Is Breakfast Cereal Healthy? | Health Update with Scott Laird, ND | Episode 4

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  1. Calcium from rocks is not absorbed. People get too much calcium and causes hardening of the arteries. You need potassium, magnesium, vitamin K1 & K2 to control the excess calcium you already have. Iron is an oxidant and causes free radicals. Any type of sugar is pure poison and a neurotoxin. Cereal is one of the worst things you can possible eat, pure carbs, not to mention break-ing fast in the morning is a bad idea, if you do, eat eggs for K2. Use fat like butter in coffee instead of sugar if you dont want to breakfast and dont want to be hungry.

  2. Go back to the original muesli without added sugar! With dried fruit in it! Since the romans, the whole army marched on it …

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