Keto Diet Theory Put to the Test

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“Keto Diet Theory Put to the Test” When you don’t eat
enough carbohydrates, you force your body to burn more fat. However, this rise in fat burning is often misconstrued as a greater rate of net fat mass
reduction on the body. But that ignores the fact
that on a ketogenic diet your fat intake shoots up as well. The question is what happens to
your overall body fat balance. You can’t empty a tub
by widening the drain if you’re cranking up the
faucet at the same time. Low-carb advocates
had a theory, though, the so-called carbohydrate–
insulin model of obesity. Proponents of low-carb diets,
whether a ketogenic diet or a more relaxed form of
carbohydrate restriction, suggested that the
decreased insulin secretion would lead to less fat storage; and so, even if you
were eating more fat, less of it would
stick to your frame. So, we’d be burning
more and storing less, the perfect combination for fat loss— or so the theory went. To their credit, instead of
just speculating about it, they decided to put
it to the test. Gary Taubes formed the
Nutrition Science Initiative to sponsor research to validate
the carbohydrate–insulin model. He’s the journalist who
wrote the controversial 2002 New York Times Magazine piece “What if It’s All
Been a Big Fat Lie,” which attempted to turn
nutrition dogma on its head by arguing in favor
of the Atkins diet with its bunless bacon cheeseburgers based on the carbohydrate–
insulin model. (Much of Nina Teicholz’s
book, “The Big Fat Surprise”, is simply recycled from
Taubes’s earlier work). In response, some of the very
researchers Taubes cited to support his thesis accused him
of twisting their words. “The article was incredibly
misleading,” one said, “I was horrified.” “He took this weird little idea and blew it up, and people
believed him,” said another. “What a disaster.” It doesn’t matter what people say, though. All that matters is the science. Taubes attracted $40 million
in committed funding for his Nutrition Science
Initiative to prove to the world, you could lose more body
fat on a ketogenic diet. They contracted
noted NIH researcher Kevin Hall to perform the study. Seventeen overweight men
were effectively locked in what’s called a metabolic
ward for two months to allow researchers total
control over their diets. For the first month they were placed on a typical high carbohydrate diet (50% carbohydrate; 35% fat; 15% protein), and then they were switched
to a low-carb ketogenic diet (only 5% of calories from carbohydrate;
80% fat) for the second month. Both diets had the same
number of daily calories. So, if a calorie is a calorie
when it comes to weight loss, then there should be no
difference in body fat loss on the regular diet
versus the ketogenic diet. If Taubes was right, though, if fat calories were
somehow less fattening, then body fat loss would
become accelerated. What happened instead,
in the very study funded by the Nutrition Science Initiative, was that body fat loss
slowed upon switching to the ketogenic diet. Wait…why do people
think the keto diet works if it’s actually slowing fat loss? Well, if you just looked at the
readings on their bathroom scales, the ketogenic diet would
seem like a smashing success. They went from losing
less than a pound a week on the regular diet in the two
weeks before they switched to losing three and a half
pounds within seven days after the switch to the ketogenic diet. But what was happening
inside their bodies told a totally different story. Their rate of body fat loss
was slowed by more than half. So, most of what they were
losing was just water weight. (The reason they started burning
less fat on a ketogenic diet was presumed to be because
without the preferred fuel, carbohydrates, their bodies started
burning more of its own protein.) And that’s exactly what happened. Switching to a ketogenic diet
made them lose less fat mass and more fat-free mass;
they lost more lean mass. That may help explain why the
leg muscles of CrossFit trainees placed on a ketogenic diet may
shrink as much as 8 percent. The vastus lateralis is your
biggest quads muscle in your leg, shrunk in thickness by
8% on a ketogenic diet Yes, the study subjects
started burning more fat on the ketogenic diet, but they
were also eating so much more fat on the ketogenic diet that they
ended up retaining more fat in their body despite
the lower insulin levels. This is “diametrically opposite”
to what the keto crowd predicted, and this from the guy they
paid to support their theory. In science-speak, the
carbohydrate–insulin model “failed experimental interrogation.” In light of this “experimental
falsification” of the low-carb theory, the Nutrition Science Initiative
effectively collapsed…. but, based on their tax returns,
not before Taubes and his co-founder personally pocketed millions
of dollars in compensation.


