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continuing my easy breakfast ideas, how
about some ice cream for breakfast awesome! to start with you need ice cream, I have some pistachios, some dried fruits these are dried berries they look yumm
some M&Ms and some KitKat breakfast so obviously some conr flakes now what I need to do is start putting them together so actually this can become a
dessert for breakfast or even just a snack this is in fact I would call it
the perfect dessert as well because there is ice cream it’s cold it would
melt in your mouth you have the crunchy complex and then
you have the fruits chocolates and nuts happening so I honestly I don’t even
know what to call it call it ice cream for breakfast
ice cream parfait or something I don’t know conflict Sunday or Monday so if you
have any name ideas you can put that in the comment and then I can actually give
that name to this so there is no particular way to layer this so it’s
absolutely up to you so how I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put some complex first just
to have a crunchy layer at the bottom I’m gonna make in two ways I’m gonna
arrange it this is a big bowl because this is for the person in this house who
eats a lot and then this is for me so it’s a like probably like one third
quantity of what’s in here yeah so first a layer of complex now when this ice
cream goes on top of the complex you know it kind of becomes like crunchy and
bit soggy but not like super soggy like when warm milk is on it so yeah this is so easy there’s literally no
cooking no baking no measurements oh and by the way pistachios
I’m using unsalted that would be better than you don’t want too much salt in
this anyway the complex is not the one that
is sugar-coated is just plain I really like this too because of the crunchiness
of the complex you know it’s not too sugary either so even people who really
don’t like sure to would love this okay scoop number three and then the dried fruit berries so this
has strawberries raspberries and blackberries that are dried and yeah and
then some more complex and lastly KitKat again you really do
have to use trick cat you can do any other chocolate yeah so next time you
want to have complex for breakfast add some ice cream and all these stuff
it’s gonna be extra special and sweet that’s all for today I’m Lucia see you
in the next video until then stay happy


  1. My cousin wrote to me last week, “Chechy, can you make a video with no cooking and no blender needed that I can try out in my hostel!?” Oh yeah, gladly. That reminded yes, few of my friends had asked for easy recipes which they can do with their kids. So this is that, and plus a tiny celebration for my new channel crossing 10K views. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I really really appreciate your love & support, am absolutely encouraged by all your comments and hope to bring you more awesome videos of my life here in Canada and am working on more yummy easy recipes perfect for your City Life. If you're new to my channel…big hi and welcome, hope you subscribe, and would to hear from you via comments 😊 thank you. See you in the next video. Until then, stay happy.

  2. I love how the nuts and berries are a pinch and the m&Ms are a handful… More than my kids I am going to go crazy over this!..

  3. My daughter watched and keep on asking me to do this. So, this morning it's her breakfast. She loves that it has KitKat on it her fave chocolate.

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