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Hi everyone! It’s Esther here. I hope you’re
having a great day. I am here with a
Whole Foods haul. This will be most of my
groceries for my meal plans this week. And
omigod, so funny story. I went to Whole
Foods just now and I got all these
things and then I was standing in line and I
usually get my wallet out as I’m
standing in line just so that i’m not
wasting other people’s time you know as
far as like the people that are behind
me. But anyways I realized I did not have
my wallet. So I had to give my shopping basket
to the cashier and then I rushed home. I
thought maybe I had left my wallet in
the car. But when I got to the car it wasn’t
there. So I called Whole Foods on the way
home and I was like hey my wallet is not
in my car. I’m gonna have to go home and
get it. And the lady was really nice and
by the time I got back she actually had
it already bagged for me. She rung it
up and she put like freezer bags in here
so that my stuff wouldn’t go bad. So
such a sweetheart. Very good customer
service at Whole Foods, and no I’m not
getting paid to say this Like they
really did a good job of taking care of
my things and so I’m very very
appreciative. Because I thought I was
kind of being a pain for that lady by
leaving my stuff behind and her having
to watch it. But she was so nice so thank
you lady at Whole Foods and customer
service. You’re probably not watching
this but thank you anyways. I just want
to quickly show you guys what I have in
my grocery haul. So I’ll just kind of
unbag all this. So the first thing that I got
were these eggs. And these got my
attention because they say
pasture-raised. It says “these hens enjoy
outdoor living and plenty of pasture to
So that makes me feel good. Hopefully
they’re you know out on the field and
eating some grass and stuff and not
locked in cages. I don’t know, I haven’t
really like researched it to see if it’s
legit. I know labeling laws can be
really deceiving. I bought two cartons of
those. I’m just going to take this out of
here. Next I bought some spinach. You guys
know that I love spinach. I eat it all
the time. So here’s my spinach for the
week. See here’s the little ice bag she put
in there. So nice! And then I got a couple
of other proteins. So this is Atlantic
salmon fillet. And I just asked the guy
at the fish counter. I don’t know if that…is
it called a fish counter? I’m not sure.
But I asked him for the fattiest cut of
salmon, so that’s what he gave me. I
really hate it when salmon is really dry
and I don’t know it doesn’t taste good. I
like fatty the fattier cut and that’s
perfect for the ketogenic diet anyways.
But the next item I got and I got quite
a bit of this is ribeye. I love ribeye.
So I really have been craving like steak
and eggs lately so I’m going to use it
and make steak and eggs for breakfast in
the morning. And I’m making breakfast for
my husband as well. That’s why I have so
much. He doesn’t eat salmon so you can
see quite a difference in the amount
that I purchase.
That’s one bag. And then I bought some
sardines. I love these sardines. They are
canned and they are soaked in lemon
juice. I sometimes will buy the ones
soaked in olive oil but in this case I’m
just going to add my own olive oil
because I really like the way these
taste. So there’s that. I got lots and
lots of those. And then, oopsie! This
is two heads of broccoli. I love broccoli
as well. And I’ve been sticking really to
cruciferous vegetables. So I’ve been
sticking with broccoli and then also
green leafy vegetables. So spinach. So
sorry to be repetitive it’s the same stuff
that I bought last week for my grocery
haul. But these are the vegetables I’m into
right now. And I cut out nightshades from
my diet temporarily because there’s some
research out there that nice shades are
really bad for your health in general.
But also that they affect your ketone
levels. I don’t know if it’s true. I’m
actually going to add them back in and
test how they affect my blood ketone
levels. So that’s one of the foods that
i’m going to be testing. If you guys
don’t know I’m doing kind of like an
experiment where I’m testing my blood
ketone levels with different things
right now. I’m just getting back into the
ketogenic diet. This is, this will be like
the second week on. You know I’m just
really strict keto. I’ve eliminated a lot
of things. Dairy, artificial sweeteners,
caffeine, nightshade vegetables. What else?
There’s like a whole list of things I
eliminated, but i’m going to add them
back in and check my blood ketone levels
with those.
So it’s going to be a fun experiment but
you can click on the card above if you
want to find out more and go the
beginning of that series that I started
with this experiment. And the last item,
this whole bag of avocados. It looks like
a lot but it’s only a week worth. It’s
like seven avocados. But I love avocados.
For those of you that had commented
asking if I have problems pooping. I
don’t and I really think avocados will
help with that. If you’re having issues
with constipation. Try to add one avocado…
try to add one avocado a day to your meal
plan and see if that helps. And lots of
water you have to drink water on keto.
Very very important. So that is pretty
much it. That’s my grocery haul for this
week. I’ll be showing you guys a full day
of eating with all of these foods. And I
hope you guys enjoyed. If you do if you
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If these are things that interest you.
But I talk about a ketogenic diet.
That’s the bulk of my channel probably.
Like eighty to ninety percent. And I also
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That’s kind of a newfound thing for me.
Yeah so if any of these subjects
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yeah thank you guys so much for watching.
I really appreciate it and I will see
you next time! Bye everyone!


  1. Will be interesting to see how nightshade veggies impact your ketone/glucose levels. Do you supplement electrolytes in any other way or just through food? I struggle to get in enough electrolytes. I have to drink nu salt and sea salt everyday or I get dizzy. It tastes awful and I haven't found a good " ketoraid" recipe. Thanks for the video!

  2. Did your cholesterol improved ? My BS is amazing since following the keto diet but my cholesterol is 285 :/ I'm cutting cheese, bacon , butter out so hopefully that helps

  3. yup tomatoes will throw me right out of keto 🙁 also green beans. Any who great video as always 🙂 also can't wait to see what you do with the sardines and how you incorporate them into your food day.

  4. I so love salmon!!!! When will start testing your ketones? Also, try chuck eye. It's more cost effective and it's only 1 rib off from the ribeye.

  5. Never really thought about salmon as a high fat option for protein…… great way to change it up when the normal steak,bacon,egg options get old… also great info thanks!

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