  1. This is the 2nd in a 7-video series on keto diets. In case you missed the first one, check out Is Keto an Effective Cancer-Fighting Diet? ( and subscribe to the video feed to get them in your inbox ( -NF Team

  2. I eat carbs and my bmi 22. Its funny how people say that vegans are skinny but then they say carbs makes you fat and vegans eat a carbs

  3. Now I am sure you realize that the Atkins Diet and the Ketogenic diet are 2 different things. Whereas Atkins is protein based, Keto is Fat based. 30 days is really not a long term look nor a good test of the diet. Too many people who have been on keto for more than a year tell a completely different story. Please come with a long term experiment.

    It's a bit disappointing to see a respected guy like yourself show a misleading experiment based on "science".

  4. Share this to every piece of social media you have. Even though this is already public information, that effectiveness of the way Dr. Gregor explains this can be groundbreaking to the laymen. Sometimes effective communication is all that's needed

  5. If this is true, would not a DEXA scan show lack of fat loss? No improvement on the BMI? Poor blood work results? Could the results of a keto diet be based on body type? There is no one diet for everyone. I found these results interesting, but I feel too good, I look too much better, and spend so much less time eating without being hungry and no side effects I think I’m going to stay on the keto in spite of this report.

  6. All I can say is that on a calorie restricted diet, I was miserable and could not lose much weight. When I went low carb – WITHOUT GOING HUNGRY – I lost 60 lbs. Go figure.

  7. This is so dumb. Critique is all fine, but this is just blatantly dumb. A study where the participants are not keto adapted, where it takes approx 4 weeks which ofc will be waterweight.

    This shows how dumb Greger is. What a hack! The reason keto is not just kcal in kcal out, is because with carbs the body stores it while ketones can be wasted by peeling excess out and is less prone to store fat or lessen insulin resistance ( HOMA-IR ) which simply A1C does not show bcs of glucose sparing adaption among those adapted to using fat as a fuel source.

  8. Everybody has an agenda folks. I’m convinced the most lived and longest health span of humans have never eaten just plants or just meats. Stop it.

  9. Carbohydrates are the cornerstone for human dietary requirements.. people have to call them "carbs" to make them sound bad. Irks me to no end. 😒

  10. the thing that keto fans fail to grasp is that the short term stimulus or inhibition of fat storage is irrelevant. Long term fat storage/release is determined by energy balance. The only meaningful thing that insulin does affect is the uptake of energy by the muscles and brain, which affects energy balance positively.

  11. Who paid for this video, Kelloggs? Or was it vegans united? Just say Baaa Baaa and go along with what has been making us sick for decades and ear your "healthy grains"

  12. I kind of knew this, after following a low carb diet I lost almost all the fat around my waistline the problem is, I also lost my muscles, could tell us why is the Keto diet recommended for kids with autism?

  13. I was on the keto diet for 10 months we went on vacation and I went off of the diet for the past 2 months What I learned while I was on the keto diet is my health improved quickly to the point where I had to lower my meds in the first 2 month blood pressure medications and diabetic meds I lost 55lbs in the first 3months which was great but at the same time freaked me out so I maintained that weight for the next 3 months then I lost anothe 20lbs over the last 4 months also while on the keto diet my choleterol levels got normal and my triglycerides dropped from 290 down to 160 when I went on vacation in July and started to eat a high carb diet all my cholesterol levels went back to where they were the previous year before I started the keto diet plus my a1c levels went up from 4.3 to 5.0 A1C levels are a measure of sugar in the blood 5.0 is still a good number but my cholesterol and triglycerides went back to the unhealthy levels. So needless to say at the beginning of September I went back on the keto diet. I am doing the keto diet for health reasons as well as losing weight and I don't buy any of their products except nutrition yeast which I happen to like on my daily salad. You guys can bash this diet any way you like I tried all the other diets the diabetic diet the heart association diet the diets the doctors told to follow and none of these worked but I got healthy on the keto diet and that's all that matters to me.

  14. KETO DIET = A Health Disaster

    You may have heard of the trendy Keto Diet while searching for
    different ways to loose some weight. This diet consists of mostly fat and tells you to avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes and most fruit.

