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Importance of eating a diverse diet Jyotiranjan Barik.
(Video mediator) Rajendra Nayak.
(Video mediator) Taramani Nayak.
(Anganwadi Worker) Primary School, Village – Palanighati. Rajendra bhai, Namaskar. Sister-in-law, Namaskar. Oh! You have returned from school? Yes. Okay sit. When did you return from the school? I just returned. Are you fine? Yes. You are cutting vegetables. Yes. I am going to prepare food for the afternoon. Jyoti, why have you come to visit us today? I have come to visit you. I have come to visit you. How is your son? He is good. How is his health? Fine. He is 3 and half years old now. Okay, 3 and half years old. Sister-in-law, what are you preparing for lunch today? I will cook rice, dal, and egg omelette. Now I am cutting these green leafy vegetables. Which type of greens? Will you show me? Yes. I have cut pumpkin into small pieces and
will add to the green leafy vegetables. Yes. Apart from this, we are eating seasonal ripe
fruits available in our kitchen garden. Guava is available during this rainy season, so we are eating them. Oh good! You are eating so many varieties of food. Is there
any feast today or have relatives come to your house? No. Should we only cook like this if relatives visit us? To stay healthy, we should eat different varieties of vegetables and fruits etc. Sister-in-law, you mentioned eating different varieties of food. What does this mean? Generally, in rural areas we eat only rice
and green leafy vegetables. Isn’t it? What are the different varieties of food? What is the importance of eating different varieties of food? By eating varieties of foods we get many nutrients. If we eat only rice and green leafy vegetables then we
will only get the nutrients contained in those. We will be deprived of nutrients found in other different foods. By not getting other nutrients we may get sick or malnourished, and
it will also affect the growth of our small children. Question – Why is it important to eat different varieties of food? Answer – If we don’t eat a variety of foods,
then we will be deprived of many nutrients, we may not grow properly, and we might get sick or malnourished. Brother, why are you sitting silently and not saying anything? Sister said that if we don’t eat different varieties of
food, then we will get affected by malnutrition. I have seen on TV that nutritious food is required for
pregnant woman and babies from 6 to 24 months. Is nutritious food required for everyone or only they need it? Yes Jyoti babu, whatever your sister-in-law said is completely correct. If we don’t eat different varieties of food then we may
get sick and surely get affected by malnutrition. Listen Jyoti babu, nutrition is required for everyone,
but for pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman, babies 6 to 24 months, children under 5 years
and adolescent girls, nutrition is more important. If they are malnourished, then children born to
them will also be malnourished and malnutrition will continue from this generation to the next generation. One thing I want to know, you mentioned about different varieties
of food, What are these? Which foods are nutritious? So you have questions about food, Your sister-in-law and I
will help you understand more about this. Here I have some pictures of food. Jyoti you were asking about different varieties of food. This is the first group of food i.e. cereals and starches. Rice, sweet potato, potato, maize, taro, bread and banana. These are cereals and starches. rice flakes, puffed rice, wheat flour, sooji. These foods provide us energy. The second group of food is various legumes and pulses. Beans, green peas, green gram, groundnuts and almonds. Apart from these all other types of dal like red gram,
horse gram, red lentil etc are also included. This type of food helps our body to grow. The third group of food is milk and milk products. Milk, curd, cottage paneer etc. This type of food makes our bones stronger. The fourth group of food is eggs – egg of hen or duck. The fifth group of food is flesh foods like fish, meat, liver. These types of animal source foods provide more iron and many nutrients.
It helps the body to grow and gives us strength. The sixth food group is vitamin A rich food. Ripe pumpkin, papaya, sweet potato, carrot, tomato, green leafy vegetables, pomegranate, Ripe Jack fruit and mango are also vitamin A rich foods. Red, yellow and orange coloured fruits and vegetables
contain a lot of vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables contain iron and vitamin A. These foods provide us vitamin A, which increases our ability to
fight disease and helps to prevent against night blindness. The seventh food group is other vegetables and fruits. Cabbage, cauliflower, spine gourd, cucumber, okra, brinjal, ridge gourd, onion etc. Fruits like pine apple, water melon, banana etc. These foods gives us different types of vitamins and minerals. I have now told you about seven types of food. It is very important
to add oil to food. It helps to give us energy. It is very important to eat iodized salt. Rajendra Bhai, you said it is important to eat seven types of food. It is not possible to eat all these types of
food everyday and everyone can’t afford it also. It will be difficult for the rural people to get these things. Is there any other way, where with less money and
less types of food we can fill the gaps? It is not possible to eat 7 types of food every day. It is
essential to eat food from 4 different food groups every day. Then we can get various nutrients. Your food plate should be colourful. The more colourful it looks, the more nutrients we will get. Question: What does it mean to eat a diverse diet? Answer: Eating a diverse diet means eating foods from at
least 4 different food groups a day and having a food plate that is colourful. The animal source foods are very important, that
is egg, fish, meat, and liver. We can’t get fish, meat and liver regularly, as in these
rural areas people don’t have that much money. But with less expense we can eat eggs. It is best if someone can eat an egg every day,
but if the economic condition is not good then, they can eat eggs at least two to three times
per week, by which they can get more nutrients. Buying all of these foods every day is not possible
for everyone.
