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Hi I’m Chris with Organic Roost and in today’s
episode we are going to find out why it’s
so hard to find organic seafood.
I love Seafood Why is there no USDA certified
organic seafood? And how can a salmon with
a “regular” organic label be two to four
times the price of it’s farm raised pal
laying beside it.
Here’s the scoop… Seafood is yet to carry
a USDA Certified Organic label, but the good
news is, that it’s on the horizon.
Going to the market for organic fish, will
likely leave you disappointed. Either you
realize it is non-existent or the limited
selection is priced like it’s gold-plated.
That’s because the only seafood with an
organic label comes from Norway and other
faraway European countries at this time…
unless you’re watching this in Norway than
it’s not so far.
The United States sees that the Organic demand
is more than just a brief trend and have heard
the cries to begin certifying seafood. And
they are working on it. Really… they are!
Proposing standards for farm raised organic
seafood is on the Department of Agriculture’s
agenda this year in 2015. They have begun
reviewing the recommendations from the past
ten years and are beginning to outline the
certification requirements for seafood. Then
it will be a matter of time before the practices
of the fish farms are revised to meet the
new USDA standards for Certified Organic labeling.
Among the U.S. seafood that could be covered
are salmon, tilapia, catfish, shrimp, mussels,
oysters and clams.
Some opinions of the farm raised seafood industry,
or who I’ll call fish farmers, are that
the cost of the feed alone will be so expensive
that the market will not bare the price tag
of organic seafood. Well, that will be for
you, me and the rest of the organic shoppers
to decide though.
For now, when I want to enjoy some tasty seafood
selections, I personally buy something that
is Wild Caught. Hey wait, you might ask, why
isn’t Wild Caught seafood organic from the
start? That’s a Great question. Unfortunately,
there is just no way to monitor if that fish
has eaten a 100% organic diet, therefore making
it impossible to give wild caught seafood
the official USDA Certified Organic Label.
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