    All of these nutritionists, doctors and experts telling people to go Keto and avoid fruit is one of the biggest medical blunders of the 21st century. Why do you ask? Let’s find out.

    Most people starting off on a Keto Diet do loose some weight but it has nothing to do with eating a high fat diet. You have made the switch over from unhealthy processed foods to a more natural diet consisting of avocados, hemp seeds, coconut oil etc. The body will loose weight because you took away the pizza, ice cream, bagels etc.

    Contrary to popular belief, the brain runs on glycogen (stored glucose / natural sugar). It does not run on fat or protein. We do have omega oils in our brains but only in trace amounts. We can get these trace amounts of omega oils from berries alone. The brain is mostly glycogen storage made from squash, sweet potatoes, fruit, raw honey and vegetables. Our livers need a lot of natural sugar so the body can thrive. When your diet is too high in fat it keeps blood fat levels high and what this does is prevent your body from absorbing the sugar. The sugar in fruit is bound to critical phytochemicals and nutrients that you can’t get anywhere else. Eventually you start to feel run down, you go to the doctor and he discovers that you have many vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Guess what? These stem from a liver bogged down with too much fat, the sugar & nutrients simply can’t get in.

    We need oxygen to live. Our bloodstream is constantly delivering oxygen to our brain, heart and other important organs. Guess what happens when your diet is high fat? It makes the blood so thick that the oxygen can’t get delivered inside your body. This leads to rapid aging, thyroid problems, premature white hair, liver spots on hands and body, low energy, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, not feeling like yourself. Do not fear fresh fruit or potatoes. (Info from the book: Liver Rescue by Anthony William)

  15. It stands to reason that not only lean body mass is wasting away during a keto diet, but likely bone density is also being lost.  The only way a body can compensate for the acid loading that occurs on a Keto diet is to leach minerals from the bones to keep from entering ketoacidosis.

  16. Keto diet is not about more fat, it is about LESS or NO carbs. Anyways, lost 130lbs in 12 month on keto and IF. Before that tried everything, nothing helped. Don't really care about this video.

  17. This is a very interesting research. I've been on a vegetarian-KETO diet for 3 weeks now (I like trying things out then make my own opinion too) and planning to stay on it for 1 more month. The way I see it so far is that it can be great for short term weight-loss but not necessarily because of the supposedly more efficient fat burning. In my case I find that controlling hunger on a Keto diet is much easier than it is when eating carbs therefore I end up eating much less without feeling horrible. I do feel decreased physical performance when I workout which is something I dislike but since I'm only 3 weeks into it I'm just pushing through. I thought I might do it for longer than 7-8 weeks but after seeing this video I might just keep KETO as a tool for when I'm going on a cut and staying on a balanced plant-based nutrition when I'm not on a cut.

  18. So is h pro keto or not ? Because it's false that eating more fat causes you to retain it. Or that your muscles shrink because of keto. If your mules shrink, your not getting enough protein.

  19. There's a slight problem here. In the study "Energy expenditure and body composition changes after an isocaloric ketogenic diet in overweight and obese men." the study was supposed to be isocaloric (as the title says).

    However, in the study itself it says:

    "A major limitation of our study is the unintentional weight loss. Despite slight positive energy balance during the chamber days, the overall negative energy balance amounted to ∼300 kcal/d and was likely due to greater spontaneous physical activity on nonchamber days."

    These guys were in caloric deficit – that's probably why they lost lean mass. I think every bodybuilder will tell you that when you "cut", you have to increase your protein intake to avoid this muscle loss (probably by increasing IGF-1).

    The caloric deficit also explains why the fat loss slowed – their metabolic rate slowed down to match the caloric deficit.

    But eh, I'm no expert.

  20. Unfortunately the keto diet is the best diet I've been on.
    Vegan for 5 months and the results wasn't as good as 4 months of keto. 76kg down to 69kg on keto compared to 78kg to 76kg .

    76kg to 69kg and body fat from 19.5% down to 15.5% on keto.

    The biggest difference is that I don't feel as hungry and the cravings are minimal. As a cyclist I experienced power loss during the first 3 months of keto, about -20% of my FTP now is only down by 10% and my watts/kg is equivalent or better.
    My advice is to try it for yourself, it might work for you.

