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Hey guys what’s up so food rich in potassium
helps you maintain a good blood pressure
at the same time it helps you reduce
water retention which means that avocado
is one of the great food but i’m sure that
you must be thinking about banana and that’s
very famous for having post-workout or
pre-workout to have the potassium intake
that it has in that but at the same
time Avocado has more potassium then
welcome to BodyProCoach that’s Praveen and I’m Maahek here and today we’re
gonna be doing an avocados guacamole
let’s see how we go about it
so we take a serving big bowl in that I’m
gonna take that’s I’ve taken two ripe
Avocados so I’m gonna cut them from
the center open the avocado so Avocado is
known as super food and it’s very high in
few of the below vitamins
vitamin K, vitamin C
potassium, vitamin b5, b6 and vitamin E so
so it makes it a very very special fruit
to that i’m gonna add that’s one small cup of onions
one small cup of tomatoes
lime juice
one whole lime
option you can also add sesame seeds
you can add coriander
leaves whatever you like, you could add mint
so our Guacamole is ready
i’m gonna add some rock salt
it’s ready to be served
so guys the Guacamole is ready so I
would request all you guys to please try
the recipe and leave the comments below
how it is being done we have it mostly
every day in our lunch as well as dinner
dinner it’s one of our favorite I think
staying lean is difficult but a same time if
you have a correct food and a correct portion
you always get to stay lean to the
interior and this is one good good
source of fats that we always rely on that’s
avocado and the recipe is here so you guys
wanna use it and stay fit and stay lean
you stay tuned


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