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today I am here with the recipe of rice pudding.
this is one of the special recipe for teej
rice pudding is made in different occasion as well
this is my personal favourite
I will show you the way how I learned it
so, let’s get started with the ingredients
bay leaf
dry fruits
this is thick rice, we will use this rice to make pudding
I have already soaked it
heat the pan
add ghee or butter
I added butter
let it melt
our heat must be medium
our butter is melted, I am adding soaked rice in it.
stir it and cook it
after some moments add milk
for 1 cup soaked rice, add 1.5 litre milk
stir it well
if you take more rice add more milk
now, cook it for 15 minutes while stirring
while we stir and cook it, our pudding will be thick
cook it slowly while stirring
when pudding starts to cook it becomes thick
then we will add all dry fruits
bay leaf
all dry fruits
At last, add sugar and mix well
stir it for 4 minutes more
after 3-4 minutes our rice pudding is ready
I am turning off the heat
serve it hot
I am putting it on a bowl
I am adding dry fruits from top for decoration
enjoy your teej by making yummy food like this
happy teej to all
I have already made recipe of all these items for teej
if you haven’t watched it yet go in the description box below and watch it
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I will return with more and more yummy recipes till then happy cooking


  1. Wow di, it looks really lovely hai. Khana ko dherai items banaye pani Kheer chai aaja samma aafai lay banako xaina mailey. Yo receipe ekdam ramro lagyo, aaba xittai try garxu. Thank u didi hajurlai. Hajur ko sabai fooding receipe haru rmro lagxa

  2. wooww great …. kam matrial ko khir banaune pare ma sasto sulav rmaro kheer ko lagi yo link open garau la ..

  3. सुत्केरी मसला बनाउने तरिका कसरी हो सोल्टी .?

  4. ma ra mero sathi haru hajur ko yo kubb herchau…asti mero sathi le hajur nepal ma ho bhanera bhandai thyo j hos yo video bata maile uslai prove gare ki hajur bidesh ma ho bhaneera…german milk packet

  5. Herda nai mitho dekhincha yummy 🍫🍰🍩🍦🍧🍕🍟🍨🍔🍯🍮🍭🍬🍣🍎🍏🍙👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏 .

  6. Aaaha… daamn tasty! Maile share pani gare.
    Hajurko franchise xaina dd ? U must sell these recipie. Your talent worth benefits.

  7. धेरै मिठाे राम्रो अनि सजिलो 🌹

  8. D malai tapaiko awaj sunirahuu lag6😍😘😘,.today 2075/4/15 kheer special day and this yummy food world really helps me to cook it,thankyou so much.lov u so much to the entire team of yummy food world😊😘.👌👌❣🍽

  9. Mailey ta Pressure cooker ma nai panii ko satta dudh halera chamal lai pakaunxa hola vannu thaneko .. Lol ..
    Thanks hai DD Video ko lagi

  10. 1st try 🙏🙏🙏 successful 👌🏻👌🏻💕💕💕 thanks for the video😁😁

  11. Jahile pani yo Didi le mitho mitho recipe liyera aaunu hunxa ra maile jun recipe herda pani mukhnai rashauxa

  12. kheer pakuda kati chamal m kati milk rakhnu parchha tyo pani bhandiako bhaya ajhai sagilo huni thyo kheer banuda .thanku.

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