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greetings Gastronauts this is Keef cooks
I’m Keef and today I’m gonna do a much
neglected and almost totally forgotten
classic British dish liver and onions
actually I’m doing liver and bacon with
alien gravy but you know it’s more or
less the same thing and it’s utterly
wonderful and really cheap and really
super nutritious a lot of people think
they don’t like awful or organ meats
because it does sound a bit gross but
you know if you’re gonna if you’re gonna
kill an animal to eat it then you might
you should really eat the whole thing
so it is part of nose-to-tail eating and
liver if it’s done right is an absolute
free so let’s do it
now ingredients for liver and bacon with
onion gravy
I’ve got about 200 grams of lambs liver
3 rushes of smoked back bacon 3 medium
small medium onions nearly 1/2 litre of
beef stock made up from an ox Oh cube or
a wee on cube and we’ll also need some
salt pepper and flour and oil and all
the bits and bobs so I got lanza that
because it’s it’s pretty mild pork butt
and certainly beef liver is much
stronger and some people like to soak it
in milk for an hour or two before they
use it which kind of moderators the
flavour a bit and that’s fine but some
you don’t really need to do that with
lambs liver and yeah I said it was
economical this from Tesco I got just
over 1/2 a kilo and the price per kilo
is to pound 40 so the price of this pack
was 1 pound 28 which is and that’s the
regular price that’s not discounted or
anything which is pretty sensational for
something that is so good for you and
the other point about liver is it’s
frequently people don’t like it because
it’s tough as old boots and that’s
because it’s overcooked and it’s very
easy to overcook it it doesn’t take much
cooking at all so I’m gonna spend about
a half an hour making the gravy and then
add the other bits so yep so I’ve got a
good blog of oil in the frying pan and
that’s on medium heat and I build the
onions and half them
and then you just want to slice them
quite thinly and they just want to cook
really gently and slowly for about half
an hour so they’re nice and caramelized
then while that’s going on you can prep
your veg
I’m gonna do mashed potato with chive
and a bit of cabbage boiled and yeah
because once this gets the end you won’t
have any time to mess about with cooking
vegetables okay we’re starting to get
some action after about 15 minutes and
yeah you know you can’t rush
caramelization it does take a long time
so be patient
they look well there is done as I want
them to be so now I need some flour
and just staring as much as you can get
absorbed in the oil you can let that
cook for a minute or two and you know
the flour will burn slightly then give
it a deeper nuttier kind of flavor and
then add the stock and let that cook for
about five minutes and that you know the
fire will make it thicken up and it will
be wonderful okay there’s my nice thick
gravy and we’ll have a little taste
mmm that’s nice it’s not exactly what I
want but its flavor will change when it
gets mixed with the liver and onions so
I need to wash that out now I’ll use it
to fry the liver and bacon okay clean
frying pan more oil on coming up to
medium heat and here’s our liver so all
you want to do is slice it and get rid
of any bits that have tubes in like that
bit because that’s not nice to eat okay
only you just want to dredge them in a
bit of flour and pop them in the pan and
they’ll only want about three or four
minutes each side and now you want to
cut the bacon into strips about the same
width and length that you did for the
now you want to watch this go off your
fingers okay
that’s one side you can see there’s
liquid love coming out and so just flip
them over and I’ll turn the heat down a
little bit and then pop the bacon in
okay and when they all look kind of
sealed all over we’ll just put the gravy
back in the pan you turn the heat right
down and just like that cook for about
five minutes for the flavors to meld
together okay let’s have a little taste
c’est magnifique that doesn’t need
anything added to it that is absolutely
so I’ll just chuck it on a plate and we
can do the proper taste test
okay all right here we go
proper Brit no messing food and it’s
lovely so the liver is tender and bit
juicy it’s not pink if you like it pink
you can do it that way just barely cook
it but I like it a bit more cooked than
that and this is just exactly right so
yeah it’s it’s it’s a shame that you you
hardly ever seen this these days I’ve
seen it in a few you know very
down-to-earth cafes where it’s wonderful
and you might see a pastiche of it
popping up in a feigned deigning
restaurant but you know in the
mainstream because it does actually
involve a little bit of skill to do but
Wow not much it’s just caring attention
and it’s fabulous and that’s that I hope
you enjoyed it now please do the usual
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donations patronage all that good stuff
or just some of it
and thank you for watching and see you
next time

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