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– Are you a cheater? A cheater once, a cheater always. That’s what they say. There is a big misconception
about cheat meals on Keto. Yes, cheat meals, not cheat days. You know what is the difference? Cheat meal is once, every few months. If you cheat, you eat. You indulge on a lot of
sugar, it happens once. Cheat day is very
difficult to recover from. It’s when one meal becomes
two meals, three meals, four cheat meals then it’s very difficult. Because addictions come back. Your frontal part of your brain is triggered by any product
that it’s addicted to. That’s usually why you
don’t take a cigarette when you stop smoking. That’s why you don’t take a drink when you have been an alcoholic and you don’t cheat
when you’re out on Keto. Because sugar is an addictive product. I know it from myself, and
you know it from yourselves. So, again, everybody is
human, everybody is weak. Sometimes we cheat. Keep it one meal, fast afterward. Don’t punish yourself,
just fast afterward. It’s the only way to use all
the sugars you have eaten. If you can go to the gym it’s even better. Remember you will not go back to Ketosis until you have used all
the glucose you have taken. You will come back faster every time because you are Keto adapted. You are fat adapted. So your body wants to live on the healthier jet fuel which is Keto. Please press now the Subscribe button to stay updated with our
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