INSANE Durian Chicken Hot Pot in China! Disgusting or Delicious?

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Good right?
So check this out
So check this out
It’s Trevor James
And I am with a local friend here today
In Guangzhou, China
And what are we going to try?
We are going to go eat guangyouji
Guangyouji, I’m excited
Let’s go take a look
Guangzhou is a food heaven
And I was lucky enough to have a local friend show me around
We walked around the downtown core
In search of a famous black chicken soup restaurant
The best part was when we found out the location was closed
And found another spot right around the corner
With a special surprise
I notice this is half new
And half old
There is a new mall here
And old buildings over here
That’s a guangzhou specialty
These are called Gaodijie
These are very famous
And cannot tear down
It’s busy so we have to wait
Oh, I’m hungry
Let’s go
We’re here
Yeah, we’re here
OK, let’s look at the menu
The thing we came for is not here
We just found out
But, they have durian hot pot!
Yeah, with chicken!
Which is like the best news of my life
Yeah, that’s crazy
He said it’s going to be a little while longer
That’s ok
I’ll wait forever
I don’t care
It’s durian
Oh, yes
I’ve never tried the durian hot pot
It’s durian and chicken
In a hot pot!
Look at that!
That looks amazing!
This is awesome
Look at that durian flesh
And there is chicken
Durian chicken
Smells so good
Look at that
This is the best
There is big fat chunks of durian
And it smells good
It smells really good
OK, we have to try this out
And look, they give you noodles to put in as well
Oh yeah
Look at that durian
And a little soup
Here, take a little soup
Durian broth
Durian chicken broth
That’s amazing
Here, take a little chicken
Looks so yummy
The smell is amazing
Yummy yummy
Oh wow
It’s so good
I love it
I’m going to try a little bit of soup
Tastes just like a good durian
But the broth is the secret
It tastes exactly like durian and chicken broth mixed together
Surprisingly they go pretty well
A little oily
I didn’t expect durian and chicken to go together like that
But they do
Mixed together
And I was thinking what it was going to taste like
It’s so creamy
Durian is kind of creamy
Very soft
Almost like butterscotch
Caramel, and stench at the same time
Which is so good
I love the stench
It’s like a mixture between the sweetness of durian
And the tender juiciness and saltiness of chicken
Wow, I didn’t expect that to go together
It’s so good!
It’s so good, right?
We ordered extra durian
Take a look at this
And we are going to put it into the durian hot pot
Three nice big pieces
The juices and the durian juices
Are mixing together
And every bite you take
Is like a durian chicken infused bite into the next world
It’s heaven
It makes me feel like I’m eating ice cream
It’s just the feeling
It’s so thick
It’s creamy
I love it
So thank you so much for watching these food and travel videos
That was an awesome durian chicken hot pot
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