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SPEAKER 1: Food, our society
is obsessed with food.
Super food, super-sized meals,
celebrity chefs, the Food Channel.
Food makes us happy.
Not a single festive occasion goes
by without an abundance of food.
Although we need food to survive,
it has become our nemesis.
Over indulging in too many bad
foods threatens our health.
We stuff ourselves with
food without understanding
what happens to it once
it enters our bodies.
We have heard it all of our
lives, you are what you eat.
But we’ve never really
taken it to heart.
We all want to live a
long and healthy life.
Hundreds of people out there
claim they have a solution.
They tell us to eat wheat
grass, indulge in coconut oil,
avoid mixing fats and carbohydrates,
or simply sleep longer.
Who can we turn to for reliable
information on nutrition and health?
Certainly not the food industry.
And we scientists aren’t
always that helpful either.
Artificial sweeteners,
saturated fats, fish oil,
what are we supposed to believe?
name is Sander Kersten,
and I’m a professor of
nutrition at Wageningen
University in the Netherlands.
This course is not going to tell you
what you should eat or shouldn’t eat.
This course is about teaching
you what’s in our foods, what
happens to these components
once you consume it,
and how these components
may impact your health.
The course will help you
become more critical,
and provide you with the proper
tools to better weigh and interpret
the information overload
about nutrition and health.
Are you ready to enrich
your life and learn
the fundamentals of nutritional science?
Then sign in and join the course.
You definitely won’t regret it.

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