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Today, we’re gonna make a cheese ball.
Cheese ball became famous when BHC, one of the chicken brand start selling them with a chicken.
It goes perfectly with the salty taste of chicken
It is also easier to make than you think, so it is a perfect snack that you can make with your children.
So, if you are ready, let’s get started!
Put 240g of donut mix in a bowl.
Put 75ml of water.
Crash one egg
Put four table spoon of olive oil
Mix them all together using whisk
When the mixture starts to form a chunk, you better use hands to make a dough.
Don’t put extra water in a bowl, though it looks like you need more water.
It would get sticky, if you do so.
Try to merge extra donut mix in a dough.
You have to be patient when you make a dough.
Try mixing it for ten minutes.
Then, prepare a scale so that you can weigh mixture
Mass mixture into 20g of ball.
Try rolling it on your hand to make it rounder.
Put them on a cutting board and leave
them on the side.
Then, let’s put a mozzarella cheese inside.
Spread the 20g of mixture that we have made before and put 8g of mozzarella cheese in the middle.
Enclose it and rolling it using hands.
Remember that you have to be precise in using ingredient when you make a cheese ball.
Otherwise, it would make an unintended result.
Whenever you find the crack in a
mixture, try to enclose it using mixture
Put them on an oil in a low heat
Put a small junk of mixture in an oil, and when you find that it starts floating on the top, it is a right time to put a cheese ball mixture.
Stir them from time to time to make a round cheese ball.
Then, fry them in oil for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
Leave them on the side
Let’s make a cheese ball seasoning, then.
Put two spoons of cheese seasoning.
Put one spoon of onion seasoning.
Mix them using whisk
Try rolling the cheese ball on a seasoning so that seasoning would evenly distributed.
Place them on a dish
It is very chewy and the combination of mozzarella cheese inside and cheese seasoning outside is so perfect
Try making this at your home and share this with your family and friends.
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