  21. Thank you, Dr. Gregor! I feel so much better adhering to your program! THANK YOU for the Daily Dozen, your books, research and VIDEOS! A Life Changing improvement!

  22. Thus far -75 lbs and still losing on keto and very low carb. I feel great, my numbers are better, and the scales reflect this. And this video will have you believe otherwise. Perhaps from this video, we'll never know exactly how many carbs were eaten, or the real conditions of the subjects. So much is left out. But you know, I MUST be an anomaly, absolutely, because I don't adhere to the SAD or eat the 5 servings of whole grain I'm supposed to be eating every day, defecating 3+ times a day, and in a constant state of hunger and anxiety. Yeah, I must be crazy to be doing what I'm doing. I should just shut up, resolve to getting fat again, eat a vegan diet – oh wait, screw that.

  23. The smug narrator voice is perfect for this type of incorrect information. When you stop eating carbohydrates, your kidneys stop holding water. This is the incredible initial effects of the ketogenic diet. Insulin is the fat storing hormone. It is only released from the pancreas when blood sugars rise. If you fast or eat fats and protein without carbs or sugar, then the opposing hormone, Human Growth Hormone is dominant. Plus, your testosterone levels significantly increase. This channel sucks!

  24. Ok, so I was sceptical about this video and just to see if I could 'trust' it I headed quickly over to the sources. Half of them were from 2002 (interesting) and I clicked on a more recent one, the one where Dr. Greger mentions that keto crossfiters lost muscle mass. Just reading this abstract you can already tell Dr. Greger just picks out what he wants from these studies, isolates it and uses it for his point.

    The end of the abstract states: 'While our n-sizes were limited [my add: control group n=5, keto dieters n=7 btw], these preliminary data suggest that adopting a ketogenic diet causes marked reductions in whole-body adiposity while not impacting performance measures in recreationally-trained CrossFit trainees. Whether decrements in dual-leg muscle mass and vastus lateralis thickness in KD participants were due to fluid shifts remain unresolved, and increased LDL-C in these individuals warrants further investigation.'

    So to summarize: Keto dieters lost weight, didn't have lower performance, no data on if actually lean body mass was lost or just fluid shifts, and some controversial blood markers shifted to warrant further investigation.
    But all Dr. Greger takes from this is "keto dieters are losing lean body mass from this diet".

    Tell me this is not wilfully deceiving by Dr. Greger. So much for your 'NutritionFacts'.

    I assume the rest of his points are equally cherry picked, isolated and overstated. If you want to be taken seriously you should never be caught obviously deceiving like this. And this was literally the first thing I picked out to look further into and right away found this discrepancy. Honest mistakes are one thing, but it is obvious this guy presents all this stuff only to fit what he wants to be true. I'll stick to thinking for myself.

  25. I do not care much for "studies" which are often funded by some interests or other. To me, the proof is in real life. Thousands of years of nearly all carnivore eating and particularly animal fat for energy have allowed Inuits to thrive in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth: the great north. Now that carbs (grains, sugar) have been introduced to "balance" their diet, there is a high prevalence of diabetes among them.

  26. This study is blatantly fallacious. And in the abstract they misinform you by giving you results that are the exact opposite of what they found. A 4 week study? Seriously. Lol.

  27. Ugh what a snide tone of voice… Says it all. If your information is true and correct you don't require the bitchy voice. But alas… Keto and AIP have helped me turn my health and fitness around, without buying into any supplements of any YouTube doctor, without spending a dime on keto products, cause I'm from India! All this simply from learning to eat clean and avoid the foods that trigger my Autoimmune conditions, caused by a largely vegetarian, carb based diet. Ask me which foods I can't eat now without triggering inflammation? Gluten/ all grains, lentils, legumes, soy, corn, all sugars, peanuts, nightshade vegetables, vegetable oils… and all of these are standard, whole, non-keto foods. And my health issues were from way before starting Keto and have resolved after keto. Sugar down from near pre-diabetic levels to normal, cholesterol, haemoglobin (for the first time in my life), lipids all normal, BP always normal, kidney and liver function tests all normal. Please don't believe things said in snide tones, for some personal profit, check them out for yourself. Carbs are unhealthy and just as I was told for years that wheat is healthy but it was killing me, I've realised it's the same with all carbs. Carbs are a dirty source of fuel for the human body.

