1. hye blimey…i really hope you do a reaction to mv of zulin aziz (dan ketika itu)im sure you will feel the feeling of the song….hope for the video soon

  2. who the hell recommended Alicafe to you? Those things are unhealthy. A piece of advise when visiting Malaysia, everyone loves sweet drinks in here. So don't expect the pure awesome of bitterness in coffee or tea. Our breakfast alone are not healthy and high in calorie. Most people are obese over here, except me.

  3. As malaysian, I think 100plus is like our medicine, next to panadol. haha. When my brother had dengue few years ago, the doctor told him to drink 100plus. Also, the most common drink after cross-country , marathon or any kind of running event, 100 plus is a must. haha

  4. LOL Comparing beverages like Alicafe and 100plus (which were only deemed as 'healthy' due to media and commercials) to Eel, Bird Nest and Red Ginseng which have been known through generations and proven scientifically as power food is like comparing local factory bags to Birkin. Well, maybe that's a bit too much but, you get the point. You should've just bought some real tongkat ali juice instead of that so-called 'extract', just like the bird nest. Also, when it comes to Malay 'power food', gamat (sea cucumbers) is more synonym apart from tongkat ali and kacip fatimah.

  5. You should try ley chi kang drink if you come to malaysia again… to cool your body temperature.. a lot of ingredients in the drink..

  6. alicafe is more to men health.for women in malaysia we just take kacip fatimah coffee..its gives me energy& im didnt feel lethargy from morning until night.im think all u should try it..

  7. Hi, blimey. I want to suggest you to
    See mv `TEMBERANG` by Ayda Jebat…..it so elegant and modern like twice heart shaker……enjoyable and colourful😘😘😘😘

  8. Bird nest is really nice to drink. I only remember my mother put in this cube like sugar in it with some chinese red prunes? in it. Usually it tastes sweet. Its also nice to make it cold. Should ask the chinese shop on how to make it.

  9. Blimey…please react to "Supergirl" By De Fam… It is a old song of that group…but the song is SUPERBBB and I Hope When you react to their song…they make a COMEBACK… We Miss Them💖

  10. Jade, yerim, dasol unnie i think you guys must try this food and give us the review abt the taste of spicy chicken chop coated with milo. Sounds interesting right? And might be a weird combination but why not you guys try it hehe 😁 love xoxo blimers

    Here's the link :

  11. Bird nest can be boiled together with dried longan, goji berries, red dates and stone sugar in slow cooker. Bird nest also can be found in the skin care products because it contains collagens which is good for skin firming.

  12. hey guys, actually to cool down ur body theres one drink called cap kaki tiga, usually they drink them after eating some durians. u guys shud check them up.

  13. I used to work as a bird nest shop.it took me a day to get just 50gm of it.i guess that explained the expensive price.i only last two weeks.coz i hurt my neck so bad due to my job.i had to crouch down for 5-8 hours straight.respect for those who works at a bird nest factory for a long time

  14. Actually why don't you try many kinds of soup,soup also have good medicine value,lotus,abc,old cucumber, fermented veggies soup and more

  15. If your team has any plans on visiting Malaysia again, do visit Penang. The island itself, you may find different types of food. Penang is called for its "Food Island". And also you can discover places to relax yourself. Do enjoy when you're there.

  16. Tongkat Ali is banned from being exported from Malaysia. The Malaysian government has listed as one of the priority medicinal species for conservation, and the harvesting of wild trees is restricted according to Act 686 on International Trade in Endangered Species

  17. Father used to buy alicafe. Too expensive to me. As far as I know, no offer of lower price from tesco like certain white coffee brands.

  18. Hi Blimey! I know about the Korean red ginseng's brand well coz I myself have been consuming it daily since 4 months ago. But I consume the type specially formulated for women ^^ I have noticed tremendous health improvement! My skin and complexion have improved. My stamina has also improved. Such an excellent health supplement! I get it from Gmarket Korea 🙂

  19. You should drink kacip fatimah coffee for woman😂 as i know that alicafe that contains tongkat ali is for man 😅

  20. ACTUALLY bird nest stew is REALLY REALLY spit like actual bird SPIT i know i know you might think its disgusting but it makes your skin beautifull and the actual malaysian bird nest stew is cold sweet just like a dessert its sooo good talking about it makes me hungry

  21. I confuse when you guys call tongkat ali alicafe coffe mix as healthy food because we malaysian call it supplements food or makanan tambahan…but tongkat ali itself is a herb type and of course its healthy…especially for men benefit…also woman can drink it to…but women is more prefer to kacip fatimah alicafe coffee mix that pink color one…kacip fatimah also a herb that give more benefit to a woman…😸

  22. TOngkat ali for man (stamina and sex medicine) but alicafe just 3 in 1 drink ..maybe a little bit tongkat ali inside .but your urine will smell very odd .. Bird nest – chinese woman really like this for skin..almost cook with (gula batu) I dont know what they call it in english..direct translate it sugar stone..haha..and malay not really interested with ginseng ..chinese most..we prefer massage and kacip fatimah (Malays herbs)

  23. to reduce body temp we drink lots of types of drinks, for example like the air bunga, jelly grass or air cincau, and other drink to reduce cold or fever we can drink the habbatus sauda, or drink warm chicken soup or coconut

  24. Wow never knew that eel is for stamina.People in east coast malaysia (kelantan) usually have it in soup/tomyam/paprik.

  25. Quick trivia. Although Indonesia leads in the production of bird's nest, China prefers to buy their birds nest from Malaysia. So if you see birds nest being expensive in Malaysia, it's mostly because China bought everything Malaysia produce and told Malaysia to make more.

  26. Hi Blimey and Yerim… i drink AliCafe every morning.. very creamy and smooth 🙂

  27. Dear Blimey, for the bird nest strew; My parents and older family generations usually cook them with white crystal sugar so that the strew would not taste that bitter. Next time you guys can try to put them in your strew. I am from a Chinese family. My parents usually cook them once a while.

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