Kids’ Breakfast Cereals as Nutritional Façade

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  1. Whoever is reading this and you are going through loneliness, pain, addiction and regrets. You can overcome this because you are stronger than you think.

  2. The problem really is that the adults are dolts. Any adult in this day and age who feeds this rubbish to their children is as guilty of negligence as those who actually abuse their children. In the age of computers and the proliferation of documentaries and videos like these, there is no excuse for 'nutritional ignorance' any longer. Starting your child's day with sugar, toxic 'vitamins', and empty calories places the child at great risk for not only a slew of diseases and medical conditions, but also has a negative effect on the ability to learn properly. But hey, as long as the parent can come home and veg out on Netflix and goofy reality shows, who cares about the children's nutritional requirements? Americans are a sordid lot.

  3. Advertising convinces people to act against their own best interests.
    Question the "OPINIONS" presented as facts on Faux Noise.

  4. I worry about the labelling in the USA as I live in the EU and the labelling here is barely adequate but seems to be miles ahead of US standards.

  5. If I were a billionaire, I would make it so that this video is broadcast on every single public video panel around the world.

  6. But government food pyramid told everyone to eat sugar cereals! So i now eat only lard because government says its not healthy.

  7. Makes a lot of sense, as a kid I was very overweight and absolutely addicted to cereal, especially Cocoa Crispies, those were like crack lol. Just groats only for this guy!

    NICE to see HONESTY when these PIMPS for slow kill , OFFER THEIR WARES AS FOOD WE CAN EAT , QUALITY FOOD , NOT ! WHAT A FARCE you are Kelloggs !
    and fellow PIMPS OF DECEIT!
    such a nice SANE ,MORALLY AWAKE career choice for THESE SOCIOPATHS in 3 piece suits HAVE CHOSEN ! N O T !

  9. I would eat Raisin Bran if it wasn't salty. Shouldn't that be my decision whether or not I wanted to salt my cereal?

  10. When you buy imported candies from the U.S here in Sweden, like Reeses Pieces , they have to put a new label on them with nutrient facts in BIGGER LETTERS so people can read them.

    We do of course have a lot of "locally made" junk food as well in every supermarket, but they have clear labels on the back with how many calories and added sugars there are in them.

    We also have a "Green Keyhole"-label on foods that are healthy like whole wheat bread, oat meal, cereals without added sugars, low fat meals etc. things like white bread and frosties does not.

  11. Best regards. ClaudioSerraBrun (Argentine-Spanish). Yecla Murcia Spain.Europe.

  12. Thank you so much about this! It's so annoying that they try to say that cereal is "part of a healthy breakfast." Thanks for the video. Your videos always inspire me to keep posting on my channel.

  13. Oatmeal makes me nauseous and tired. It's not the miracle breakfast cereal :-/ The best part about the 70's cereals were the prizes….my kids got dvd's in the 90's.

  14. Refined sugar is one of the worst, and probably pound-for-pound THE WORST thing most people consume in their diets. A primary reason why so many vegan diets are garbage. Take "influencers" like "Vegan Gains" and the vlogs he puts out over and over again. Vegan cupcakes galore but it's okay because they're "veeeegan". No it's not. It's terrible for you and it's a horrible diet. Dr. Greger gives great dietary advice but even his aim is off.

  15. 'Lightly sweetened' cereal made me chuckle.

    I know someone who once dedicated themself to a 'sugar free month'
    I asked what they percieved as 'sugar free' once I saw them on day 1 drizzle tablespoons of Heinz ketchup on white pasta. Their retort was that sugar free excluded candy and sweets, not 'food' as was the matter in this case. Ketchup contains more sugar than many ice cream brands. Plain flour such as wheat flour and other fibreless foods have nearly the same GI effect and absorption as sugar.

    This person was closing in on adulthood. Just comes to show how plenty of people are not even aware of that their food is worse sugarwise than many products of sweet treats.

  16. Tienen algún vídeo sobre las personas con hipoglucemias que no son diabéticas?? Comencé con una alimentación vegana hace algo más de un año y al principio todo iba muy bien, mucha energía, vitalidad. Pero últimamente han vuelto las hipoglucemias a diario y ya no sé qué hacer. Muchas gracias 🙏😊

  17. I have oats with Chia seeds, ground unroasted of various nuts, raw cacao powder, flax seeds, raisins and nut milk. Great!!!! 😊

  18. When I was a kid, a "serving" of cereal was a third to half the box. Cheereos, for example, says there are 17 servings per box. This is one way food companies mislead consumers.

  19. I am curious about the kashi go lean cereals. I think they're pretty good, for cereal. And I usually serve them as a quick easy before school meal sweetened with berries and such, or on top of vegan yogurt. (My kids love it) I'd like to see your break down of it.

  20. Is there really nothing to talk about on the CoronaVirus right now?

    Has Dr Greger made any public statements regarding the CoronaVirus? not interested in comments from the coffee shop philosophers on this topic. I want to know what the science says and what foods have some effect

  21. “…startling conclusion of this study is that there is *more nourishment in the box that cold breakfast cereals come in than in the cereals themselves.”*;topic=5704.0;attach=2778

  22. In a world where it is impolite to name something – – – Wait, SUGAR IS EMPTY CALORIES… – But NO, LOOK we ADDED Vitamins to the EMPTY CALORIES… and Vitamin Water was born

  23. What about the microscopic rusty iron filings added to almost all cereals, not to mention most everything else with flour? YouTube "Dr. Levy Iron in Cereal" and go-ogle "iron Behaving badly Douglas b. Kell.". Dr. Kell was knighted for exposing how iron is inflaming and degenerating the Queen's "subjects."

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