  28. I disagree with this opinion and i think the are many confunding variables. Like for example the time that it takes to switch your body from glucose energy to fat burning energy plays a huge role in the acuracy of the findings and the rechearch results. The quality of the diet is important aswell, which is not mentioned in this video only the amout of calories which is not an acurate way of getting reliable results.( I have not read this study yet)
    The key to lose wheight is to lower insulin and the keto diet(especialy when paired with intermitent fasting)is the most efecctive way to tur your body to fat burning energy due to the fact of low carb consumpion.
    There are many amazing examples of the sucess of these life styles and many studies, people suport it for a reason because it works.
    Im not saying carbs are bad, i like carbs and think they have a good role in our diets, fruits like avocado and vegetables like sweet potato are amazing in any diet, the ocasional oatmeal is also nice.
    Stay healthy!

  29. Dr. Greger, I have been a huge fan from way back when being vegan was a bad word. Didi you know that you lose mass in the muscles because glycogen and water swell the muscle normally. When you cut the carbs, sugar, etc.. the body drops the excess water and the body uses the glycogen in your muscles for energy. ANY bodybuilder can tell you this from personal experience.

    Sorry this is long BUT I can't not tell my story in the hopes it will help someone and hopefully help others to think logically not emotionally. Epidemiological studies are not accurate!! Just watch a show called secret eaters and you will see that NOONE tells the truth about what they eat. It's all skewed by bias of the individual person. Most people will put down their ideal diet with a splash of their real in there. That's not science!! I feel so betrayed. I was a devout vegan for years and years. All my children were vegan with me. Only one remains vegan for animal reasons, but he is pale, has almost no muscle mass He was a healthy body building teenager before. All of us got really sick after 3 years.
    My son who was born while I was vegan and I running daily before I got pregnant was born mildly mildly autistic and non verbal. Plus I developed a blood clot in my ram towards the end and it became a pulmonary embolism when he was born. WTF!! That was NOT supposed to happen I was a strict whole food vegan. STRICT. NO DAIRY NOTHING. I ate nutritional yeast everyday too. Sprinkled it on everything. MY hair was falling out and my leg hair hadn't grown in years, even pregnant.
    I lost almost ALL of my muscle mass on the vegan diet. Being vegan I have lost 4 molars.

    I know I'm going to get super angry comments but I can't deny what I see with my own eyes and others are seeing it too. I ADORE ALL ANIMALS. BUT we are animals too. My mind has been blown. I watched my mother struggle with being 400 lbs her whole life and dying of brain cancer in her early 60s. She was a microbiologist so I am not ignorant. I am a scientist at heart and the evidence is still comin in. I stopped the fruit and ANY sugars. NO carbs. MY teeth stopped crumbling and my gums stopped bleeding. OMG veganism made me age so quickly too. I didn't have any wrinkles before but now I am scrambling to get rid of them. In 5 years I aged 10. I developed insulin resistance and always had a bloated belly.
    I accidently found Sally K. Norton & Weston Price. I listened and then I looked it up. It all seemed to pan out okay. So, I started keto and eventually easily transitioned myself to zero carb after a year. So then, I took my autistic son off of the vegan diet and put him on the zero carb. He is making leaps and bounds in understand, interaction etc… since a little after the switch. He has even begun to babble. Mind freakin BLOWN. Only been 2 months!!
    On this zero carb my hair and nails have started growing again!!!!! I can't believe it. I have to shave my legs again hahaha. AND it's not so dry and breakable. My muscles started to regrow all by themselves. I am not lifting weights, but I am using a mini trampoline when I watch tv or youtube. Just easy jumping nothing jarring , maybe 10 squats a day. It's all in front of a seasonal light therapy. I cant sit for long at all because the vegan thing crashed my arterial system and I developed varicose veins and massive swelling in my ankles and calves. I also developed a bone spur on the heel off my right foot. Ode to joy 🙂 SO I am not running or anything, I can't. Somebody needs to look into the light therapy thing. It turns my fat soft and squishy when I am in front of it, AND I AM losing my belly, thigh fat, cellulite, fat ass, and bat arms day by day. I can actually see it and feel it physically daily. I am in shock and blown away by all of this. It still blows my mind and goes against EVERYTHING I was ever taught about food and nutrition. MY memory and cognitive understanding has begun to improve. I had a horrible horrible memory for so long, I got tested for Alzheimer's and MS. No lesions. No visible abnormalities or defects in the brain.
    oh..oh.. OXALATES!!!! Oxalates and calcium hhhmmmmm…. When I was in early labor with my oldest son way way back in 97 they gave my a medicine to pull the calcium out of my muscles and omg it was painful. SOooo…. calcium works on muscles in contraction and relaxation right? I went zero carb and the muscle rolls I had in my neck since I was 23 released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is super technical and sciency stuff. The short of it was I stopped the oxalates and my muscles relaxed. I am officially totally RECOVERING FROM FIBROMYALGIA. You will not understand unless you have ever suffered from fibromyalgia, how incredible those words are. Fibromyalgia steals your hope and future. I don't know if it will come back if I reintroduce the oxalates but honestly I lived in pain for so long and we all honestly thought I was dying by 32. My muscles never grew and the constant ache and pain everywhere was stealing my life completely and took no prisoners except me. Now I can fathom a future!! That was not possible before. I am hoping to live to be in my 90s, before it was not even a possibility.

