Kuzhi Paniyaram using leftover Dosa batter || Easy Breakfast -Tasty Tiffin|| Kids Special || Ep:332

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Hi.. Namaskar.. How are you? Hope all are doing fine. Here I am doing good. Easter is over. Hope all enjoyed their day. Today we are going to do an easy recipe. Jan has been asking me to show this since many days. Many of you might have done it. But there are some who haven’t too. When I said I did this, some friends of mine asked me what is this? So those who don’t know may try it and those who know it also can try this. This is a paniyaram which can be done in many ways. We make a batter just for this also. But I am showing you how to make it with leftover dosa batter. Its a very tasty recipe. I have showed it in 3 ways. Without oil, with oil and a spicy one too. All of you do try it out and dont forget to send me your feedback. Many people has tried and sent pics of our last recipe chicken vindaloo. Thank you so much for that. So all of you do make more of my recipes and dont forget to send me photos. Once again Happy Easter. Without any delay lets see how to make Paniyaram. Ok. Lets start to make our paniyaram. There will be many who knows and dont know this here. I shall show to make it in 2 ways now. I have taken the batter in 2 bowls. Its a dosa batter. I have taken 2 cups in 1 bowl and 1 cup in the other. In the 1st bowl I will be adding sauted onions, ginger, curry leaves and green chillies. It will be a spicy paniyaram. At the same time, some kids wont like it like that. My kids dont like it spicy. So I make it plain for them. We can make it in any way they like. So I shall show you both the ways. Lets saute and add to the 1st batter and I am adding just salt to the 2nd bowl. I have shown batter of idly, mysore masala dosa and rice flour batter too. You can use any of these batters. Idly batter will have to be diluted a bit and bought to this consistency. This batter should be sour. Usually Tamilians make idly with the batter the 1st day, dosa on the 2nd and 3rd day and then paniyaram with the leftover later. So sour batter is the best for paniyaram. It will be crispy outside and soft inside. To make just paniyarams, you can make of dosa batter anytime. But I would always prefer a sour batter to make this. Kids would get fed up having idly and dosas always So you could make a variety with the same batter just changing the shape. It would be a change for them in look and taste. So lets start with he procedures for that. Take a pan and add some gingelly oil or refined oil. I dont use coconut oil for Tamilian recipes. That’s what we also do. Coconut oil gives a Kerala touch and not a Tamil taste. I am using gingelly oil now. If you don’t like it, you can use sunflower oil. I am using 1 tbsp gingelly oil. Let this heat well. I like this dish very much. It can be had at any time of the day. You dont get fed up with it. Its always best to have when its hot. It will be crispy outside and soft inside. When it cools down it will be different. You can soak it in sambar or chutney like we have dahi vada. But I prefer it fresh and crispy. I send this as tiffin for kids and Jan. Jan says it doesn’t taste as good as fresh but its Ok. Many had asked me the name of this kadayi. I had mentioned it in 2-3 videos. I guess many have not heard. Its Neo-flam. I got this free when I bought this stove. I don’t know where do you get this from. Our oil is hot. Reduce the flame, add 1tsp mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp urul dal, 1/2 finely chopped onions, 2 green chillies, curry leaves and little ginger Saute all this together till the raw smell goes. Switch it off when its done. I am adding some cashewnuts too. This is optional. You dont have to make it brown in colour. This is something that can be done soon. You can substitue curry leaves with coriander leaves, increase chillies or onions. All can be adjusted according to your personal taste. This is just a basic recipe that I am showing. There are many ways of doing it. I shall show them some other time. This is done now. Our onions colour has changed. We shall add this to our dosa batter. I shall share the dosa batter link in the description box.. It will take a long time again to show the batter recipe here. That is why I am not showing it here. Let us add this to the batter. My batter has salt in it. Check yours and adjust accordingly. Now mix this well. I forgot to add little asafoetida powder. You can add this at the end. It gives a good flavour. Our paniyaram batter is ready now. If you feel the batter is very sour you can add a pinch of baking soda. This reduces the sourness. This is optional just for people who dont like it very sour. But I never add any powders. Lets start making paniyarams now. First I shall show the plain ones. For that take an unniappam vessel or paniyaram pan. Its the same. Some wouldn’t not be having this, even then you can make. You can pour little oil to a deep pan and make. But don’t pour too much oil else it will get absorbed. We are people who would like to stay healthy. That’s why we prefer pans like this. If you don’t have any option, you can pour little oil to an appam dish and pour 1 laddle batter and cook on low flame. But the consumption of oil would be more like that. So lets heat this pan and pour some oil. I am using sunflower oil here. This can be made with and without oil. Without oil wouldn’t taste as good as the one made in oil. There would be people who prefer no oil paniyaram. I shall show that here. Now lets pour 1tsp oil in each hole Actually we use this much oil for a dosa too. But it is not noticed much. Just 1tsp oil will do. Not more. Let this heat to medium. Then we shall pour our batter. It shouldn’t be overheated. Now its medium hot. Lets pour 1tbsp of batter into it. I am showing the plain one now with just salt in it. You can add 1/2tsp oil if you want. You can cook this covered on uncovered. I feel its more crispy when uncovered but cooks fast when covered. You may do as you like. I shall close it now. Our flame is on medium heat. We shall cook for 2 mts and then turn it over when small holes are seen on it. The bottom part will turn brown in colour too. Its done. Lets turn it. It will take around 2-3 minutes on each side. Now I am not closing it. If I close it then it will become soft. Once the bottom is cooked and crispy then don’t close and cook. This is ready now. You can prick on the hole and take it or with a fork or spoon. Transfer it to a kitchen tissue or strainer. Its very crispy outside and soft inside. Now we shall make our sauted paniyaram. Lets add 1/2tsp oil to the holes and heat it. Pour 1tbsp batter to it. If you want to reduce the sourness you can even add little sugar. But as I said, sour batter is the best. Cover and close for 2-3 minutes. If you want it to get ready soon, you can close and cook the other side too. The best combination for this is sambar and white chutney. I like white chutney the best. Idly powder is also good. Once this side is also done, I shall remove it from the flame. Next I shall show how to make paniyarams without oil. When touching itself we can understand how crispy the outer part is. This sauted paniyaram will take a little more time to cook than the plain ones. That’s because the filling is also there, it will take a little more time to cook. This is also ready. Lets transfer it to a bowl. When this is made, I can feel the good smell here. The flavour of ginger and green chillies are all known. Now finally I shall show the paniyarams without adding oil for our health conscious subscribers. Dont compare this with the oil fried ones. Those would be crispy but this wouldn’t be that much. These without oil ones can be made only in nonstick pans. When the pan is hot, pour 1tbsp batter into the pan. Our zero oil paniyaram is getting ready. We shall close and cook this. Now I have turned it over. That side was cooked so I turned it over. See, before when we made we had double the size one. That’s because it was in oil. This is just how much we poured. It hasn’t rised. But for those having cholesterol and health conscious people, this is the best recipe. The ones we made 1st is the tasty option. Now our paniyarams are ready. Check if both the sides are cooked and then remove. No tension, no oil paniyarams are ready. Thats it. These are the plain ones. These are the oil fried ones and the last the ones with out oil. I made all the types here. As I said you can have it with chutney, sambar or chutney podi. Hope all of you liked it. Let me taste one. I shall taste the one with out oil. Its crispy and tasty. Not like I thought. Its sour and good. As I had mentioned if you would like to reduce the sourness, you can add little baking soda. Or make it before the batter turns very sour, or add little sugar. Its awesome when had with chutney. All of you do try it out. Everybody will like it including kids. So until we meet with my next recipe.. Thank you.. Finished Kissing.. Give one more…Hug and give.. Hug and give… Stand there.. Thats an artificial smile Give grandmother also a hug and kiss.. We are going… Now my little boy will come alone.. They will drop him in between.. on the way.. To drop Athu on the way, they will stop the flight.


