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Welcome to Rworld. I am Rekha Rani today october 16 2019 World food day a day of action against hunger This is the day when people from all over the world come together to pledge allegiance to the hunger of our lives. Let us partake of it on this special day i am presenting to you a healthy dish made of Broccoli everyone should try this for the kids you can include it in the breakfast atleast twice a week please give your valuble comments & suggestions Please subscribe my channel Let’s see how we can make the healthy dish out of broccoli Scrambled egg with Broccoli Ingredients needed for this dish Broccoli – 1 small portion shallots- 6 no’s Egg – 1 no Butter – As needed Black pepper powder – As needed Salt – to taste Let’s try to make this healthy dish 1st wash and clean the brocooli cut the florets broccoli contains Vitamin C, K & folic acid potassium & fibre less in Calorie 1 cup Broccoli, gives Vitamin C equal to 1 orange remove the thick stems and cut in to slices and steam it I have taken idli steamer and boiled the water after i have placed the broccoli in the steam plate after boiling the water broccoli can be steamed for 5 – 6 minutes This is to avoid losing the broccoli vitamin do no steam it for a long time Chop the shallots heat the frying pan in low flame add butter in it, always make sure the flame is in low almost of the butter contains fat this fat is not harmful it is necessary for the kids health also contains Vitamin A, D, E, K Manganese, Chromium, Iodine Zinc, Copper, selenium add the chopped shallots and saute it and add the steamed broccoli do not over cook as it is already steamed break the egg and add in it Egg contains more protein 50% of the egg protein present in the egg white Vitamin B2 ,B12, B6, D also contains minerals such as Zinc, Iron, copper because of this contents egg is very important for the kids growth add a pinch of salt & pepper and saute together we can serve in a plate a Healthy dish made of Broccoli & egg is ready


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  2. Very nice recipe my friend ❤️ ❤️. Yummy and healthy. Best wishes for u. Stay safe and stay connected. Thanks ☺️

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