    ALL animals on this planet have a natural diet, and that includes humans. We are animals too. It has been proven time and time again by just about everyone. Ask anyone if you give an animal their natural healthy diet they will be healthy and free of disease. Why on G-d's green earth would everyone think we are any different? Keep It Simple Stupid always seems to end up working the best. Pesticides, fertilizers, gmo plants etc… That's not natural or healthy. We are poisoning ourselves with every bite. Even organic isn't safe because the pesticides and fertilizers are suspicious and not natural. Not all the time but how can you know? A pasture raised animal is not the same as a factory farm animal. Think about what you have to do to an acre of vegetable farming land compared to pasturing an animal. The pesticides, fertilizers, machines, gasoline, tilling, and the acres and acres of land clearing, all those trees and flora. Not to mention how many animals you have now made homeless, not even including the migrating ones!! Then you have to defend your veggies from every animal. SO now you have that procedure to do. Some shoot, trap, or poison. LOOK IT UP. LOGIC. Connect The Dots. If we have to eat them, then it is our responsibility to give them the very best, stress free life possible. Look up the water experiment and emotions and how it affects the water. It's a thinker. If you don't want to keep animals then return to hunting, gathering, but please we must save our home. We share this planet with ALL the animals, bugs, bacteria, viruses, etc.. If you went vegan for the animals you absolutely have to face that fact and reality. Time and time again we find out that human interventions seem to cause more harm then good in the long run. We have antibiotics but at what price? Look up the microbiome and then think about what pesticides are supposed to do to bugs. Our belly bugs have the same pathways!! Think. Connect the Dots. Make FULLY informed decisions, especially when they can negatively affect the world and people around you. Here's another one. I watched a documentary and the guy got hooked up to a machine that would look at his brain when he ate broccoli and then yogurt. The yogurt, his brain lit up and said YES. The broccoli, his brain lit up and said Stop. Now it makes sense to me with the oxalates and lectins. That puzzled me for a long time. The cow's brain doesn't say Stop when it goes to eat grass, it says Yes. The cow's brain says Stop when it eats meat though. The logical conclusion is that our brain knows what's good for us for our millions of years of evolution. We have only been farming for around 10,000 years. We had bigger brains during the freakin ice age. We started farming when it got warmer and our brains have shrunk over 10% since then. OMG That's a HUGE amount!!

    I am sorry for ranting for so long I just can't keep silent anymore. People are dying and lives are being ruined, on both the vegan and the SAD diet. I hope I remembered everything and hit all the important points.
    Listen to your bodies. Be your own best friend. No one can love you quite like you can 🙂 I didn't listen for years to my body and in return she didn't listen to me. I do now and so does she 🙂

  30. even a toxic diet of vegetable oil is a "keto" diet. keto doesn't describe what IS being eaten, it only describes what ISN'T being eaten. very misleading video

  31. Keto is such a repulsive, selfish diet especially in this day and age with the climate crisis. Plus the poor animals of course.

