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Welcome to the JHSS Breakfast Club
No not this kind of Club, this club
Describe the breakfast club. How would I
describe it? It’s a whole big
social thing it’s somewhere where you
can all come hang out grab a bite to eat
we try and reach every need like I said
we have a variety of different foods
from gluten free to vegetarian to you
know if someone just wants the glass of
juice and that’s great it’s become a
huge community project within the school
I have the chef training classes in the
baking classes who are making products
for for the breakfast program we had
homemade granola bars this morning from
our bake shop we have quiche sometimes
and it should help it helps the other
students are actually making the food
feel proud and it gives them the
opportunity to do something good knowing
that it’s them or their friends that are
going to be eating their food so. And then
last one, how many people would say
regularly come to the breakfast club? We have
approximately 120 to 140 students this
is breakfast club every morning so. And
what motivated you start thebreakfast club. Because
there was a need out there. And how long
have you been doing the breakfast club for? This is my
third year running the breakfast program
myself I was involved in the breakfast
program before that helping out with
picking up donations from local
businesses but I’ve now expanded it to
the whole school last three years. Why do you
think people continue to the
program? I think not only is it
coming for food and the needs even if
it’s just a juice or something I think
it’s also a cool social aspect as well
too I’m finding that now that we’ve
moved at soon Hawks Nest people hang out
talk to their friends
and people feel more comfortable when
they’re surrounded by peers and friends
some of them might not be eating or
might not need to eat because they ate
at home or whatever but then those who
don’t have any food at home or didn’t
have a chance to eat they feel more
comfortable just hanging out with their
friends and they can turn around and
grab something neat without a stigma
over their head. How do you choose what food to supply? Nutrition for learning,
guidelines to follow and we follow the
health food Canadian health food
guideline make sure that we have fruits
vegetables grains and a variety of other
products like we’ll make sure we have
eggs for me you try and hit all the food
groups so. If you order get the grant how
would you plan to use the money oh the
money always goes towards food the
rising costs and everything I try and
get as much as I can at a cheaper by
buying bulk but the more students that
come and visit the program the more the
need is and that’s the greater the cost
is for the food it’s mostly food is
what basically I spend the money on
Do you think Aliens exist? oh
Dear Mr. Grant we
accept the fact we had to sacrifice six
hours of our dayat school for wherever it is we
did wrong we think your crazy for making
us write an essay telling us what makes the
breakfast club so great you see it as you
want to see it in the simplest of terms in
the most convenient definitions what we
found out that each of us is a brain and
an athlete and a basket case a princess
and a criminal. Does this answer your question?
Sincerely Yours the JHSS Breakfast Club

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