Instant Pot BBQ Ribs!

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hey cookaholics chef kendra here and
today we are making some barbecue ribs
and we’re making them inside say the
weather is bad or you need ribs super
quick this is the recipe for you we’re
making barbecue ribs in an instant pod
or a pressure cooker so let’s do what we
do and make it happen we have one rack
of baby back ribs we have brown sugar we
have smoked paprika we have sweet
we have ancho chili powder we have salt
pepper vegetable oil ketchup roasted
garlic onion apple cider vinegar
we have water molasses and liquid smoke
I didn’t mention cayenne pepper I’m add
a little of that that’s totally optional
now to this bowl we’re gonna add our
that’s the smoked this is the sweet
brown sugar
homemade salt and pepper and our ancho
chili powder take a fork and mix this up
I have a damp cloth kitchen towel with
this on top and it be more sturdy tell
my tune something sped off not all of it
it’s ribs guys its ribs I’m stopping
this in I’m just starting to come up a
little bit already right I’m just gonna
get my knife in there I try to give it
giving me something to grip on I’m gonna
get a piece of paper towel now sometimes
it comes off in one long beautiful batch
sometimes you have to work in a little
bit you try to get him good they trying
to get my thumb under it
maneuver it work it out come over here
just want a good start this stuff is
called the silver scam by the way and
it’s important to remove so your ribs
will be tender you don’t remove this
you’ll have tough chewy ribs underneath
I almost had a than one almost had it in
one reposition my paper towel
for this and other fine recipes go to
chef Kendra dot we bleed calm that chef
Kendra that you know I got
you it’s just a little left yep that’s
the next thing I’m gonna do guys is to
cut these ribs into two ribs
each I’m just cutting between the ribs
now I’m gonna get in here with my nice
clean hands I’m only gonna use half of
this get in here
just gonna put this in a zip-top bag and
put it in a pantry until I use it again
and we’re gonna add our onions
I’m gonna get those in we’re gonna saute
these onions stir them around you hear
that so now I’m going to add the water
the molasses goes in
the roasted garlic the liquid smoke
people freak out when you say liquid
smoke liquid smoke is truly liquid smoke
it’s smoke that’s taken from burning
that particular wood and the apple cider
stir that up I’m gonna let them out some
of the sauce now and put them ribs in up
the sides like this snap that hard to do
we’re gonna pour the sauce back in over
the ribs sorta like we’re basting it
you’re gonna base themselves man all
right got the top on you know lock it in
place we have a rib zone we have our top
on top is locked the setting in the back
is correct where the steam comes out is
in the proper position we have set it on
high pressure and I punched in 30
minutes so we’ll see how that does hey
guys I want to point out it does that
little worldly thing you saw it doing
before until the pressure builds up in
the cooker then it starts using the
timer that I manually set it for so I
said if a manual high-pressure 30
minutes and it did that little circle
that’s the circle thing until the
pressure has built up so high in the
pressure cooker now the countdown begins
in about 30 minutes and then it will
release the pressure on its own and at
that point we can move forward in the
recipe all the steam has been that out
we’re gonna open this up and see what we
I’m covering this little baking sheet
with foil and I’m going to spray once
some vegetable oil this is taking my
hand and go around I don’t want it to
stick to this and the old days this was
a scary situation but now just moving
from the lock to it wouldn’t even let me
take this off the steam was still built
up in here move the top oh look at that
Wow smells really good
look how tender those ribs is and that
only and that all he took 30 minute look
at that oh that’s so hot but it is so
oh we’re gonna lose it so here I’m gonna
put some of the rib on top of here
we’re gonna take all the ribs out we’re
gonna let this reduce by half we don’t
have a simmer feature on this but we
have saute so we’re going to let this go
about 10-15 minutes and to the sauce is
thickened up some it should reduce by
half then we’re going to base the rizz
with the sauce and it will be delicious
so tender
I can’t wait to tuck into these for
dinner and as you can see starting to
boil be right here to stir it up from
time to time Y reduces all right I’m
done guys I’m al attles the sauce to
this cup here and I’m just going to
baste the sauce on here
and this isn’t an overly sweet sauce but
it’s it’s it’s perfect
sweet little tangy and put it under the
broiler yes under the broiler
just like if I was making slow cooker
ribs now there will be extra sauce from
those who like a saucy no I’m just going
to give them another base I’m gonna flip
them over and base them some more and we
should be almost they are starting to
develop a little char yo hit that
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time I see next time chef Kendra is out

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