  32. Y'ALL FULL OF IT. PYRAMID DIET SUCKED, LOW FAT DIET SUCKED,. ANYTHING PUT OUT BY THE STUPID GOVT. , DO THE OPPOSITE!!! EVERYONE HAS THE ANSWER. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 Weight Watchers gain most weight back as most on or her diets. It's ALL a bunch of bull. It is a fact that carbs RAISE insulin levels. My doctors told me to eat whole grains, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc. IM DIABETIC and my sugar went sky high on those foods. So much for doctors advice. They know DIDDLY about nutrition. Early man didn't have grains or sugar. Gee how did they ever survive?????????

  33. Fake news! BS! Try it – it works ! It takes a month to adjust. I’m loosing weight an blood sugars are normal. I WAS pre-diabetic. No longer.

  34. I am an Indian, following a vegetarian diet. Growing up we eat meat once in two weeks (Goat/chicken) or maximum once a week depending on the season. The diet is mostly full of healthy spices, lentils, beans, fruits and vegetables. My extended family also eat the same way. Half my family/extended members have diabetes, high cholesterol, heart conditions and stroke.

    So does my neighboring families who are full vegetarians! Here is the kicker, none of them are obesse.

    Indians in general have high case of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and lot of them don't eat meat regularly. 70 percentage are vegetarians! Interestingly, South Indians have more of these than North Indians. What's the major difference? North Indians are mostly eat wheat based diet and South Indians eat rice.

    If you go one generation earlier these diseases drops super dramatically. What was the biggest difference? The older generation ate whole carbs mostly from millets and other grains not just white rice and wheat. They also ate less of it. White rice was a rich man"s diet 100 years ago.

    These are not some agenda driven controlled laboratory studies but a large scale phenomenon affecting millions. Most ppl who have these conditions are not obese!! Just google south Indians and diabetes.

    Carbs definitely kills. It depends on where you are getting it from, how you are getting it from and how much your intake is.

    I think keto is bad for various reasons, for one, no culture ate like that in the entire history of human beings. Paleo cultures ate whatever they could find, it's a myth they ate high fat diet and lived longer.
    In contrast, lacto vegetarian practice has been in Vogue in India for over 2500 years with so many living long life before the start of the industrial revolution. Having said that, your condecending tone is unbearable for me. It seems like you get triggered by keto! Hate is not a good diet. I am a recent subscriber, I may have to unsubscribe if this continues.

  35. Cognative bias cherry picking fruit monkey Greg let me help you, stop mixing your fats and carbs, this includes plant based fats with carbs as I have seen you mixing avacardo and high fructose fruits which is car crash nutrition and indicates that you are truly a novice in the field of human nutrition.
    You are an extremist with an eating disorder, anyway keep on keeping on with your B12 injections and oral suppliments.
    Nutrition is a vastly more complex field than you seem to know. Self experimentation is key to the individual who wishes to gain insights and lasting results. I

  36. I lost 45lbs going Keto with intermittent fasting. I feel much better and it's clear that my body does take carbs / sugar and store as fat extremely well. But when I eat fat and restrict carbs, my health improved, I got stronger and there's been dramatic decrease in my triglycerides…first time in many years. Blood pressure 112/ 80, cholesterol is normal. When I was doing a strong veg and juicing diet, I didn't get these results. It's possible that each of us, with our different genetic makeups, has our own way to be successful.

  37. Wouldn’t a Keto diet keep you in a constant state of inflammation due to the low amount of fruits and vegetables on it. Low antioxidant diet

  38. For all those on here talking shit about the keto diet…keep shoving your fat mouths with sugar and refined grains, lets see where you end up in a few years

  39. Look up dr Greger on Media Bias/Fact Check for yourself, he should disclose his affiliation….Plus, what's with the plant based diet people going against keto all of a sudden, I'm seeing a concerted effort to discredit the ketogenic diet , by cherry picking research…….hmmmm, where o where was this tactic used before………

  40. I don’t care about fat loss!! I care about health! This stupid video elevates fat loss as the end all and be all, whereas health should be! So what’s the irresponsible stupid message here? It’s ok to stuff yourself with pastries, chips, and sugar? THAT is what is killing this country! Seems like this youtuber is addicted to carbs and wanting to justify stuffing himself that way. What about constantly spiking insulin?! What are the aging effects of that! Diabetes, cancer, etc.

