INSTANT POT: Homemade Plain (Greek) Yogurt

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Hey guys I want to show you how to make
yogurt, homemade yogurt in your Instant
Pot 7-in-1 electric pressure
cooker. This is not a sponsored video!
Now you’re going to want to start off
with a clean pot. I’ve already cleaned
mine, you can go ahead and take an extra
step of doing like a one-minute steam or
a 1-minute pressure cook. The items that
you’ll need are: half a gallon of milk.
I’m using whole milk in this one, two
tablespoons of plain yogurt with live
active cultures,
you’ll want a small bowl, one tablespoon,
a thermometer, a dish, a strainer, and a
couple of coffee filters. You can also
use cheesecloth. Okay, so I have my pot
plugged in, I’m going to go ahead and
open it, I will pour in 1/2 gallon of
whole milk.
Now you’re going to press yogurt.
I need to come around the machine to see this.
You will press yogurt and then adjust,
and it’s going to say boil. See so it
says boil you can go ahead and put your
lid on. I put mine on sealing, I don’t
know if [beep, beep, beep] it makes any sort of a
difference. So what this is going to do
is scald the milk. It’s going to heat up
the bottom of the pressure cooker and
bring your milk to a temperature of
180 degrees approximately. I’ve checked
mine, sometimes it’s a little bit lower
it never goes higher than that and it
may also depend on how much milk you
have in there, but I only make it with
half a gallon of milk and like I said I
use whole milk. You can try it with 2% or
any other kind, you can use organic milk if you like. I just use a regular
store-bought milk, and go ahead and let
it scald the milk. It will notify you when
it’s done scalding and it’ll just beep
like it normally does. You can check your
temperature with your little thermometer
if you’d like to. You’re going to need it
because you’re going to have to check
the temperature once it cools down so
for now let’s just let it let’s just let
it go ahead and scald the milk. Okay my
pot just beeped and it says YOGT on
the screen, I’ll show you here in a
second. What I’m going to do is open the
lid you know you don’t have to worry
about there being too much pressure in
there because it doesn’t come to
pressure so your float valve is not
going to be raised. Okay so you’ll see
that it says YOGT, your yogurt is not
done that’s just telling you that the
boil process is done, the scalding
process. So we go ahead and open the lid
there’s some suction in there
and I’m going to check the temperature
just to see what it says here, I know you
can’t see that on the screen. It will
also start to build a little film across
the top of milk, which is fine. You can
just remove that if you want to. You can
speed the process along by putting your
pot in some water I just like to leave
mine on the counter and let it cool down
naturally. So it’s at about a hundred and
seventy eight degrees from what I can
read on my thermometer here. So I’m going
to go ahead and lift this out, you might
want to use something to pull it out
because it is warm to the touch it’s not
incredibly hot. So I’m just going to go
ahead and let it sit there and start to
cool down and once it reaches 115
degrees that’s when we need to do the
next step. I will let you know when it’s
down to 115 degrees
as you can see it’s taken about 45
minutes for my yogurt to drop to 115
degrees so this is what I’m going to do
now. I’m going to open up my yogurt and
take out two tablespoons of my Greek
yogurt, maybe, two tablespoons of
this, doesn’t have to be exact.
If you end up putting more yogurt then
your new yogurt will end up more tart
and also if you let it cook long,
cook longer than eight hours that will
also make it a little bit tart. So I just
like using two tablespoons and then I’m
going to add some of this milk into here
just so that I can stir it up and break
up all of this yogurt here that I have.
I’ll just out of the way, oops, so quick
little stir see it doesn’t matter I
spilled on my thumb it’s okay, that
difference of yogurt is not going to
make a difference.
I just want to combine this the best
that I can. If you put your yogurt in
when your milk is over 115 degrees
there’s a chance that you are going to
basically kill all of your active
cultures so you want to make sure that
it’s 115 degrees,
you can even wait for it to
be 110 degrees if you want. So now that
you can see, the consistency is really
nice this is what I’m going to pour into
the pot. I’m going to stir this around
just a little bit to kind of incorporate
it into all of the milk that’s in here.
Now you can go ahead put your lid on,
close it, I have my vent here on sealing.
It doesn’t make a difference what you
have it on I don’t believe, and then
you’re going to press yogurt and when
you press this it’s going to tell you a
time here you can adjust it for less
time or more time I do mine for eight
hours. I will come back in eight
hours and show you guys the rest of the
process. If you guys make this recipe I
want to know how it turned out for you,
how long you let it strain, if you use a
different kind of milk or if you modified
the process in any way just by a
different type of yogurt you used or how
you like to eat your yogurt. Really just
leave me a comment because if you guys
don’t tell me then I never know I won’t
even know if you watch this video or if
you liked it.
I’m back guys! It’s been eight hours and
the timer is about to go off. One thing
that I forgot to mention is that you
will see a timer counting up to the
eight hours it doesn’t count down like
it normally does when you are pressure
cooking, it goes the opposite way so in
just a few seconds here probably it’s
going to say eight and it will start
beeping. [beep, beep] Okay and as you can see I have
my pot ready here I have a pan with a
large strainer and I have two coffee
filters just layered in here. And let’s
just go ahead and open this up, get my lid
out of the way, and I want to show you
guys what I have in here now. I don’t know if you
can see that very well, we have yogurt we
have yogurt guys this is yogurt, and you
can also see the whey, that’s the yellow
stuff that’s liquidy down here.
I personally don’t have a use for this, I
throw it away, but you can, from what I
understand you can use it to bake breads
and such. I know that dogs like it sometimes.
So this is what I do, I take my pot out and I just pour, pour this in.
My strainer is just a tad too small. This
is what’s left in the bottom of my pot,
which I don’t keep, I just get rid of
that. So you can see that my strainer is
sort of overflowing here. Right now it’s
really liquidy, this is all going to
change. All of the whey is going to strain
out, some of the yogurt has already
dripped out. Can you see that? Okay, I’m
going to let this sit overnight [refrigerated] and
strain, I’m going to let the whey separate
so it’s going to be a good eight, nine
hours until I revisit it and it’s going
to be nice and thick, but that’s how I
like it. You can let your strain as long
as you want you can do for a few hours
or you can do it much longer or you can
eat our it is some people just stir it
up and eat it like that. I really hope
that this video helped you and I hope
that you guys try your own homemade
yogurt and let me know how that works
out for you. And then also remember one
last thing, this is so important. If
you’re going to make yogurt again, you
can save two tablespoons from this batch
and then use it towards your next one,
just make sure that you put it aside and
mark it if you have other people in your
house so that they don’t touch it.
I’ve just taken my yogurt out of the
refrigerator and that is how much whey
came out of out of the yogurt, that’s out
of half a gallon of milk and now what I
do is, you can either scoop it or this is
actually pretty condensed and sometimes
I’m able to just pick it up by the
coffee filters. That one tore. I’m
able to pick it up and kind of roll it
over. See how I have it’s like a patty of
yogurt I can peel this away, and just put it
in my dish. You can use your hands or something
else, I just washed my hands so I’m fine
with that.
This is what it looks like.
Nice, thick, Greek yogurt. And that’s all,
that’s how you make homemade yogurt!
Thanks for watching, guys!


