Inside out hard-boiled egg Experiment (How to boil a egg inside out / centrifugal force)

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welcome back to kids learn science Lennis Kenan today’s experiment is amazing inside out boiled egg as always adult supervision is required what you need for this experiment is a can any plenty of them pantyhose a bread tie and lots and lots of patience Charles’s experiment by taking a gush tape and cape up you’re a completely all the way around I just use one piece and kept going around until it was completely covered and then it goes through the middle one or two times right around there and then break that off then because your pantyhose and tie a knot in the middle of the pantyhose there and take your egg that is all taped up and place it inside the pantyhose and slide it all the way down until it hits that knot and then you’re going to want to make it so it stands straight up then once you get that securely against but not cold very tightly and twist so that egg is locked in then take a red tie and securely wrap that in so that it cannot move just like this but you feel a little you tighten up tighten up a little bit and then you should finish up and look just like this now take a flashlight put on the bottom of your egg and it should glow just like this now the fun part grab the pantyhose by the ends and start spinning around the circle when it completely gets wound up and you feel the tension pull out and it will able to spin around very very quickly you’re going to want to do this for approximately about two minutes I did it about two minutes and thirty seconds about after two minutes you’re going to want to stop take your flashlight again and you’re going to check if it’s not a glowing color but it’s darker then you finish your egg and now you can go to the next step after two minutes and thirty seconds I put it under a flashlight and you can see it’s a lot darker so now you’re going to boil your egg i boiled mine for about 12 minutes it just got done here i’m going to pull it out and then you’re going to put it in a bowl of ice water for approximately one minute and after it’s good for a minute then you’re going to take it out and completely take the tape off if you put the tape on it one continuous piece which I suggest it will come off very very easily just like this and once it’s completely off you’re going to do what you do with every hard-boiled egg you’re going to edit against the plate and start peeling the shell once the shell is completely peeled off then we’re going to see if it’s going to work oh you can see is yellow so it’s definitely got yellow but wait to see if the inside is completely squished with the yolk so we’re going to cut it in half but this is my fifth try doing it I could never get it yellow so I’m pretty happy got it yellow and it’s only yellow which is pretty cool but it’s not what I was trying to do so I’m going to give it another try and see what I can do number six I failed it completely white and now on my seventh attempt it is yellow and I’m going to see if this one actually worked so I’m going to get cut in half and let’s see what we got here ah work it did work it’s not cooked completely through but it did go inside out of the yolk is white and egg is yellow now that’s pretty cool stuff so I’m going to give it one more try since I did buy a dozen eggs on my eighth try it cut it open to see and it works alright pretty cool this is one of my most challenging experiment so I hope you enjoyed it remember to click thumbs up and to subscribe and thanks for watching

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