Korean Chinese Food [Life in Korea #58]

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today we’re going to talk about Korean style Chinese food alright so um similar to America where you have people that delivered pizza’s here in Korea they actually deliver many many more things including hamburgers which is pretty hard to believe anyways today we’re going to talk about Korean eyes Chinese food and really it’s a very interesting topic in my opinion Korean eyes Chinese food is nothing like you know Chinese food to be the dishes they have here I’ve never had in the States and pretty much every Chinese person I’ve ever talked to either like we don’t have a no basically but anyways um they are some variations and I’m going to talk about three of them which are the most popular ones in Korea we have jump on which is basically spicy seafood kind of noodles and soup my girlfriend really likes that one we have Jaejoong hyung which is black bean noodles so they usually come in very packed noodles and they just put the sauce over and then you mix it yourself really good actually someone I like and thanks to you which is just kind of fried pork sometimes it’s fried beef but it’s mostly fried pork for anyways to call this Chinese food is actually okay I’m gonna put it this way it’s like saying gimbap is Japanese because it looks like sushi or something like that it’s ridiculous you know um it’s ridiculous because even though it kind of looks like it they’re completely different ingredients and to call this stuff Chinese food is like you blow your mind because there’s nothing Chinese about it I mean those come with dumplings but everyone has dumpling no Japan China Korea Taiwan and other nations anyways there’s nothing Chinese about this stuff but it does taste pretty good is really cheap for these three things I think we’re paying about maybe around fifteen dollars on average they get pricier the higher quality this but it never really gets to that high quality it’s like comic Domino’s high quality pizza you know it’s just not the same thing but anyways are today we’re going to order some Chinese food we’re gonna take check it out it doesn’t really take very long to order it I mean there’s chinese restaurants all over the place and it’s really hard to find a decent one in my opinion and they regard chinese food as a type of fast food so you can tell her they don’t have much respect for right so also i had this little story about my girlfriend and I I took her to this real Chinese restaurant and she threw a bitch fit because they didn’t have jumpin which is a spicy noodles though yeah spicy seafood noodles and she was just complaining and nagging about there’s a real this is Korea they should have judge on jumpin and I was like wow it’s real chinese restaurant and it’s like again the analogy is I going to a Japanese restaurant and asking for kimchi or something and be like well they’re both in Asia you know it’s not like that actually Koreans also the Chinese food whenever they change apartment or the change house remember all my friends saying it and it wasn’t until I changed apartment that me and my girlfriend well she said oh you know in Korea whenever you change house we should eat Chinese food it’s kind of weird custom i think but uh hey i like it so we order some chinese food and yeah i thought you guys would like to know that little tradition i guess yo dumb poem on our own tongue so you kind of said to know haha yeah hey Daria alright so we just had the delivery guy show up literally he took like six minutes I mean I was just setting up the camera to get some different shots I was going to set up the camera outside to to show you him delivering the food and what I was doing that he showed up so very fast anyways we have our dishes here we have a genuine which is the black bean noodles very delicious they come will impact you gotta mix the news of pre well thanks you which is absolutely delicious very unhealthy and will probably kill you but almost everyone’s favorite and jump on which is the seafood noodles my girlfriend access from the most I’m I like it even though i don’t really like seafood so much which is surprising and here’s the sweet and sour sauce The Closer that thanks you and of course complementary dumplings which almost nobody eats they’re always fried for some reason anyways uh they have a habit of leaving these things on your door so sometimes you show up to your apartment there’s like six different colors maybe notes but it’s nice what you don’t know which one to order from because they always put on there and they usually come with coupons so it’s a dive hmm well I will describe how everything tastes but I’m really hungry so I’m not anyways as delicious as this may be it’s probably the second worst thing you can put into your body besides diamond udo’s many ways you might notice that they don’t give you disposable place these are actually real plates now after you’re done eating you take all your trash or you just take all the food as it is and put it outside your door later on the delivery guy comes by any pics are eating up so i guess it’s convenient that you don’t have to clean after yourself you just take everything and put it outside and then come pick her up pretty good but that’s the least I could do for you after they injected you with all the sodium so pretty

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