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hi guys welcome back to my channel if
you’re new here my name is Tatiana and today I’m going to show you what I got
on iHerb iHerb it’s an online store which is focused mostly on healthy products, organic and everything like that yeah so I’m going to show you what I got and I
also have a discount code for you I’ll leave it in the description box below ,so
if you want, please check it out and let’s get into it so I bought a huge bag
of nutritional yeast flakes actually I thought it will be a little bit smaller, but… nutritional yeast is really popular right now I’ve seen it in many
videos so I’ve decided to try it especially because I don’t eat dairy and
I really miss cheese and I’ve heard that nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavor so
I purchased it and it looks like this I would say its flavor reminds me mushrooms but anyway it’s really nice and I think I’m going to incorporate it into my
daily menu and try some new recipes using it. Yes, it’s an interesting product and I’m going to try it the next thing I got is this pea protein I wanted to try it
for a very long time I’d like to add some protein into my morning smoothies it’s not flavored just pure protein powder looks like this I’ve already made
a smoothie using it OK, it says the serving size is 14 grams but I think
I’ve had less than this and still I felt really really full and I’ve also
purchased some probiotics these are justa regular probiotics I wanted to try
making homemade yogurt for a long time and yeah finally I’ve purchased it it looks
like capsules to make a yogurt you just need to open them and add it to the milk of your choice I’m going to post the recipe of yoghurt on my channel soon so here
you can see unfortunately it also contains milk and soy in trace amounts milk isn’t really good for me but I think that small amounts… Yes, in trace
amounts it’s okay and it’s a vegetarian capsules, so if you’re a vegetarian yeah
it’s good for your health anyway okay talking about this probiotics By the way the brand is the same it’s a Fem Dophilus and
it’s really good for women’s health My gynecologist has recommended it to me, because after having a flu and taking many antibiotics I had some issues. and
it helps restoring your microflora and and after taking this for about a month
I felt really good and I didn’t have any problems with my gut or just anything
it really helps so I think I’ll continue taking them and I’ve also bought a b12
spray although I’m not a vegan I’ve researched some information and found
out even those who eats meat They don’t get enough b12 vitamins so I’m going to try
taking it from time to time I guess not everyday but yeah it’s just
an ordinary spray and the taste is a little bit sweet and the color is red if
you’re vegan it’s a must-have if you’re not I would recommend to have it too
anyway OK, guys that’s it thank you so much for watching I hope this video was
interesting for you let me know what was your favorite product from this video and if you
have any recommendations like what to buy on a herb or anywhere… some supplements which are good for your health feel free to leave a comment below and if you haven’t subscribed yet consider
subscribing and see you next time, bye 🙂 look at my t-shirt Guys it says “start now not tomorrow” I usually don’t buy t-shirts with prints
but I think this one is really cute and the concept of it is
yeah it’s motivating, so why am i showing it to you? lol I don’t know… OK, thanks for watching 🙂


  1. Hello friends, here's what I bought on iHerb. If you can recommend any good products to buy ( food, supplements, skincare etc), please share. Thanks for watching! 🙂

  2. Hi again. Those are good products. Yes I agree, iHerb products are great for snacks. Let's see…perhaps you can review other health products now that Health & Wellness are becoming your favorite subjects.

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