KETO DIET Does low carb and intermittent fasting really work for weight loss?

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Hey everybody, it’s Chris Gibson and today
we are going to talk about weight loss, fad
diets, or one of them in particular, I’m going
to be covering several of these over the next
several episodes, but today we’re going to
talk about what I call Keto Crazy, and that’s
the Keto diet, which is basically a diet that
is designed to have your body to switch over
from burning carbs and sugars as energy and
not your fat cells, or the fat that you have
put away in storage, to burning that fat.
So the questions come up, what is it? how
does it work? is it healthy?
I’m going to give you a link in the video
description box to an article that’s going
to explain in detail how the diet works and
if you’re going to follow this type of diet
it has really good instructions on what to
expect and what you can do to lose weight
using the Keto diet.
But basically from my perspective, from a
health and wellness perspective, it is a diet
that works, I will tell you that.
If you follow it, you will lose weight, you
will burn fat.
I have done similar diets to it in the past,
never for a long term, sort of to boost my
weight loss, especially when I go back into
weight training or any kind of workouts that
I’m going to be doing on a regular basis,
I do tend to lower my carb and sugar intake,
almost to nothing for several days.
The trick to this diet is for some people
in a few days they begin to notice a difference,
some people it takes longer.
And because it “messes with” or changes the
blood profile for a lot of people and it has
impact on the liver, it is something that
you really need to think about before you
try to use it.
I’m a big idea person about balance, about
long term decisions, about long term changes,
equal long term affects.
A lot of fad diets, people go on them for
a while, they get maybe close to where they
want to be or maybe they get where they want
to be and then they are right back there were
they were with the same old habits.
So one of the key things I’m going to be talking
about, as we move forward is how to change
habits, and make them life long changes that
don’t feel like you are imprisoned or giving
anything up.
There are ways to do that.
But basically how the diet works is you remove
sugar and carbs down to less than 2 grams
which is you know, not a lot of carbs.
Some people say 25 grams, but basically you
can have no more carbohydrates than in 3 slices
of bread, or a half a cup of yogurt, something
like that.
Sugar free even.
So you are removing all of that, and all you’re
taking are proteins and fats, and it’s very
high amounts of fats.
So what does the body do with that?
Well at first the body has a little bit of
a … they call it Keto flu believe it or
The body has a little bit of an adjustment
phase to go from burning sugar and carbohydrates,
which it makes you crave over to burning proteins
and fats.
And so, after a few days, and we’ll use this
in a general sense because it’s different
for everyone, and there are test kits that
you can purchase and tell when you are in
ketosis, which is when you are actually switched
over from burning sugar and carbohydrates
to fats.
But basically when it makes the switch over,
then your fat cells begin to supply the energy
for your brain and your metabolic system.So
you’re now burning fat, you’re burning the
fat that you are eating, but you’re also burning
fat that you’ve stored.
So rapid weight loss does happen with a lot
of people with this especially at first.
Now believe it or not, the rapid weight loss
that people experience in the first several
days of the Keto diet have more to do with
the expellation of the carbohydrates through
Basically what your body is doing is it’s
depleting your carbohydrates, your blood sugar
is coming down, you’re producing more insulin
and you are actually expelling more water,
so even fat when fat is burned, the fat cell
is burned and destroyed and used up it leaves
your body as water.
So a lot of water weight goes out the first
three to five days, so people see you know,
2, 3, 4, 5 pounds weight loss in a week, and
that’s a lot of weight loss.
Then it sort of tapers off.
The trick to this diet is that you have to
be very very strict because the minute you
reintroduce sugars, carbohydrates, anything
like that, fruits, any of those things that
turn into carbohydrates, the body switches
So the tough part about the diet is to sustaining
the discipline of the diet, which is again
going to be in that link that I provide you
in the video description box to make that
Now is it dangerous?
Yes and no.
They have used this diet on children who have
seizures, epileptic seizures, quite successfully
and it’s made quite a difference in them.
They have used this diet with people who have
Type 2 Diabetes which has helped control their
blood sugar problems.
Again those situations are where a persons
body is already having a problem and we are
doing something to kind of change the chemistry
and change the working order of what the body
is doing in order to give it an affect.
This is for weight loss, so you have to be
very very careful.
If you take it too long and you take it too
far it can make you sick.
You can get ketoacidosis which is a problem
where your body has produced so much of the
ketones from the Keto diet that you are on,
that it could no longer switch back to the
carbohydrates very well.
So you have blood sugar spikes, People can
have liver problems.
There have been some deaths attributed to
this but I think that is in the most severe
So what you have to do is weigh what your
goals are.
If your goal is to jump start your weight
loss, and it is to try to redefine your diet,
then taking all of those things out like sugars
and even some of the dairy products, you know
and taking out… this isn’t Atkins, I’m going
to go over the Atkins diet, it is a little
different, it allows more carbohydrates, but
in the Keto diet, it’s very high fat, high
So the thing you have to mind is if you’re,
again, trying to jump start things and you’re
going to do this for a week to two weeks to
kind of jump start your weight loss, it’s
great, there’s nothing wrong with it as long
as you don’t feel anything going on that’s
Now I will say you need to check with your
medical professional, whether it’s your doctor,
you’re whoever you are using, to make sure
it’s ok for you to go on a diet in the first
place because everyone’s health is in a different
So what I’m telling you is, does the diet
Is it effective?
Is it dangerous?
In some cases, so you’ll want to go see your
doctor to make sure it’s ok, that they know
what you are doing and can monitor you for
the changes that are going to be coming to
your blood profile and your liver, they want
to keep up with that.
So it is an option, it’s not one I would choose,
but it is an option for you.
As we move forward, I’m going to be talking
about other options that I think are better,
but a lot of people I know, a lot of my friends
are on this diet and it’s been effective for
them, and they haven’t had any problems so
I have to give it kind of a B, B+ for effectiveness
and safety.
So if you have not subscribed to the channel
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And the biggest thing for me is comments,
likes, asking me questions, if you don’t find
all the information you need in the link that
I provide in the description box below, ask
me a question, I usually get back to them
withing a couple of days, usually one day,
but at least a couple of days so questions
are very very important.
I want to help you make the best choices and
decisions for yourself.
That’s my goal.
That’s a goal of this channel.
So, you know, take the time, go through the
videos, they will be organized by subject
matter and take what you can from it, learn
what you can from me, and make your life better
for yourself, I mean that’s the goal, right?
You are obviously watching this because you
want to lose weight or you want to feel better
about the choices you are making in your diet,
and in your you know your health routines,
so this is a great place to start.
I look forward to giving you more in put and
more videos as we move along on these subjects
so thank you for watching today and again,
let me know how’s it going for you and I will

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