  1. having had success, happily, with your dairy yogurt, I'm hoping you might have a recipe for Almond milk yogurt? Thanks 🙂

  2. Well, I’m bummed. I prepared my first batch using whole milk and the same kind of yogurt you used, stayed up until 2:00 in the morning to turn it out to strain, and it didn’t process correctly. It was just a little thicker then the milk was. I had added just about 1/2 c of heavy whipping cream before scalding and wondered if the was the problem?? Also, you didn’t specify whether to adjust the heat to low, normal or high. My IP defaulted to low. I’m so bummed as I was looking forward to yogurt and fresh blueberries for breakfast. ☹️ Feedback from anyone will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the video, I will try again. but want to make sure I do it right. 👍

  3. Thank you for your reply. I added the cream thinking it would make the yogurt richer. 😀 I put the temperature on normal and set it again for 4 more hours and it turned out. Next time I’m going to prepare It exactly like you show. Plus I’m not going to start it at 6:00 at night! lol Thanks again!

  4. I can’t believe that I’m the first like on this video!! But there is just to much good info on this video and in the comments❣️. Happy New Year 2018 🎆🎉🎊🎆❣️

  5. Great video. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make it. If you're looking for a broader spectrum of probiotics, then try adding Garden of Life's "Raw Probiotics". This has 31 strains of "good" bacteria. All of them have multiple studies showing health benefits in humans. I've used them for coconut yogurt and just started a batch using your method for milk. Just use them in the same way you would with store-bought yogurt. I also recommend adding some sugar (a couple of tablespoons per quart of milk) as food for the probiotics. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you I made this yogurt yesterday. I use a 1/2 a gallon Of whole milk, I strained it for about 5 hours while work., I came home from work and then mix it up with my mixer & added some bananas and a little sweetener and it was absolutely delicious the kids devoured it. I had to make up some more this morning this time I decided to do a full gallon.

  7. Yours is the easiest one to follow. Mine turns out beautifully. I like to strain mine though coffee filters too because I like it really firm. I have it strain overnight I don’t do anything with the whey either. I keep the finished in the fridge, put a little fruit on the plate or even fruit preserves

  8. WOW. There are so many responses. Reflects the quality of the video. One of the first several posts stated to make ricotta out of the whey. I cannot find the recipe? Did anyone see the ricotta recipe? Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. My wife just got the instant pot. Why would you want to make yogurt in this thing? Yogurt is not very expensive to buy at the grocery store. I guess I just don't see the benefit of doing all this work for what you can easily buy at the grocery store.