  1. Hi chechy…. Kuzhi paniyaram Njn undakki… Randu type um…. Super…. Ellenna anu Njn use cheydad… Ente makkalk valare ishtayi……. 3 year old babies anu randum…. Thank you for this recipe

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  3. Small suggestion – try using fresh batter of 1cup raw rice + 1cup coconut(Small shillets) + 1 cup wheat flour. This is the one I do most of the time and it tastes so good. This one doesn't pull in too much oil either. Do let me know if you try ☺☺☺☺

  4. I made this twice in the last month. Initially I made it
    in my Amma 's unniyappam chatti. Then I bought a nonstick paniyaram chatti. Taste I feel was better in the nonstick one and it is easier to make. I never thought I would ever make paniyaram in my life! Thanks Veena for making cooking so much fun.
    God bless you

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    Want to ask which cookware u use…I mean it's granite finish so want to know brand as I m fan of this kind

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  9. Just a small suggestions to your recipe adding Freshly Grounded Black Pepper & a TS of Rice & Sagoo flour can add a special aroma & Golden Crispy colour to the dish

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    Water half cup
    Eth mix cheydu 20 minute vekanam.ethinidayil oru sabolayum orucheriya piece ginger 2greenchillyum kurachu oilil vayatti ravakuttil cherkanam .kude kurachu Malli elayum veppilayum cherudayi arinju cherkanam.chudan nerath kal spoon baking soda yum cherkanam after kuzhiyappa chattiyil undakam.very tasty ayirikum

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