Mix evenly
Next, add the mushrooms as well
Cut the stem away
Then, cut them into slices
I’m going to use 4 spoonsful of the water
which was used to hydrate the mushrooms
Add into the marinate
This would actually add some mushroom flavour
to the marinate
Mix it well
Leave this in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes
or more, best if overnight
That would be the best if left overnight
or at least 30 minutes
Step 2, while waiting for the chicken to marinate,
we are going to prepare the rice
Here, I have cut the chinese sausage into slices
Leave it aside
As for the preparation of the rice,
we’ll begin with the shallots and minced garlic
There is about 1/2 tablespoonful of oil in this pan
Then, saute the garlic and shallots until fragrant
Do not have the heat too high
as it might burn the shallots and garlic
Now that they are slightly browned,
I’m going to add the glutinous rice
Before that, switched off the stove
Then, add the glutinous rice
Add in the sesame oil,
soy sauce,
oyster sauce,
and dark soy sauce
Once all the sauces had been added,
mix it well
Ensure every grain of glutinous rice is coated with the sauces
Now that it is evenly mixed,
transfer it to a plate
Then, steam the rice
Steaming is really pretty simple
If you had watched the other videos of mine,
you would know how to do so
Anyway, the glutinous rice is on the plate now
Place it into a pan filled with some water
Before covering the pan,
Drizzle 2 tablespoonful of water over the rice
This will ensure soft and fluffy glutinous rice later
You may also add the excess mushroom water, if you like
Here, I am just using plain water
Steam until the rice puffed up
This step is optional
but I like to fry the chinese sausage
If you don’t want to, just skip it
If you want to do it like me,
heat up a pan at medium heat without oil
Put the slices of chinese sausage into the pan
I like to do this
because I want to add a bit crispiness to the sausage
Just skip it if you do not like it
If you have not tried chinese sausage before,
you have to look out for it
It tastes very different compared to the sausages that you have tried
It has a bit of 5 spice powder, I believe
and different types of chinese seasonings
that you would not have tasted before
It’s really very delicious
especially if cooked with this glutinous rice
What I also like to do
is to add them to fried eggs
It’s an experiment you could try
Discard the oil
Using the same pan,
cook the marinated chicken
Add a bit more water
Add a bit of corn flour mixed with a bit of water
to the gravy
This is just to thicken the gravy
So that when we bite into the glutinous rice,
you can taste the sauce in it
therefore making it taste delicious
Optionally, add a dash of pepper to the chicken
In Malaysia, ‘loh mai kai’ is normally served in a metal bowl
I have this metal bowl which I got from Ikea
You may use this
or you may use rice bowls like this
Whatever bowls that can be used for steaming,
feel free to use them
So, I’m going to assemble them
by placing a few pieces of chicken,
mushrooms and chinese sausage
Before adding the rice,
I’m going to take a spoonful of gravy
and carefully pour over the ingredients
I can actually imagine the taste
as I pour the sauce over the ingredients
So, the rice is already done
It took about 45 minutes to cook
Now, it is all puffed up
Take a look
It’s much easier to cook
as I soaked the glutinous rice overnight
You have to do so
or else, it will take ages
for the glutinous rice to be nice and puffy
Now that the rice is ready,
fill up the bowls with the rice
Try to arrange the ingredients at the side of the bowl
If not, the ingredients will pile up on top of one another
I just like it looking pretty at the side
Now that the bowls had been filled up with glutinous rice,
remember to press it down
Then, take another spoonful of gravy
and pour it over the rice
If you want the glutinous rice to be really soft,
you can add another spoonful of mushroom water
or just plain water
Just drizzle over the rice
Then, use the aluminium foil
to cover the bowls individually
If you are using disposable aluminium bowls,
then, just use the aluminium foil to cover it
and then freeze it
Whenever you want to have it, just steam it
and you are good to go
For now, I’m going to steam these
Just to ensure that the sauces are really incorporated
with the glutinous rice
and because the chicken was not cooked for a long time,
just about 4 to 5 minutes
Therefore, steaming the bowls of rice
will ensure that the chicken will be fully cooked
The water in the pan is boiling vigorously
Lower to medium heat
Place the bowls into the pan
Cover the pan
Hey guys, it’s done now
So, let’s remove one of them
You can actually smell the fragrance already
You won’t be eating this directly from the bowl
Remove the aluminium foil
Using a knife,
loosen the glutinous rice from the bowl
What needs to be done next
is to carefully overturn the bowl of rice onto a plate
This is the plate of ‘loh mai kai’ that I really love
You can see the gravy
and it makes the dish so glossy
Just to spice it up,
I love to add a bit of chilli sauce
This is normally served with chilli sauce
that tastes similar to sriracha sauce
So now, as usual…
Fluffy glutinous rice, very delicious
It’s spicy… added too much sriracha sauce
The chicken is absolutely tender
What I really like about this
is the mushrooms
It had been soaked for a few hours
That’s why it is really tender
and it was marinated with the sauces
Have to try it now
Absolutely delicious
When I bit into the mushroom,
I can feel the gravy oozing immediately
Finally, let’s have a slice of sausage
I always have it with a bit of rice
Guys, this is just so good
I’ve already eaten half of it
Huuu… that sriracha sauce
Hmmm… this is just so good
We like to have this for breakfast
or tea time
together with a cup of chinese tea or oolong tea
It goes perfectly well
You have to try this recipe
Thank you so much for requesting this recipe
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Before I go, I just have to tell you,
this dish is just so good
Till then, I hope to see you in the next video
Happy Cooking!

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