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Kalki Koechlin for ‘Feminism’
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We need a celebrity
for a social cause to get attention
And now thanks to this book
we finally have
Kareena Kapoor
for Body Shaming
Kareena Kapoor has always maintained
And if you think that atleast someone
that beautiful
can never be body shamed
Think Again
In her personal note, she mentioned
‘When someone recently commented on
a picture of mine
post a yoga class
and said I looked fat
I realized how insensitive
people can be, even if
a woman has just delivered’
Let’s accept it
Body shaming is a problem
But there is one thing that I’ve learnt from Kareena Kapoor
So, I don’t think Rujuta and Kareena really care
about what the society has to say
I think the reason why they wrote this book
is to let you know
that the most important person in your life is
I am going to divide my review
of this book into 2 parts
One, things I really loved about this book
and two, things that could’ve been better
Now, there are 3 things that I really loved about this book
I am sure you know atleast one ‘fitness freak’
who has asked you to have
boring things like
Low-Fat Milk
or Sugar-Free Chai
or Air-Fried Chicken Breast
and then you have this lady
who tells you that pregnant or not
if you want to lose weight
have Tadkey wali Daal
Ghee wali Roti
and Dahi Rice with Achaar
and don’t worry
in the book
she justifies why
So, diet-wise Rujuta sets
a lot of things straight
Number 2
In this book
Rujuta divides pregnancy into
3 Trimesters
And for each trimester
she shares
that serve best
both for the mother and the baby
Number 3
Now, how to lose weight after pregnancy?
Rujuta in Chapter 4
for losing weight, gives a lot
of importance to
Strength Training
Now, a lot of us women worry
that if we do weights
we will either bulk up
or start looking like a man
But ladies, don’t worry
Weights do not bulk us up
Infact, we have made a video
and interviewed 2 wonderful women
one of whom is a mother
and both of them
endorse strength training
for keeping fit
and for losing weight
Now coming to things that could’ve been better
Rujuta obviously loves home cooked food
and she says that we should eat food within
3 hours of that being cooked
without re-heating anything
and we all know how impractical that is
as an advice in today’s age
I wish she would’ve shared some healthy dishes
that could be made and stored for later use
or some healthy dishes
that could be quickly whipped up
right before leaving for work
Having said that I still agree with
most of the things that are mentioned in this book
because Rujuta says the same things
that have been already told to us
by our mothers
And if you are planning on getting pregnant and
want to read a book about
morning sickness
swollen feet
itchy nipples
itchy navel
and what you can do about it
then this is the book to go to
So, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the last change
of our ’18-Week Fat Loss Series’
Learn to take care of yourself first
whether you are pregnant or not
a man or a woman
young or old
take care of yourself first
because if you are happy
you will keep the people around you happy
and in the end, that’s all that matters!


  1. I am a new subscriber…thank you so much ❤ you taught me eating white rice which i was waiting to hear…as oats consuming cause severe gas ! Thank you for all

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    Keep uploading informative videos like this.😚

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  4. Hi dear . Nice video and good information . Can you make some videos of strength training which we can do at home with dumbbell

  5. Its really awesomebook..i followed during my 2nd pregnancy got result..
    And being an m.sc in nutrition i know tht ur body hormones stores future food, immunities, nutrients etc during ur pregnancy..gluteous tissues are main storage area of a woman..even baby haves the 1st colostrum milk aft delivery,is synthesyzed before 3months in ductyle system by your body😯..so we are special😇..cheap people,with flat stomach have fat in their brain..😋😀
    Aur sach kaho to duniya in hi logo se chalti hai..educated but paralysed in brain..😏😤

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