  10. The Off Grid with Doug and Stacy channel has some videos with great recipes for whey, such as probiotic fermented drinks.

  11. nice video- clear and concise – thank you! Have you ever made it in individual containers in the Instant Pot? Have you ever used yogurt starter powder?

  12. Thank you so much! Very easy to remember. I just purchased a digital cooker,. Planning to make my own yogurt, which will be so much cheaper!

  13. ok here is the golden tip. never put the starter in until temperature is way below 100f i do it at 85f even 80f it doesnt matter as long as its not over 100f . you risk killing the cultures.

  14. Have you tried 2% milk? I have 3 times and it will not make yogurt in 8 hours. I currently have yogurt making with 2% milk and so far it has been 12 hours on Yogurt. Milk is still like milk, no yogurt. I had a new container of Fage 2% plain Greek Yogurt and still can not make yogurt with 2%. Why? I made sure everything was clean, did the 1 minute steam. I used whole milk the first time I tried and have wonderful Greek Yogurt. I have the Cuisinart Greek Yogurt strainer to let it drain the whey out. Can not make it with 2%. What is the trick to make yogurt with 2%? Thank you Cynthia

  15. It is me again, do you have to use more than 2 Tablespoons of yogurt when you use 2% Greek Yogurt as your starter? I will try that and see what happens.

  16. Thanks. I have a competing pot made in Germany, but it has a yogurt function as well. For other non-Instant Pot users blessed with a yogurt function (usually a pot with 7 or more functions), this is what you do if you only have one option within the yogurt setting: Put it on Slow Cook and heat the milk to the 180 degrees that way. A digital thermometer that beeps with the right temp is helpful. Then cool, the same as in the video and then put the starter in, etc. My pot's yogurt setting will maintain the 115 degrees for as long as you set it for, and 8 to 8 1/2 hours works great. Then it cuts off (no "keep warm" as that will continue to incubate the new yogurt). I've only made two batches, and they both came out perfectly with this method. The Instant Pot does have the advantage of the "boil" function built in to the yogurt setting; but that can be achieved with other makes as well, as above.

  17. I just got my Crock-Pot 6 Qt 8-in-1 Multi-Use Express Crock in the mail. I'm looking for great recipes to try. I will try this one for sure. Thanks.

  18. BEST instructive video on yogurt making in an Instant Pot. only change i made is that i heat my milk in a regular pan on the stove top to temp and then pour heated milk into the silver inner Instant pot. put that pot into the sink filled with ice water to bring down the temp. MUCH faster!! thanks so much for this instructive video!

  19. You're too pretty, but you need to take care of that large nose of yours! that nose doesn't belong on that face!
    you will see a major improvement. So sorry if I'm too honest:(
    Other than that you did well:)

  20. after following your video, this was my first time trying and came out perfect. we will never buy yogurt again unless someone eats up and not leave me two table spoons. we mad a non-fat yogurt using Fage total 0% and skim milk this batch was our plain batch, using two table spoons of that batch to make a second batch for some with flavors.

  21. Your post says not to use Greek yogurt but I see that you’re using Fage Greek strained yogurt. Is that not the same thing?

  22. What is percentage of milk fat that is in the milk that you use? I can never get the yogurt drained enough to be as thick as Fage Greek Yogurt. I have a yogurt strainer, it is never as thick as yours in the video. I tried unbleached cheese and it still is not as thick as Fage Greek yogurt. I use the Fage Greek yogurt as my starter. I put in 3 Tablespoons of Fage yogurt mixed with the warm milk. I incubate for 9 hours and still not as thick as yours. Why? Thanks Cynthia

  23. 2 of my kids are lactose intolerant, do you know if I could use a Lactaid Milk. I've made the Cold Start with Fairlife, but it's a little pricey.

  24. Thanks for the vid! Can probiotics be added, and if so, when would you add them? Thanks!

  25. I have both Bulgarian and Greek yogurt, but I’m not sure which one I should use. Bulgarian yogurt is far thinner, but has more probiotics than Greek. Does it really matter which one I use?

  26. Best video by far. The cookbook wasn’t quite complete, and you were very clear and didn’t take a long time with a lot of extra commentary. Thank you so much for this video. Yogurt came out just fine, so I wouldn’t change any of your directions, except I remembered to get a bigger strainer!