Is there any other way to get nutrition? Yes, there are some other ways. We can grow fruits and vegetables in our kitchen garden. Secondly, we can raise domestic animals. Then we can buy seasonal fruits and vegetables available in
the market for a lower price and consume those. Question: What are some ways to provide different
types of nutritious food for your family? Answer: Grow different types of vegetables and fruits etc in the kitchen garden. Raise domestic animals. Purchase fresh vegetables and fruits seasonally available from the market. Jyoti babu, let us go and see my kitchen
garden, where I have grown fruits and vegetables. So you are growing a variety of things in your kitchen garden? Yes. Ok, then let’s go. Jyoti babu, see – this is papaya tree. Papaya has come up. Yes. This is brinjal. Nice brinjal.
. On that side there is bitter gourd. This side is maize. This is ginger. The ginger plants have come up so nicely. After harvesting ginger, I will grow tomatoes here. Did you see Jyoti babu, how I have grown
vegetables and fruits in my kitchen garden? And I also have raised hens, goats, sheep and cows.
We are getting milk from the cows. From the hens and goats we are getting meat. We are eating them. Nutrition for the family is first, isn’t it? First you are keeping for your family and then the
excess amounts are being sold to get some money. But people are making the wrong market purchases. Some people are going to the market and instead of purchasing vegetables and fruits, they are purchasing cold drinks, and Gutka (a
substance made of betel nut and tobacco) How are you purchasing food for your home from the market? How are you selecting nutritious foods that are available
in the market for a cheaper price. I am going that side and you are also going the same way. I will accompany you today to the market,
to see how you are purchasing things. Yes, we will go. Ok, sister-in-law, we are going. Today you explained very
important things to me, which I should know. I liked it. Thank you so much for this. Namaskar. Uncle, what is the cost of the pumpkin? Rs 5 per piece of pumpkin. Rs 5 per piece, Ok.
Give me two pieces. Jyoti babu, see I have purchased so many things for Rs 40. I have two pieces of pumpkin, 250 grams of
tomatoes, a bundle of beans and eggs. Jyoti babu Did you see the things I purchased for Rs 40? Pumpkin and tomatoes are vitamin A rich foods. French beans are from the legumes category. I have also got 3 eggs which are nutritious. Oh good, you were telling me about getting nutritious food.
You have got nutritious food at Rs 40. I think you have got different types of things for very little money. Yes.What things have you purchased?
Will you show me? Yes, I will show you. Rajendra Bhai, you have purchased many things for Rs 40. I have also purchased many things, nothing less than yours. See, This mixture is especially for my son. These fried foods is for my home. Ok Jyoti babu, now just tell me about the nutrition content
of the foods, you have purchased from the market. Oh! After making me understand, I also purchased these other things from the market. I know they are not nutritious but still I got those things. I can see that you have purchased nutritious things
in Rs 40 – pumpkin, eggs, tomatoes, beans. These foods contain a lot of nutrients. Eggs, tomatoes
etc. are very much essential for us. After our discussion also I got these things. Many people like me are coming to the market, spending
money but are not purchasing the right things. As I bought those oily fried things, many people like me are doing
the same thing, but they are not purchasing the right things. You have purchased better things at less price. From now onwards, whenever I go to the market,
I will do what you have done. In addition to this, I will grow vegetables and fruits in my garden
and raise animals like hens, goats and cows at home. The way you are using the milk from the cows and selling the
excess. I will also do the same thing in my home. I will not waste money by spending it on these useless things. Thanks for making me understand so many things and showing
me how to make purchases in the market. Thank you for this.
Namaskar Today we learned about different varieties of food in this video. If we eat different varieties of foods then we
get the nutrients contained in them. Primarily there are seven types of food groups. If we eat food from at least 4 food groups
in a day, then we will get
many nutrients. The more colourful the food plate will look, the more nutrients we will get. To provide nutritious food, first we can grow fruits
and vegetables in the kitchen garden. Second, we can raise domestic animals from which we
can get eggs, milk and meat etc. Third, we should stop purchasing unhealthy things but rather
learn to purchase seasonal low-cost fruits and vegetables. Thanks.

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