Indian festival food I Indian Sweet Snacks Recipes I 3 in 1~ Narkel naru, Tiler Naru, Chouko Gajaa

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Durga Puja special Bengali Traditional sweets & snacks ~ #Narkel Naru (coconut ladoo) , #Tiler Naru (Sesame ladoo), # Chouko Gajaa (sweet crunchy golden pieces)
# Akher gur diye narkel naru / coconut ladoo with sugarcane jaggery
1 large coconut (grated)
250g sugarcane jaggery
4 green cardamom powder (crushed)
¼ tsp ghee
Add grated coconut
sugarcane jaggery.
Mix it well with your cleaned hand.
Keep stirring for 9 – 10 minutes on medium flame
Add green cardamom powder
Put off the flame
Mix it well
Now rub little ghee on your palm
and then make ladoo / Naru from this warm mixture.
meanwhile wet your palm into the bowl of plain water and pat dry with towel (to avoid extreme heat of mixture) & then again grease your palm with little ghee for making coconut ladoo
# Tiler Naru/ Sesame ladoo
100g dry roasted white sesame seeds
¼ cups plain water
100g sugarcane jaggery
Now mix little water with jaggery.
Keep stirring on medium flame until it becomes sticky.
Add roasted sesame seeds
Off the flame and mix it well
Make small ladoos (as soon as possible to avoid stiffness)
# Chouko Gajaa/ sweet crunchy golden pieces (Tagore Family’s Unique Recipe)
500g white refined flour
125g wheat flour
22g white sesame seeds
3.5 tbsp ghee
plain water
Mix wheat flour, white Sesame seeds with white refined flour first.
Add ghee as your need.
Mix it well
Add little water and make dough
Now flat the dough with your hand or roll pin.
Cut into square shape (1/2″×1/2″) with a thin knife
Now heat 1 litre white oil in a pan Flame on simmer
Fry all the square pieces in several batches on simmer flame. (12 pieces per batch)
When these pieces becoming hard, flame to high for golden colouration.
Keep these aside.
For making sugar syrup
Total 1 kg sugar (750g+250g)
1.5 cup plain water
First add 750g sugar
1.5 cup water.
Put on the flame.
After melting the sugar keeps stirring
When a thick syrup formed; put off the flame.
And keep stirring continuously until it becomes white in colour.
Now add golden fried square pieces.
Sprinkle little rose water or plain water
Mix well
Add 1 fistful sugar for crunchiness. (here I never used 250g sugar completely)
Mix well
You can store these for 20-30 days in airtight container @ room temperature (cool place).
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