John Cena Complete Workout and Diet Plan

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Hello Friends, today we will talk about John
Cena Workout Routine & Diet Plan.
John Cena the 10 times WWE champion and 2
time World heavyweight champion who got his
first weightlifting bench as a Christmas present
when he was only 12 years old.
His height is 6’1” and now weighs 240
He made his debut in 2001 and since then has
held 19 titles.
He started with body building but now he has
shifted his focus more on gaining pure strength.
His workout routine will be helping you to
build muscle mass and volume and this will
be really helpful for athletes who are opting
out of the competition this season.
Physical Stats.
John Cena Height: 6’
John Cena Weight: 250 lbs.
John Cena workout routine starts with a special
diet plan that he follows apart from all the
other exercises that he does.
So his muscle building eating plan is as follows

John Cena Diet Plan.
John Cena’s diet plan has 7 meals in a day.
 MEAL 1 – 2 whole eggs, 6 egg whites
and oatmeal with applesauce and raisins.
 MEAL 2 – Protein Bar.
 MEAL 3 – 2 chicken breasts along with
brown rice and vegetables.
 MEAL 4 – Tuna with whole wheat pita
 MEAL 5 – Whey protein shake and banana.
 MEAL 6 – Pasta or brown rice along with
vegetables, salad with chicken or fish.
 MEAL 7 – Casein protein shake along
with low fat cottage cheese.
John Cena Workout Routine.
He has five days workout regime and each day
is dedicated to each part of the body.
The detailed John Cena’s workout routine
is given below-
DAY 1 – Legs and Calves.
For Calves –
10 sets of Seated calf raise 10-20 reps.
4 Sets of Standing Bodyweight Calf Raise of
25 reps.
For Legs.
4 Sets of Standing Single Leg Curl of 20-25
5 Sets of Leg Press of 20 reps.
4 Sets of Leg Extension of 15 reps.
4 Sets of Squat of 10 reps.
DAY 2 – Chest.
3-4 sets if Incline Machine Press 20 reps.
3-4 sets Incline Bench Press 20 reps.
3-4 sets of Pec Dec of 15 reps.
3-4 sets of Cable Crossovers of 15 reps.
3 sets of Bench Press of 10 reps.
DAY 3 – Arms.
5 sets of Preacher Curl of 12 reps.
3 sets of Standing Burbell Curl of 10-12 reps.
3 sets of Seated Dumbbell Curl of 10-12 reps.
3 sets of Standing Cable Curl of 12 reps.
3 sets of Rope Press down of 20 rep goal.
3 sets of Single Arm Cable Press down of 10
rep goal.
6 sets of Lying Triceps Extension up to failure.
3 sets of Overhead EZ Bar Extension of 20
rep goal.
3 sets of Seated Barbell Triceps Extension
of 20 rep goal.
4 sets of Triceps Dip up to failure.
DAY 4 – Shoulders.
5 sets of Rear Delt Machine Flyes of 20 reps.
5 sets of Machine Overhead Press of 20 reps.
5 sets of Machine Lateral Raise of 20 reps.
3 sets of Seated Overhead Press of 10 reps.
3 sets of Dumbbell Lateral Raise of 12 reps.
3 sets of Military Press of 10 reps.
DAY 5 – Back.
5 sets of Lat Pull Down of 20 reps.
5 sets of Barbell Row of 12 – 20 reps.
5 sets of One Arm Dumbbell Row of 12-20 reps.
4 sets of Deadlift of 8-15 reps.
4 sets of High Pulls of 20 reps.
4 sets of Pull up.
5 sets of Barbell Shrug of 20 reps.
 Apart from this John Cena also likes to
perform 60 crunches each day after completing
his training.
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