  27. I sure enjoyed your video…I tried it and just discovered it did not cook! It's still liquidy. Any chance it can be salvaged/cooked/finished? Any idea what might have happened? (I did make sure it got to 115 before adding the next step)

  28. My yogurt turned out perfect! I just walked in the store bought it! Came home and start enjoying it. Just kidding, I just watched your video and you're so cute! You're not irritating you're not aggravating some people when they do videos just annoy the crap out of you! you're none of that, you are the sweet and precious yogurt lady, that's what I call you. I was wondering" when do you flaver the yogurt if you desire flavored yogurt? Keep up the good work! Your a doll….Jac

  29. I just got my Instant Pot today & I can't wait to try your recipe. This looks very do-able and I like that you use only 1/2 gal of milk. Very excellent video! Thanks!

  30. Just made my first batch with lactose free milk and it’s fantastic! Thank you so much for your easy instructions. Next time I’m going to use a whole gallon of milk instead of half. Will I need to double the starter yogurt from 2 tablespoons to 4 tablespoons? Thank you for your help.

  31. any clue how I can make yogurt with my insta pot 6qt that does NOT have a yogurt button?  I ordered my new pot but did not get it yet.  Can you manipulate the temperature on the insta pot if I don't have a yogurt button?

  32. Here’s a tip. Make it a honey yogurt. Then dish it up and mix in Chis seeds and shaved almonds. Omg. I don’t know what makes this combination and crunch so good, but it is amazing.

  33. First attempt last night (and first use of my IP) with 2% milk and a yogurt starter kit. Did as per video, for 8 hours. It did sit in the pot 1 more hour after being done since it was done at 4 AM! Ended up with over a mason jar full of runny yogourt, and now the rest is draining (will see the result when I get back home from work). Been doing a lot of research this morning. I read that starting from a starter kit can cause runny yogurt the first batch because your bacteria is just waking up. So a couple of things I'll try. I'll try with a sample from this batch, to see if it gets better, will also try one using store-bougth yogurt as my starter, and I want to try with 3.25 milk to see if it makes a big difference. May also try with a new starter kit and do just the time that it says on the package, as the package did say to let it go for 4 hours. I did 8 to follow the video and also figured the IP must have been made to take those general instructions into consideration… not sure now. All that to say that there are more trials on the way as I'm determined to get this right!

  34. I love this recipe….but I used Fairlife Milk. It skips the step of boiling the milk and waiting on mixing the live culture (Chobani) into it. I just throw all of it in the instant pot… mess, no additional tools, and takes about 1 minute to start it up.

  35. There's no need to throw away whey. If you don't like it, don't make yogurt. All yogurt has whey you just mix it into yogurt when it separates. 😑

  36. I didn't have any filters, and used just the screen strainer. It worked fine for the straining, but I lost a couple tablespoons or so getting the yogurt out because it was hard to completely scrape off.

    I'd like to see you flavor your yogurt – unless you eat it plain

  37. great video… a decisive moment for us as we are very close to pulling the trigger on one of these bad boys! … never had a pressure cooker before but really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen…toss up between IP and Crockpot Slow Cooker (seems like IP will do both tasks admirably)… just a couple of questions… what would you say are the best accessories for the IP and in particularly, is the non-stick insert better for rice?

  38. I wonder if anyone tried using half-and-half or cream to make the yogurt since it has less carbohydrates for low-carb diets

  39. Save yourself some trouble and use fair life milk, just pour into a container add starter, press yogurt on the inside part and start

  40. Thanks for sharing i just want to ask how about if i dont have that machine how can i make it. Sorry if i ask such question.

  41. Sometimes I add a half a cup of sweetened condensed milk for flavor at the same time as adding the yogurt cultures. I use a nut milk strainer bag to drain it overnight

  42. This author clears clutter by making this process easy and understandable, as well as all documentation accessible for each product. No guessing after this video. The clutter are these other videos that made the process confusing and impossible to follow due to improper and incoherent instructions that seemed as if they dug it up from midevil times of torturing people. Thank you for cleaning up the mess and making lives easier and not as painful to learn with your flawless execution of simplicity, clarity and cleanliness to your instructions and information posted.

  43. This is way we always make yougat in India. We usually heat the milk in a pot. Than add a spoon of yougat or buttermilk in it than We cover up milk with a small blanket or towel for 7-8 hours

  44. Thank you for the video. Make came out so creamy and delicious. I left it for 10 hours so I could sleep in the morning. Excellent job. I shared your video with my daughter-in-law.

  45. Put the whey into a jar with a couple of strips of lemon peel and a couple of slices of fresh ginger and leave in the fridge for a day or so. Makes a delicious tangy refreshing drink

  46. Why would you throw away the yogurt in the bottom of the pot? Why not use a different straining solution? That’s goofy.

  47. Your using pasteurized milk, why scald the milk to 170? Just put milk and yogurt and set instant pot. Use quality milk and yogurt, organic will work better. Find raw milk, don’t pasteurize, if you want the scientifically proven authentic ancient health benefits.
    So far you have not improved your yogurt over the store bought. Reusing the yogurt only works for a few batches. Buy real yogurt starter.

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