Keto blondies

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Hey, what’s up guys? Okay. So today we are making low-carb
Blondie’s they are delicious. They are low carb and they are keto. so
Okay, so before begin
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All the ingredients that you’re going to need
And materials, okay, so you are going to add five tablespoons of melted butter into your bowl
Two eggs
And low carb brown sugar you will need
3/4 of your low-carb brown sugar
Pour it on to your bowl
Once everything is added you will beat until everything is very well. Combined. You don’t have to new the beater
I’m using a fork because it works the same. I’m
sure, everything is
Ok, so
Next we are going to add
1 tablespoon of the
heavy whipping cream I
Would do it over the bowl just in case
Okay, now we are going to need
1 teaspoon of vanilla
And don’t worry about spilling a little extra it’s not going to hurt Plus a little bit of extra vanilla
Hmm not it’s gonna be amazing, but whatever
Same okay
Okay, so you need a
1/4 and one tablespoon of your organic coconut flour, so I’m going to start with the 1 teaspoon
tablespoon this yeah tablespoon
Okay, next we are going to add our souls yeah, I know that sounds really weird but
Whatever you need 1/4 teaspoon, oh wait
Yeah 1/4 teaspoon
So 1/4 teaspoon
Now we’re on to baking powder you
3/4 teaspoon of baking powder
I’m just gonna use my 1/4 3 times 1
Now we’re going to put in this
nobody can pronounce this and I’m not even going to attempt it you’re
going to need
Just get my thing
There we go BAM
Look at And
Beat on high until the batter is mixed together again. I’m just gonna use my fork and I’m just gonna really fast
cuz that works just
Okay, the last ingredients is our
We need some unsweetened coconut
You need 1/2 a cup
okay, so
It calls for a half a cup of walnuts, but we like pecan so we’re gonna do 1/2 cup upon
We’re gonna do half a cup of oil ease chocolate chips, they’re healthy
BAM and then stir
we’re going to put it in to an 8×8 or
Whatever size is greased pan. I’ve already sprayed it with
coconut cooking oil you’re gonna put all this stuff in and
Cook for 18 minutes at 350 degrees and then
once it’s mashed and
Even looking on your pan. You can go ahead and put in the oven
So you put a little bit of homemade caramel whipped cream on top if you’d like to know how in my
Quito pumpkin pie video I show you how to make it all we did was add some caramel to it
It’s amazing. You will love it. Okay?
See you next time. Bye


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