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– Hey guys, today on
Low Carb with Jennifer
we are going to make this
delicious Instant Pot beef stew.
It’s got beef that is so tender
thanks to our Instant Pot.
We’ve also got bacon,
mushrooms, and carrots.
You can find this recipe
by searching for Instant Pot beef stew.
Okay guys, we are going to
work on our Instant Pot.
Oops. (laughs)
So we’re going to work on
our Instant Pot beef stew.
And as you just heard, my Instant Pot,
I turned it on to high, saute,
so we can cook the bacon
in the Instant Pot.
And when you’re cooking
bacon in the Instant Pot,
you don’t have to wait for
it to come up to be hot.
You can saute in your Instant Pot.
And I hit the saute button
and then I adjusted it
to read more or high
or whatever Instant Pot you’ve got.
And then you can, it gets pretty hot,
and it will saute really well.
So I’ve got my bacon in here
and we are going to render out the fat,
and then we’re going to use that
to cook our meat for the beef stew.
So in our beef stew we’ve
got beef, of course,
and we’ve got onions and
mushrooms and carrots.
I don’t know why I use carrots
so much in my recipes lately.
I really honestly hate carrots,
but they’re good in soups and stews.
And I just want to apologize for my nails.
They are super bright,
I’m sorry. (chuckles)
So while that is cooking,
I’m going to season the beef stew,
the stew meat, with salt and pepper.
So I’ve got my stew meat that in this bowl
and then we’re just going to season it
with the salt and pepper,
make sure it’s all mixed in really good.
And then we’re going
to saute the stew meat
in batches whenever the bacon is ready.
Okay, now we just need to wait
for our bacon to be finished.
Okay, our bacon is finished.
So I’m going to remove
it from the Instant Pot.
And then we can cook our stew meat.
You don’t have to get every piece out,
but you want to get most of
it out so they don’t burn.
Okay, we can set that aside
because we’re going to put that in
when the beef stew is all ready.
So now we can add in our stew meat.
And we’re probably going to have
to cook this in two batches.
And it should brown pretty fast
’cause our Instant Pot
is really hot right now.
You also while it’s browning scrape
some of that burnt on stuff
off the bottom from the bacon.
’cause if you don’t,
your Instant Pot will not come to pressure
whenever we go to pressurize this.
I’m going to take this batch of meat out
and then we will add the other batch in.
Let it get hot again.
And the meat I used for this is,
it was a roast that we cut into chunks,
but you could also just buy
the stew meat already cut up.
Okay, this meat is brown
and I have made sure
to scrape all of the browned bits
off of the bottom of the pot
and I’m going to add the rest
of the meat back to the pot.
And I’m going to hit
cancel on the Instant Pot.
And so then we’re going to add
the rest of our ingredients
and get this pressure cooker going.
So that was onion, diced
onion, and carrots.
And then we’ve got some
quartered mushrooms.
And some thyme, dried thyme.
And our beef broth, this
is two cups of beef broth.
So I’m going to stir
this around a little bit.
And then we are going to put this
on high pressure for 35 minutes.
Make sure it’s on ceiling,
and then you’re just going to hit manual
or you could hit the meat stew button.
We’re just going to turn this
up to 35 minutes and that’s it.
And when it’s finished,
the pressure and finished cooking,
we’re going to let it naturally
release for 10 minutes.
And then we’ll just release
the rest of the pressure.
Okay, our Instant Pot beef stew
is finished pressurized, pressure cooking,
so now I’m going to add
in some xanthan gum.
Which is my favorite ingredient
because it thickens soups
and stews without any carbs.
You only need a teaspoon
and this will get nice and thick.
And I’ve got some meat in my whisk.
So we’re going to let this get thick
and then we can serve it up.
Okay, our beef stew is nice and thick
and we are ready to serve some up.
Oh yeah, that looks good.
And we’re going to top it with our bacon
that we cooked earlier, a
little bit of the bacon.
Or a lot of the bacon.
And I want to show you just
how tender this meat is.
It literally just falls apart.
Look at that, that is so tender.
Just falls apart.
I don’t know why I have a fork.
I need a spoon.
And let’s make it pretty,
we’ll add a little bit of parsley
to the top just to make it pretty.
But look at that, that
Instant Pot beef stew.
And we get some meat in there.
That looks so good.
Sorry my nails are so bright.
And of course, you can find
this recipe at
You just search for beef stew.
I have probably 30 other
Instant Pot recipes on there.
They are all easy and they’re all
keto and low carb friendly.
But thank you so much for watching
and we will see you guys later.
(light music)


  1. This looks so good! I just did a broccoli cheddar soup in the Instant Pot over on my channel! Love seeing how others use their pressure cooker! Yummy!! 🍰💕Maria

  2. I Made this last night ! My Husband and I loved it, we added Cilantro cause I forgot to get the parsley but it was amazing !!!! Thank you <3

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