  41. Yea but you never mentioned any Ketones and how the body transitions over from burning sugar to fat. Im not saying its still a lock but damn id like to know how the body transitions over from burning one source to another. The studied never mentioned the ketones which is the entire point of transitioning your body! The other thing is many ppl do dirty Keto and you never mentioned what kind of nutrition is being consumed. Personally i eat GREENS and protein and LIMIT my fat. I dont go hog wild, you cant be slathering butter on everything. Having done that ive gone from 24% body fat to 18% and i look and feel fantastic. My body parts are all bigger cause i work out too so PERSONALLY i dont agree w/ the research which i hate. Im one to go to science all the time. I still think the studies quoted are missing key information. You know as well as anyone you can tailor these studies.

  42. Why is it so difficult to understand that some people feel more satiated on low carb high fat, others on low fat high carb and others on something in between?The best diet is the one that makes your feel best and the one you can maintain long term. Period.

  43. I went from 285 to 176 on keto did I only lose water weight? 🤔 Dr Gregor I enjoy your videos cause most of us who do Healthy keto, eat tons of non starchy veggies! I would love to see you debate Dr Ken Berry on this subject or Dr Jason Fung! The reason keto works in my opinion is because it suppress your appetite & you can Intermittently fast for long hours which has no choice. To eat your body Fat for energy! I do enjoy & admire your beliefs Dr Gregor!👍

  44. One of the main reasons people do keto is to do i.f.
    First example if you eat 1 meal a day of nutrient dense food like steak, eggs, liver, bacon….its easier to fast 23hrs….

  45. Thanks for your compassion to inform people for their health. I found this video of a colleague who has attended your seminar, with much appreciation afterwards, interesting where he favors both vegan and keto that I feel would pique peoples' interest>> and also God bless 🙂 Secondary note: Is it true that, in the study that is cited above, that the keto eaters were given a high-carb meal once-weekly during the four week trial? I'm curious if they will do a longer study that is purely ketogenic so we all can learn more on the longterm effects,etc. Learning much and thank you for your compassion for your fellow man to live healthily 👍🙏<3🙂

  46. What was the level of excercise that accompanied the Kd, and what was the period allowed to adapt to the diet. . .? Fat adaption can take up to three years, basic adaptation three weeks to three months. . .

  47. They used fat as the bulk of calories. But if you elevate protein, it is highly likely that the subjects would become leaner. Protein leveraging is a well established characteristic of mice and other laboratory animals or insects. To be specific, every animal or insect has the same behavior which is to be more satisfied with higher protein. Other terms used for the phenomenon is protein compensatory feeding which results in higher carbohydrate mice wanting to eat more to get the same amount of protein. Bottom line is that the study should have included a higher protein group. However, the mice studies show very reduced longevity, accelerated aging, health problems.

  48. Keto is just an extreme fad diet that will do a lot of damage but hopefully won’t last, it will leave you depleted in magnesium ,potassium , fibers , photo nutrients. It will acidify your body and significantly shorten your life .

  49. I see all this people starting a keto diet and failing within 6 months. After the first couple of kg (water) it becomes difficult to loose weight and they stop. And still they look at me as if I'm a freak for being vegan🙄

  50. Yeah, keep eating your donuts and drinking your soda, everything's going to be fine… there are many types of pills waiting for you.

  51. I don’t care if you are right or not. All I care about is for the first time in 60 years I’m not addicted to food. Food no longer controls me. Go Keto! 👍😊👍

  52. 4 weeks study on Keto is trash. Anyone who knows about keto that it takes a while to get fully fat adapted. However, the point of the ketogenic diet is not that it possesses magical powers. At the end of the day if you overeat on any diet then you'll gain weight. The reason why so many people benefit from Keto is due to the high satiety and steady energy levels which makes a caloric deficit a lot easier to sustain for a lot of people . It's about satiety not some magical thermo effect. The keto diet has worked and keeps working for many people and so does a plant based diet. It's about what your body prefers. Don't be a brainless zealot.

  53. So this isn’t biased at all? Yes we know how these Charleston’s operate and people fall for it because that need to.

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